How to File a Complaint to Curacao

How to File a Complaint with Curacao E-Gaming (N.V. 1668/JAZ): 2 Methods

Last updated on 6 August, 2021

Against which casinos you can submit a complaint to Curacao E-gaming?

It can be done exclusively against online casinos licensed by the Curacao E-gaming. It is predictable due to the fact that Curacao E-gaming has authority only upon casinos that got its gambling licenses.

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Important. Do not confuse Curacao E-gaming (N.V. 1668/JAZ) with Curacao Antillephone (N.V. 8048/JAZ). These two are separate gambling commissions, though they are both entitled by the Curacao government (Curacao gambling licenses are different). So to speak, Curacao E-gaming has no authority over online casinos licensed by Curacao Antillephone N.V. and vice versa.

How to file a complaint to Curacao Antillephone (N.V. 8048/JAZ) (not E-Gaming)

How to file a complaint to Gaming Curacao (N.V. 365/JAZ)

Also, please keep in mind, if you have some disputes with any online casino listed on my website (some of them licensed by Curacao E-gaming, though most of them by Curacao Antillephone N.V.), feel free to submit a complaint here (registration is required). I am in touch with their managers and would be more than happy to help. It can spare you a lot of time and efforts (again, as some of you guys are getting me wrong, I can only help with the casinos listed on my website, but your complaint will be published on my website anyway).

How to play in Curacao online casinos and not get wrecked?

Pre-complaint procedure

There are basically two main requirements your complaint must meet:

  • you have to file your complaint within a reasonable period of time (whatever it means)

  • you have to try to resolve the problem with the casino first

Anyway, here is the complete list of recommendations and requirements from the official website (

"Before you file a complaint, please check the following policy rules and regulations:

  • CEG can only handle complaints against CEG-licensed operators;

  • Complaints need to be filed within a reasonable period of time;

  • You need to properly identify yourself. Have valid credentials at the ready. CEG may request additional proof of identification, for example, a declaration by a notary that your presented credentials are real;

  • If you are not the player and you are represented by someone, this person needs to properly identify himself;

  • You cannot buy or sell off alleged claims against operators from or to anyone;

  • You cannot complain with CEG if you have not properly complained with the Operator first;

  • Do not engage in any expensive contracts with attorneys who promise to represent you against a no cure no pay fee. If CEG finds that yourcomplaint against the Operator is valid, you will be provided withfree of charge legal assistance. Attorneys are obliged to point out to you that there is a free alternative;

  • Never accept any compensation and/or pay any fees in crypto currency such as however not limited to Bitcoin;

  • If you do not sufficiently understand English language, please let us know. Do not use an online translation service (such as Google Translate). CEG will try to address you in a language that you understand;

  • CEG reserves the right to only accept complaints through this portal. If you do not follow our policy rules, CEG will not be able to help you;

  • If you are abusing this portal in any way, such as representing yourself as a player while you are not, presenting a false complaint, threaten, commit fraud or otherwise coerce, CEG will make a criminal referral to the public prosecutor(s) in your jurisdiction;

  • This checklist only a summary of all policy rules and regulations for CEG Intermediate Complaint Handling. By filing your complaint, you need to confirm that you have read these rules and regulations, you understand them and you agree to those policy rules and regulations.

  • Make sure that your browser is up to date. If it is not, you will not be able to file your complaint."

1st Method: Filing a complaint to Curacao E-gaming via license validator webpage.

Step 1. Visit the casino’s website you are filing a complaint against.

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom (footer) of the casino’s website and click on the license verification seal.


Then you will be redirected to the license verification page.

Step 3. Scroll down the license verification page and you are going to find the complaints section.


Step 4. Fill out all the necessary fields:

  • Name (Your full name)

  • Email (at the casino)

  • The casinos website url (for example, or

  • Your ID number at the casino

Step 5. Finally, enter the captcha field and and click on the submit button.

2nd Method: Filing a complaint to Curacao E-gaming via the form on the E-gaming website.

I would recommend using the 1st method as it is much more straightforward. If you for some reason can’t, then visit the complaint section of the official website of Curacao E-gaming:

Step 1. Click on the “File a complaint with CEG” section.


Step 2. Check the box that says that you have read and accepted GEC’s Complaint Policy, enter the casino’s url (for example, or and click on the proceed button.


Step 3. Enter your player ID number at the casino.

Step 4. Upload your passport or ID photo in

Step 5. Enter the email address at the casino.

Step 6. Describe what the casino has done wrong.

Step 7. Upload all evidence you have (screenshots etc.)

Step 8. Enter your name, signature and click on the “Upload to CEG” button.

Then the Curacao E-gaming will contact you in 14 business days (at least this is what they promise).

Does it worth spending time to file a complaint to Curacao E-gaming?

The short answer is yes since it could be useful because of these 2 main reasons:

  • Getting the leverage against online casino via the license authorities (they will inevitably realise that your intentions are very determined and you won`t stop. So, you will go through all legal actions). Believe me, the majority of players would not do it and it is not a trivial thing for the casino (when its representatives are got contacted with the license officials who claim that the casino is under investigation) Due to this fact, an online casino could easily pay you at this stage.

  • Having your evidence base in the local court (if the case goes to this stage). Every official correspondence with a gambling commission could and probably will be considered as a piece of evidence in the court.

On top of that, Curacao E-gaming has introduced the new complaint procedure recently (in May 2021), and they have promised to take players' complaints much more seriously from now on. As for now, I don't have enough feedback from the players' regarding how the commission keep their word.

The last tip: Save all your correspondence carefully (with a casino, with the gambling authority or any other documents related to the case (screens of deposits from payment systems, bank statements etc.)