Scratch Сards: How to Play + Best Casinos (2023)

Scratch Cards at online casinos are exactly the same as in real life. You just need to scratch a hidden cell to reveal symbols. However, the good news is that at online casinos you don’t need to perform annoying scratching by yourself. All the hard work is done automatically, by the casino’s software.

Best Scratch Сards online casinos in United States (2023)

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How I chose Best Scratch Cards Online Casinos

Since there are thousands of online casinos offering to play Scratch cards online for real money, it becomes quite a challenge to choose the right one. Why is it so important? Because whether you will get your winning or not is at stake, since many of Scratch cards casinos are scam.

I have carefully chosen safe online casinos at which you will enjoy playing your favorite Scratch Cards online. Here are the criteria I used to make this rating:

  • Reputation. This is the first thing I check to even consider including any casino in the rating. This is the most important aspect, no doubt about that,

  • Verification of the license. You can’t simply trust that an online casino has a license if it displays some license seal on the bottom of the website. I have different methodics for each license (Curacao, Malta, UK),

  • Then I verify that software is licensed since some online casinos can counterfeit it making your odds to win terrible. I use this technique,

  • Variety of Scratch cards games. There are dozens of Scratch cards on the market, and it is always a good thing when a casino offers a decent chunk of them,

  • Variety of banking options. All Scratch cards casinos need to offer at least 5-10 popular banking options, such as, Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz, Neosurf, Paypal, Paysafecard, Muchbetter,

  • Promotions at Scratch cards casinos should be generous enough. Better when a casino, on top of welcome bonuses, provides cashback or VIP-program. All casinos from the rating are decent in that sense,

  • Decent withdrawal limits and fast cashouts. All casinos from the rating allow to withdraw at least 30,000 EUR per month, which is going to be enough for the absolute majority of players. On top of that, depending on a particular payment options, withdrawals might be even instant.

  • The Casino’s website. It should work fast and has good overall design, meaning that you can easily find whatever you need.

  • Last but not least, Best Scratch card casino has to have a responsive customer support team so that you can communicate with them via live chat (preferably 24/7).

How to play Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards in online casinos are very similar to what you can expect in the real world, and the whole gambling process comes down to these three simple steps:

Step 1. A player decides how much to bet. In the real world, a player just buys a card, and the cost of the card equals to the bet (wager). In online casinos, a player can adjust bet level for the next scratch card (very similar to what we normally do in online slots).

Step 2. A player “scratches” the card. In the real world we “scratch” a card to see what concealed fields are. In online casinos, the process is more convenient, and a player doesn’t have to do it manually. All it takes is to press one button which reveals concealed fields (RNG will produce the results).

Step 3. After the concealed fields have been revealed, a player can find out what the winning is. In the real world, you have to assess whether you won or not by yourself, and if you won something, then you have to take the winning from somewhere (from a kiosk where you bought the scratch card or at scratch card issuer’s office).

So to say, in online casinos, you basically need to do only two things: set bet size and press the button which reveals hidden fields. Let’s see how exactly it is getting implemented.

The interface of scratch cards in online casinos

Here you can see a very typical scratch card game in online casinos. Let’s elaborate on its layout.


In the first section, there are 9 concealed cells (the number of cells could be different in different scratch card games). Each cell contains some symbol which is going to be revealed after you have pressed the “play” button.

In the second section, we can learn what the paying symbols are and how much they pay.

In the third section we can, first of all, adjust our betting size clicking on the button that is pictured as a stack of coins. If you want to learn more about the game’s rules, then you can have such information in the “settings” section that often looks like clogs or some mechanism.

How do winnings get calculated

Probably, you have already noticed how scratch cards in online casinos are similar to online slots. However, scratch cards in online casinos have got much less complicated mechanics when it comes to paying combinations.

Usually, in order to win some money in online scratch cards, you have to hit a certain amount of symbols. And very important distinction with video slots is that in the case with scratch cards the order of paying symbols does not matter. For example, if a scratch card game requires three symbols to form paying combination, then those three symbols can be anywhere on the game’s field.


Here you can see how symbols are not connected at all, and they still form a winning combination as long as there are three of them in whatever order.

There are many online scratch card games on the market, and some of them may have other rules regarding how many symbols you need to hit to win (might be 2, 4 or even 5).

What about RTP and House Edge

RTP or House Edge of online scratch cards are not that high in comparison with other online casino games. In my experience, 95% is a very common rate. However, it is fair to mention that there are some of them on the market with more or less decent RTP level (96%-97% can be found).

The information about RTP and House Edge can be found in the section of the game devoted to parameters and rules. I would highly recommend to learn about RTP since, as I said, sometimes it is very poor.

The most popular types of scratch cards and their features in terms of rules

Since there are no intricate mechanics in online scratch cards, we can divide them into groups only based on how many rows and columns they have. I am going to list the most popular types:

  • 3x3 scratch cards (3 rows and 3 columns). For this kind is very typical to require only three symbols to win.

  • 3x5 scratch cards (3 rows and 5 columns). In this case, we can often come across games that require 4 or 5 symbols in order to hit winning.

  • 5x5 scratch cards (5 rows and 5 columns). Here 5 symbols to hit winning is rather a common thing to have.


Mobile Scratch Сards casinos

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New Scratch Сards casinos

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