Why Some Online Slots are not Available in Some Countries?

Why Some Online Slots are not Available in Some Countries?

Probably, you have already encountered the situation when online casino rules say that you can play for real money and later you find out that some online slots are not available for you.

For sure it is not a pleasant thing to happen, especially when you have made a deposit having in mind to play only in a particular online slot.

Let’s figure out what usually causes such sort of limitations.

It happens due to the next reasons:

  • a software developing company that produces online slot restricts the usage of their services on some territories

  • a company that owns intellectual property rights imposes these restrictions. It happens only when we are talking about “branded” slots.

I will try to explain both cases further.

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In this article:

1) Why do software providers make their slots unavailable in some countries?

2) Why “branded” slots are not available in some countries?

3) How to find out whether online slot available in your country or not?

4) Why some software companies doesn’t care about consequences?

5) Netent is a software developer with many restrictions

Why do software providers make their slots unavailable in some countries?

Every country has got its own laws regarding online gambling. These laws could significantly vary from country to country. Sometimes they are very clear and cause no confusion though sometimes they can confuse software developers.

Uncertainties in gambling laws are producing “grey zones” when it is not clear what online slots developers are allowed to do and what is prohibited for them. However, fines for violating these rules are often pretty scary and software development company don’t want to take any chances to be penalized.

Another case would be when gambling regulations are very straightforward and explicitly prohibit to provide any online gambling services to their citizens (for example, in the US).

It is worth to mention that software creators don’t make their online slots available to casino players directly. They lend their products to online casinos which are supposed to pay back some cut from profit. Basically it means that software (online slots) developer company is in full control here.

When a software developing company decides to ban players from certain countries it tells online casino to do so. And online casinos end up with no choice rather than comply with such policy. Otherwise, they would not be able to provide that particular company’s slots to all players.

Summing up, whenever you get noticed that you can’t play in any online slots, this actually happens due to:

  • software developer company complies with your country’s gambling laws (whether they are clear or “grey”)

  • online casino, for its part, complies with software developer policy

Why “branded” slots are not available in some countries?

Most likely you have already noticed that there are some online slots on the market which were inspired by famous movies or TV shows. They are commonly known as “branded” slots. The most popular are Narcos, Jurassic park, Vikings and many others.

The whole plot, main characters and decorations of such online slots are taken from the movie. However, the movie has got its owner. Hence it is illegal to make slots with a movie-backed theme without the permission of copyrights owner.

A movie copyrights holder usually is happy to sell these rights to software (online slots) development company in order to make some profit. Nevertheless, there are some limitations to this.

Usually, rights to the movie are very complex, they involve third-parties and many other factors. I won’t dive deep into this topic in the current article. I would like to say only that in this way the restrictions on the play at a particular online slot from a certain country will be imposed.

Also, there is a pattern to it. Big studios have their own rules regarding copyrights. For example, Universal studio makes online slots based on Monsters series (Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Invisible Man) available only in a limited number of countries.

Hope you have got a general idea.

How to find out whether online slot available in your country or not?

In the majority of online casinos, the whole process is done automatically. The software is doing all the legwork and just not displaying you online slots in which you are not able to play.

It is worth to mention the other way to prevent online casinos customers from playing in restricted video slots, whenever you try to play in prohibited slot the banner is going to appear. That is also a convenient way to let the player know about such policy.

It should be noted that all restrictions regarding online slots availability in different territories can be found in online casinos “Terms and Conditions” on the casino website. Just click on the section (usually at the bottom of the website) “Terms and Conditions” and look through the document.


Why some software companies doesn't care about consequences?

Nowadays, competition in the online gambling industry is very tough and some companies are desperate for getting their own piece of the pie.

So they deliberately take some risks by putting themselves in a position when they could be fined, which happens relatively rare, because:

  • such companies are smart enough not to violate the laws of the US, let’s say

  • the majority of countries does not have the power to enforce their laws internationally, hence software developer companies are easily getting away with it

Netent is a software developer with many restrictions

As you have probably noticed, Netent is notorious for territorial restrictions for their products. Every online casino that has Netent on its platform has got tons of rules concerning who can and who can not play in Netent online slots.

Mostly it happens because Netent has got an impressive portfolio of movie-based slots, which are considered “branded”.

Also, Netent is the leader of the online gambling industry and apparently want to remain as clear as possible.

The last tip

Sometimes you could feel an irresistible urge to play at some online slot which is prohibited for you. Please don’t do it at any cost. Forging your country of residence is a violating of online casino rules, and it is probably going to cause the confiscation of all your balance.