The Only Winning Strategy (Long Term) at Online Slots

The Only Winning Strategy (Long Term) in Online Slots

Winning in online casinos, in the long run, is an ultimate dream of so many online casino players. No wonder, crooks are trying to take advantage of it promoting absolute garbage ideas and inspiring false hope. However, it is true that a very small group of casino players make money from playing video slots, and, I’d like to stress out, they do it for a living.

As you may have concluded, it is hard to accomplish, and that’s why the group is small. Nonetheless, I feel like you guys are curious to learn about this interesting bug in the system, which can be abused.

The only thing you will need in order to succeed is a solid bankroll. Let me explain how it works.

Why it is almost always impossible to profit at video slots

Online casino players gamble against a casino (the house), and you have heard many times that “the house always wins”. It is crucial for the house to always win (in the long run), otherwise it would not be able to cover its operational costs (rent, salaries etc.) and would go belly up as a result. So to say, a casino has got a huge financial incentive not to let it happen (a player wins in the long run) introducing House Edge to every casino game. That’s why 99% of the articles on this matter you have come across so far are probably bullshit.

However, some online casino games produce a unique situation where casino players basically compete against each other, and it allows them to overcome the eternal limitation that “the house always wins”. It becomes possible because “the house” has already taken its share of profit, and it does not care anymore, allowing to introduce cunning strategies to the rest of the players.

The strategy is relatively straightforward as we are going to try to hit a progressive jackpot in any online slot with this feature. There are two precautions that must be taken:

  • Not all video slots are suitable to accomplish our goal, but only progressive slots.

  • Also, a particular progressive jackpot of a particular progressive slot must reach a certain size to become profitable in the long run (I will explain how to assess it). This is a crucial part of our venture.

Let’s elaborate on these statements

A progressive slot takes a small part of each bet and sends it to the progressive jackpot. Thus, a progressive jackpot is constantly growing in size. Progressive jackpot and slot’s paytable are separated, and they exist independently from each other. Each bet has a very small chance to trigger a progressive jackpot (can be something like 1 to 50,000,000). Therefore, the more you play in progressive slot the higher your odds to hit a jackpot.

All online slots, including progressive, cause losses for casino players in the long run, and the more you play the more you lose. But progressive slots, and that is their distinctive feature, give you a chance to hit an additional huge winning. This chance is constant, no matter how big or small the jackpot is at a certain period of time.

At some point, a jackpot can reach such levels that if we manage to hit it then it will cover all previous losses and make us some extra profit. Let’s find out how to estimate when it is time to participate.

An example of how it could be done

This is going to be a rather far-fetched example in order to better illustrate the concept, about which I was talking in the previous chapter. Once you master it, you will be able to assess a particular progressive slot (whether it is worth playing or not at a particular moment of time) by yourself.

Let’s say we have a progressive slot which has a probability to trigger a progressive jackpot 1 to 10,000,000 (given that spin cost equals to 1 EUR) and RTP 96%. Theoretically, it takes 10,000,000 spins 1 EUR each to hit the jackpot which will cost a player 10,000,000 spins * 1 EUR = 10,000,000 EUR to play through.

Since RTP equals 96%, then the theoretical loss for a player in this scenario will be 4% of 10,000,000 EUR or 400,000 EUR. Hence, a player needs the jackpot to be at least 400,000 EUR worth in order to cover the losses. As you may have guessed, the more jackpot exceeds this sum the higher expected profit becomes.

The less appealing part of this strategy is that you probably must have a bankroll at least of 400,000 EUR. Otherwise, it would be hard to hit a jackpot since the chances are so meager. Though, there are progressive slots with far fewer jackpots and fewer bankroll requirements as a result.

Summing up, there are two parameters you must know to perform analysis that will tell you when it is time to jump on the wagon:

Both can be found in the information section of the particular online slot.

Watch out for these

  • Since the strategy requires big investments, it is absolutely vital to choose an online casino carefully. So that when you finally hit a jackpot, it will pay you.

  • There is some element of luck to all of it, and there is no guarantee that you will hit a jackpot even after a lot of money has been invested. You may trigger a jackpot far sooner or later. Nobody can know beforehand. The only solution is to have a bigger bankroll.

  • There are other players competing for a huge prize. Hence, It is a smart thing to make all your bets in the shortest period of time (max bet would be a good idea). That way, you will maximize your odds and expected profit as well.


In this article, I have come through the topic rather on a theoretical level just getting you familiar with the idea behind it and letting you know that such an opportunity even exists. I deliberately prefer not to dive into real-life cases since calculations for each slot would be very different. Anyway, the strategy requires a very professional approach and rather big investments, and if you prefer to follow this path you will have to learn how to make calculations by yourself.

The last thing I would like to emphasize is that it is the only long term profitable strategy providing you have done everything correctly. Not surprisingly it requires some resources, patience, and it is risky in general.