Wagering Weight for Each Casino Game

Wagering Weight for Each Casino Game (Casino Bonus Guide)

What is Wagering Weight regarding online casino bonus

As you have already known each bonus you get at online casino has many requirements. Only after successful fulfillment of those requirements an online casino player can dispose of winnings derived from the bonus as he/she please.

Wager, I would say, is the most impactful requirement for getting online casino bonus. It determines how many times your bonus sum (or, in some cases, bonus + deposit sum) must be played through. In other words, every bet that casino player makes at online casino brings him/her closer to the final goal.

However, not every bet that an online casino player makes contributes to the wagering requirement in the same amount. In fact, those numbers can be anywhere between 0% and 100%, which makes a huge difference.

When something like that is happening, it is usually called “wagering weight”.

Let’s stress out one more time the difference between “wager”, “wager requirement” and “wagering weight” because some players tend to mix up those different concepts:

  • “Wager” is the total amount of bets, which online casino player have to make in order to be able to withdraw bonus winnings. The wager is always set to be some multiplier (x30, x40, x50 etc.). When you see the inscription “x40” on a bonus that means the wager for this bonus is 40x. Bonus sum gets multiplied by wager, that’s how we are calculating “wager requirement”.

  • “Wager requirement” (or wager sum) is our final sum, it is a product of multiplying your bonus sum and wager. For example, 100 euro (bonus sum) x 50 (wager x50 in this example) = 5,000 euro (wager requirement). So to say, wager requirement is our final goal and it is getting fulfilled gradually.

  • “Wagering weight” can be deemed as an additional set of rules in our way towards accomplishing of wager requirement. Not every casino game contribute to “wager requirement” in the same amount.

Three examples of how wagering weight works (the same parameters as above, 100 euro x 50 = 5,000 euro):

1) A player makes bet 5 euro at casino game with wagering weight 100%. After that, as the whole bet contributes to wager requirement, a player is left with 4,995 euro to be played through (5,000 - 5 = 4995).

2) A player makes bet 5 euro at casino game with wagering weight 20%. Here, only 20% of 5 euro bet is going to contribute to wager requirement, which equals to 1 euro (5 x 20% = 1). So that, players wager requirement becomes 5,000 - 1 = 4,999 (is left to be played through).

3) A player makes bet 5 euro at casino game with wagering weight 0%. In this case, after such bet, a player doesn’t make any step closer towards the final goal.

As you can see not only the wager is very important, but wagering weight also has a huge impact. If the player isn’t careful with “wagering weight”, it could ruin all benefits of getting an online casino bonus.

Why wagering weight varies for different casino games

Each casino game has its own RTP (Return to Player %). The higher RTP of the game the less online casino profits in the long run. Hence, an online casino is motivated financially to make a player choose the games with as low RTP as possible.

When the bonus is active, an online casino has leverage against a casino player, at least at some degree. So, it incentives the players to prefer the games with lower RTP by setting wagering weight policy.

As a rule of thumb: “The higher RTP of the casino game the less wagering weight for it to be set and vice versa”.

Let’s find out what is a common wagering weight % for different casino games.

Wagering weight for card games

By card games, I mean primarily Baccarat and Blackjack as the most popular one.

For Blackjack, as the highest RTP casino game (depends on strategy, RTP could reach 99% and even a little bit higher), wagering weight is usually set to be 0-5%.

The same is true for Baccarat since it is also a high RTP casino game (could reach 99%). It is quite a challenge to find an online casino bonus with wagering weight for baccarat higher than 5% (at least in trustworthy casinos).

Wagering weight for Roulette

RTP of Roulette (European) is 97,3% which is a relatively high number in comparison with other casino games. Therefore, online casino in general isn’t satisfied when you are trying your luck in roulette, especially when you were granted with bonus money before.

Therefore, it is predictable for wagering weight of roulette to be at the low levels. Usually something like 0-10%.

Wagering weight for Video poker

Video poker's RTP depends on the producer of that particular poker game. As we have learnt before, the higher RTP the smaller wagering weight percentage is going to be.

Hence, Video poker games with high RTP level could have 0% as a wagering weight, and other games with low RTP could have it as high as 100%.

Wagering weight for online slots

There are thousands of video slots on the market currently, and their RTP is usually in the range from 93% to 98%. As you may have guessed, wagering weight for high RTP slots is normally 0%, but for low RTP slots it is 100%.

In fact, many online casinos just simply prohibit players from playing in some online slots (with the highest RTP level of course) while the bonus is active (hasn’t been played through yet).

Where to learn about Wagering weight at different online casinos

Such matters are usually thoroughly covered in online casino’s “Terms and Conditions” or, if a casino has it, in “Bonus Terms and Conditions”.

Here you can find out the information about wagering weight for each casino game available at the online casino.


At online casinos with top-notch software players don’t have to bother with it. The casino website just won’t let you play in online slots which aren't available for you due to bonus restrictions.

However, I would highly recommend you to go through casino rules and make sure that casino game you wish to play doesn’t have 0% as a wagering weight.