Online Casinos and Withdrawal Limits: A Complete Guide

High Withdrawal Limits Online Casinos: A Complete List + Guide

Last updated: September 5, 2022

Before moving forward, withdrawal limits are the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from your online casino account during a particular period of time. The majority of online casinos introduce withdrawal limits in one way or another. Those limitations might depend on payment methods, country of residence and some other factors.

Hopefully, some of you will face withdrawal limits in online casinos one day. Why? Because it would mean that you have managed to win big. However, please don’t get me wrong as I totally understand that withdrawal limits are not an appealing part of online gambling at all.

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Full list of Online casinos with decent withdrawal limits

Anyway, we can not avoid withdrawal limits most of the time. Moreover, these restrictions might have a great impact on your overall gambling experience. That’s why it is necessary to learn about:

  • why do withdrawal limits even exist

  • types of withdrawal limits (their diversity)

  • some other question you may ask (progressive jackpots, how to negotiate withdrawal limits, special withdrawal limits)

Why do online casinos set withdrawal limits

Here I would like to stress out that the reasons behind withdrawal limits are often quite legitimate ones. However, shady online casinos definitely take advantage of it. They are very keen on making you gamble more using withdrawal limits as an excuse.


So to speak, the reasons behind having withdrawal limits in legit online casinos are the following:

  • Anti-fraud protection. You have probably heard some stories about how bugs in casino software may cause serious financial damage to online casinos. But when you do not have to pay out a huge winning in lump and right away, you have more time to react. Namely, an online casino can thoroughly investigate a particular winning and even if it turns out that it was a fraudulent one, the casino won’t suffer a big loss.

  • Liquidity shortages can be devastating for small operations. The absolute majority of online casinos are considered as small business operations. What if a decent number of players win big at once (it definitely happens from time to time)? A casino would have to pay out millions of EUR which may cause them to go belly up. Although if you spread the payments throughout weeks or months, it won’t become too much of an issue.

  • Payment systems apply higher fees to online gambling transactions, and here we are talking about a ridiculous 3-5% for each transaction you make (both deposits and withdrawals). On the other hand, how often do we withdraw our winnings, and deposit it back after a short period of time? Let’s be honest, it is quite often the case. Hence, that way online casinos try to incentivize players to withdraw only when they are not planning to play more in the foreseeable future.

In unfair online casinos. The only reason to introduce withdrawal limits in shady online casinos is to make you lose your winning back. The idea behind is that some of you can not properly control yourselves, and the longer the money stays on your casino account, the higher chances you lose it back at some point. Unfortunately, so many casino players have proven it to be true.

Types of withdrawal limits

Withdrawal limits are getting introduced in many different ways depending on a particular online casino’s wishes. Let’s take a look at how it can be done.

Where limit threshold is set:

  • Maximum amount of money you can withdraw. When casino players are talking about withdrawal limits, they usually mean exactly the maximum withdrawal cap.

  • Minimum amount of money you can withdraw is often missed. However, basically every online casino set not only the maximum withdrawal limit but minimum as well. Usually it equals to 10-20 EUR.

Period of time or transaction approach:

  • Withdrawal limits are usually applied by online casinos for some period of time. For example, if the rules says you can withdraw 50,000 EUR each month, it means each month you get 50,000 EUR cap. The system works in the same way for daily and weekly limits.

  • Transaction based withdrawal limits are the ones when a player is only restricted regarding how much he/she can withdraw per one transaction. Such limits are usually introduced by payment systems.

When the withdrawal limit has been reached:

  • Based on sum. Here only the total sum of withdrawals matters. You can request as many withdrawals as you want until you do not reach your global withdrawal limit.

  • Based on number of transactions. Here players can not exceed some number of allowed withdrawals, and the total sum is secondary factor to transactions number.

Depending on a period of time:

  • Daily withdrawal limits (not all online casinos have it)

  • Weekly (not all online casinos have it)

  • Monthly (if an online casino has any withdrawal restrictions, it definitely sets at least monthly limits)

Depending on your country of residence:

  • Regular withdrawal limits are the same for all nations.

  • For some countries withdrawal limits can differ. It may happen because of regulations in particular jurisdictions. Also payment systems may have different rules for different countries.

Depending on a payment method used:

  • Bank transfer limits are one of the highest.

  • Bank cards limits are much lower in comparison to bank transfers.

  • E-wallets limits might be quite decent, but depends on a particular wallet at the end of the day.

  • Cryptocurrencies limits are the highest , they basically do not exist.

  • Prepaid cards limits are relatively low due to the nature of prepaid cards.

Why do withdrawal limits usually catch us off guard?

This is the case because nobody likes to read through boring terms and conditions. As a result, casino players may find out a lot of “interesting” stuff once they decide to withdraw.

Another reason is that the majority of online casino players play relatively low stakes so that withdrawal limits will never become a hurdle.

Where to learn about withdrawal limits

Every trustworthy online casino has got a clause devoted to withdrawal limits in its terms and conditions agreement (can be usually found on the bottom of the website). If it does not, stay away from such a casino since it is a huge red flag.

Do not try to ask about limits in live chat or via email as so many guides on the internet suggest. Withdrawal limits is a very important matter, and if a casino has not covered it properly in the terms of use, probably it has something to hide.

Special withdrawal limits

There can be situations when online casinos set very strict withdrawal limits. If this is the case, you can not withdraw once you reach the maximum cap. For example, only 100 EUR can be withdrawn, and a period of time does not get reset.

