Every Beginner Casino Player Should Know Before Deposit

Every Beginner Casino Player Should Know Before Deposit

First thing first, if you mostly would like to learn how to pick a trustworthy online casino, here is 10 Steps how to choose a safe online casino on your own.

Well, let’s move to the point. This guide has been created mostly for beginner players. However, some information is quite advanced and might be found useful even by experienced gamers so I highly recommend reading it through by basically everybody.

The guide is created in the following way. I make a point in a very concise manner here, and you can read a detailed article if you would like to learn more (dozens of links are going to be provided).

Why make the guide? On paper, it is easy to enjoy playing at online casinos, though in reality it is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. So many challenges (unfortunately) a new player does face. Most of them are casino’s trustworthiness related, but not only limited to that.

However, following these pieces of advice is going to make your gambling experience very smooth and exciting at the same time. I truly believe that it is not an overstatement to say that reading this guide is the best time investment to make. Once you have finished, you will be able to avoid so many common (and not only) mistakes, and, what is more important, potentially save a lot of money, avoiding rogue casinos and individuals.

General info regarding Online Gambling

Online casinos vs land-based venues

Modern online casinos allow players to enjoy games with live dealers, exactly as it works in land-based casinos. The only difference is you are going to sit in front of your monitor.

Playing real money

You can play at online casinos for real money, otherwise what would be the point of having them, am I right?

Are online casino games fair?

They absolutely are in trusted online casinos. All outcomes of the games are 100% random which becomes possible with the help of RNG. Moreover, third-party testing companies are constantly checking the “randomness” of RNG itself.

The House Always wins concept

All casino games cause losses for casino players in the long run. However, short term they can and they do produce even life-changing winnings.

Games of Skill vs Games of Chance

The majority of casino games are games of chance. Anyway, some of them do have some element of skill at the same time (learn more).

First thing first: You need to grab a safe online casino

Here is a comprehensive guide how to do it in 10 steps by yourself if you are not comfortable with relying on third-party ratings.

License verification is super important but often neglected. How to do it in the most popular jurisdictions:


If you got yourself in some trouble with an online casino, have tried to resolve it with a casino first with no success, there are basically two ways what you should do later on:

1) The first place to go is a gambling commission that has issued a license to this particular casino. Depending on a particular gambling commission, it may be very helpful or absolutely useless waste of time (here is a rating of them by the way):

The second option is to file a complaint on a review website (like you are currently on). Some of them may help though the majority of them are on casinos’ payroll. You can file a complaint here(registration is required). Please keep in mind that I can help only with casinos listed on the website since I do not have any leverage upon thousands of other online casinos. However, feel free to file a complaint anyway as I believe that the community needs to know its “heroes”.

Registration and Verification

As with any other online service you need to open an account at an online casino. The majority of online casinos do implement some KYC policy (as they obliged by a gambling commission). You will be asked to identify yourself passing KYC, providing proof of address and source of funds.

Some online casinos do not require KYC. However I would not recommend playing at such venues.

Please keep in mind this once you have registered an account

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many ways how you can pay playing at online casinos:

1) Bank transfer

2) Bank cards:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Maestro

3) E-wallets:

  • Skrill

  • Neteller

  • Ecopayz

  • many other local e-wallets

4) Prepaid cards

5) E-banking:

6) Cryptocurrencies are the last but not least (why crypto is awesome for online casino players):

Rating of crypto currencies

Promotions in Online Casinos:

1) Bonuses:

2) Cashback

3) VIP-programs

4) Tournaments

5) Races

Slots are the most popular casino games

Casino software:

The most important parameters of any online slot:

The only two winning strategies in online slots:

Slot settings:

Why some slots might be unavailable in some countries

Other casino games might get you a lot of fun as well

Casino games much better than government lotteries which are blatant scam by the way. Read more on how so.

Best RTP games for high paying bets.

Online Security when it comes to online gambling

Responsible gambling

  • Online gambling should not be regarded as an income opportunity (never ever)

  • Online gambling can be very addictive (especially slots)

Casino Myths:


The goal of this guide is to place in one page basically everything you should know about gambling online. If you feel like you need to learn more about a particular section, just click on it, and you are going to be redirected to a dedicated complete article.