Welcome Casino Bonuses are not Available in Some Countries

Welcome Casino Bonuses are not Available in Some Countries

It happens mainly because of restrictions which particular country imposes on gambling operators. Some countries are very unhappy with any gambling incentives which are designed to encourage individuals to gamble more than they normally would.

Ii this article:

1) In short about welcome bonuses at online casinos

2) Some countries prohibit bonuses for their citizens

3) Do players benefit from such a policy?

4) How to find out if you are eligible to get a welcome bonus

5) The best bonuses on casino-howto.com

In short about welcome bonuses at online casinos

Welcome bonus in an online casino is a marketing tool that is designed in order to attract new customers.

For the most part, welcome (or sign up) bonuses in online casinos could be divided into 2 groups:

  • cash bonuses. Let’s say you have deposited 100 euro. In this case, online casino replenish your balance with an additional 100 euro (certain numbers depends on particular online casino bonus policy)

  • free spins. With this feature, you can play particular slots and don’t pay for it (normally players are given 20-100 free spins)

Of course, some rules are applied and you must make a certain number of bets before being able to withdraw your balance.

Anyway, sounds good, right? And it is not some kind of trick. Online casino deliberately gives up on some short term profits in order to make you their customer and get more profit in the long run.

Some countries prohibit bonuses for their citizens

As I have already mentioned gambling commissions in some countries believe that they should limit gambling advertisement within their jurisdictions. No doubts that welcome bonus in an online casino is a form of advertisement and a significant incentive to make a deposit at an online casino.

Online casinos, in order to be able to operate under license of these countries, must comply with such restrictions. Worth to mention that the ban of welcome casino bonuses is a part of bigger efforts which may include limits to daily/weekly/monthly deposits for each individual and other measurements.

So whenever you find out that you are not eligible for getting first deposit bonus (or any other bonuses), just know that it was your government’s not an online casino’s initiative.

Speaking about certain examples, Sweden is known for its harsh restrictions regarding any bonuses and gambling promotions. Some other countries follow the same path and make for their citizens impossible to claim bonuses in licensed online casinos.

Do players benefit from such a policy?

In my opinion, the answer depends on the particular player gambling history. To be precise, whether he (or she) has or has not gambling addiction.

For players without gambling problems, it is just “free” money that could be used in order to get more fun (that’s why we are here, right?).

However, for players with gambling issues, such promotions could trigger new gambling episodes that might not have happened without bonuses being offered.

Summing up, by introducing such policy gambling authorities believe that the majority of their casino players suffer gambling addiction. Otherwise, this rule would not make sense. For sure, I don’t have the data about how many online casino players have and have not gambling problems, but for me it sounds like an exaggeration.

How to find out if you are eligible to get a welcome bonus

The best way to get the answer to this question is to read the online casino “Terms and Conditions”. Depending on particular online casino the clause about bonus restrictions can be found:

  • in general “Terms and Conditions”. Click on this section (usually can be found at the bottom of the main page) and find paragraph devoted either to “Bonuses” or to “Restricted countries”


  • in “ Bonus Terms and Conditions” which is a separate document and devoted only to bonuses matters. Similarly to the previous case, just click on this section and any territorial limitations can be found here.


  • on “Promotions” page. Some online casinos make separate “Terms and Conditions” section for each bonus they offer. Therefore, just find the “Promotions” section of the online casino website and click on it. This is the easiest path of getting such information by the way.


However, if you end up with any questions after these steps have been taken don’t hesitate to contact online casino support. They are going to be happy to clarify any uncertainties for you. You can even contact online casino support at the beginning. So that you are skipping unpleasant steps mentioned previously (nobody likes to research piles of rules, I guess).

The best welcome bonuses on casino-howto.com

On my website, I have already done some work sorting out bonuses by many parameters, including restricted countries. All casinos listed on the website are trustworthy and have no reputation issues.

Just follow the “Bonuses” section. Normally website does the legwork automatically and all bonuses are already filtered by restricted countries.

Anyway if you want to filter them by other parameters feel free to click on the “more filters” button.