It often takes place when we are talking about winnings derived from no-deposit bonuses. So to speak, if you were granted a no-deposit bonus (free spins usually), do not expect to get all the money in case you were lucky to win big.

What are withdrawal limits on average

Withdrawal limits are usually getting reset every month (I have not come across an online casino having yearly withdrawal limits so far). Hence, I am going to talk about average monthly numbers.

  • No withdrawal limits casinos. This is a relatively rare thing to get, and only the biggest players in the market can boast of having it.

  • 20,000-50,000 EUR/month is what you can expect on average. The majority of casino players will never even learn that such limits exist since it is more than enough for regular players.

  • 10,000 EUR/month or less is not okay. Such low withdrawal limits can become an issue even for relatively low stakes players. So, do not play here as a rule of thumb.

Are withdrawal limits applied to progressive jackpots

If you are targeting progressive slots specifically, withdrawal limits become very crucial as some online casinos apply it even to progressive jackpots.

Moreover, online casinos are not usually transparent regarding this matter, and it is not easy to find this clause in terms and conditions.

Progressive jackpot: withdrawal limits, who pays and how

The best way to work around is to directly ask this question in live chat or via email.

Can I negotiate withdrawal limits?

If you would like to play high stakes, definitely feel free to ask for an increase of your withdrawal limits. Online casinos are usually quite happy to meet high roller players halfway. So when you see some withdrawal limits set, do not be discouraged right away.

Any withdrawal limits may be revoked if an online casino feels it would make sense in your case.

Casinos with no withdrawal limits: myth or not?

Many players who already have some gaming experience constantly face such a problem as withdrawal limits. Notably, almost every casino has such limits. However, there are a few exceptions and only a few casinos have removed all withdrawal limits. But, many online casinos have high withdrawal limits. What are the withdrawal limits? The point is that many online casinos are struggling with all sorts of fraud and money laundering that were obtained illegally. Establishing withdrawal limits helps to avoid unwanted customers and ensure safety.

A logical and fair question arises as to which casino can withdraw money without a limit. Money can be withdrawn from any casino. At least, according to the general rules, such an opportunity should be provided in every club, regardless of its direction, duration of operation, game variety, etc. However, it is possible to withdraw without limit in some online casinos that are on the list. Also, note that there are no withdrawal limits for cryptocurrencies either. Many online casinos that accept cryptocurrency betting can withdraw winnings in popular cryptocurrencies without any limits.

But before you start playing you should decide what you prioritise. This is so that you understand that if there are no limits, the casino will not have a lucrative bonus program and other promotional offers.

How to withdraw money from an online casino

To withdraw money from an online casino I have tried to create for you step-by-step instructions, following which you can withdraw your winnings without any problems. Here is the instruction:

  • Be sure to fill in your profile with truthful information. This is so that you can go through the verification process, which will be required by the online casino

  • Go through the profile verification procedure. Send all required documents (usually a scanned copy of your passport or driving license). Wait for security to check all your sent documents and verify your account

  • Go to Cashier and select the payment system you prefer. Also, if necessary, check if it is possible to withdraw to a payment system that you have not deposited with, if necessary

  • Make sure your account has the amount you specified for withdrawal

  • Click on Withdrawal

Now you have to wait for your winnings request to be approved. In most online casinos this issue takes up to 1 hour, and in some, it takes longer. Then funds will be processed by the payment system to which you have ordered the withdrawal. Each payment system will withdraw funds in due time. For example, E-wallets will receive funds quickly within 1 hour, but Payment Cards from 3 to 5 days and Bank Transfer from 5 to 7 days. It is necessary to keep these issues in mind when withdrawing money.

The speed at which the money is received depends on the following factors:

  • The method chosen (cryptocurrencies and virtual payment systems are the fastest, transfers and cards are the slowest)

  • Transfer day - delays may occur in the evenings, at night, at weekends and on holidays

  • The chosen casino - in good companies, moderators try to get things done quickly.

For example, it takes anywhere from a few minutes to three days for funds to reach the user's account. Practice shows that modern platforms strive to solve this issue in record time.

As a rule, there are such time limits on withdrawals for a particular payment system:

  • Payment Cards. Funds are received within 24 hours. Fees are up to 3-5% or none. The method is 100% safe

  • E-Wallets. Popular options are Skrill, Neosurf, ecoPayz etc. There are no commissions. Timing ranges from a couple of minutes to a few hours. The option is safe if you have an identified wallet

  • Cryptocurrencies. Funds are withdrawn without commission and there are no long checks. Funds are transferred instantly to the specified account details

  • Bank Transfer. Modern solutions - Neteller, ecoPayz etc. Allow for relatively quick and inexpensive payments

Always check withdrawals limits before playing for real money

Of course, the best tip to check the limits set at a particular online casino is to check this information. In most cases, the information on withdrawals can be found in a special Payments section, which can be found at the very bottom of the gaming platform's homepage. However, some online casinos still have this information in their Terms and Conditions. I don't like this, because you have to spend a lot of time finding the necessary information. If you can't find the casino's payment information yourself, you can always write to the online chat room on the gaming platform to ask the support team about all financial issues.


Online casinos with high withdrawal limits

Hopefully you have acquired a better grasp on how withdrawal limits in online casinos work. It definitely would be better if we didn’t have such rules in place. Anyway, withdrawal restrictions are not going to become an issue especially if they are handled properly. And the best way to handle it is to learn about them before making a deposit.