The Best Free VPN (Browser Version)

The Best Free VPN (Browser Version) for Online Casino Players

VPN (virtual private network) is a technology which allows achieving mainly these two goals:

  • secure your data from being intercepted by some malicious third-parties

  • allow internet users to access websites which are banned in some territories

Given that, for some online casino players, VPN can be truly indispensable since both challenges are very relevant to them.

In this article, I am going to discuss when you should use a VPN, how to install a browser version of VPN for free and how to use it.

When online casino players should use VPN

  • Gambling is a crime in your country. In this case, VPN will hide your identity on the internet so that your government won’t be able to pursue criminal charges against you.

  • Whenever online casino player is planning to gamble via public internet connection (i.e. in cafes, malls etc.). Here VPN will encrypt all sensitive data, such as account name and password so that hackers won’t hijack it.

  • Internet access to a particular online casino is denied in your country, but this online casino accepts players from your country on their part.

Precaution. Each time you are going to use a VPN in an online casino, you should ask online casino if it allows VPN. Otherwise, you could encounter such serious consequences as confiscation of your balance in some extreme cases.

Never use VPN in this case

If an online casino does not accept players from your country of residence, and you are trying to circumvent them with VPN, such undertaking won’t end up well. Probably you will get all your balance confiscated as a result.

SetupVPN is the best free VPN (web browser version)

It has over 30,000 reviews on Chrome web Store with an average mark 4.8 out of 5. I find such results quite impressive. Moreover, I use SetupVPN on a regular basis by myself, and I can assure you that it is the best free option on the market.

Also, SetupVPN has its own extensions for all popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc.), so does not matter which browser you prefer to use, you will be good to go.

Step 1. Find SetupVPN on Chrome Web Store

In order to be able to use SetupVPN, we need to instal it first as a new web browser extension. It is basically the same if we were installing a traditional desktop application.

Go to Chrome Web Store and find SetupVPN there or follow these links:

Step 2. Install SetupVPN to your web browser

Once you have found SetupVPN, you can install it to your web browser. Just click on “Add to Chrome” button, and the installation process is going to begin.


That’s basically it, and now you have VPN installed. However, little settings need to be done before you can use it.

Step 3. Run your first secure connection

Click on the icon of SetupVPN, which can be found on the right top side of your web browser. After that, you are supposed to choose the language of SetupVPN’s interface.

Once it has been done, you will be prompt to the window where you should choose “create an account”. Do not worry, it does not assume that you need to enter either your email or your name.


Check all three boxes and click on “register”.

Then, you will be provided with a password in the same window. You are going to be asked to save this password, but I would not be concerned to do so as you can basically get a new password by creating a new account each time you want.

Good, now your SetupVPN is up and ready to be used. All you need to do is to choose a country from where you are going to establish your VPN connection (you can change the country any time you want in the future).


This will trigger SetupVPN to become running, and you will be notified about it like in the picture below.


From now on, all webpages are browsed privately and in a very secure way (all data that you pass/get through the internet is tunnelled and encrypted). But please be aware that SetupVPN is active and enables all its cool features only on this particular web browser.

If you decide to access an online casino on another web browser, you should install and run SetupVPN first.


VPN is definitely worth using a feature for online casino players. It does not require any technical background to use it, and it is free. The browser version of VPN puts user experience on even higher level since you don’t have to install desktop programs anymore.