Scripted vs Fake Online Casino Software

Scripted vs Fake Online Casino Software: What is the Difference?

I have noticed that a decent portion of casino players confuse scripted software with the fake one. I won’t over dramatize. It is not a big deal in general, since you have to stay away from both of them.

However, it is always a smart thing to know your enemy. With that said, let’s dive a little bit deeper and learn:

  • When Scripted and Fake software are different things (including what they mean)

  • When casino software can be Scripted and Fake at the same time

  • Why both are so harmful and how to fight back


Scripted vs Fake online casino software

As you can see not all scripted casino software is fake, and vice versa, not all fake casino software is scripted.

But what do we mean by “Scripted” and “Fake”?

Scripted casino games are the ones where outcomes of the game (winnings to put it simply) are already predetermined based on some pattern. They are the direct opposite to fair casino games, where winnings are distributed based on pure random (with the help of random number generator). For example, scripted games can adjust your chances to win (RTP or House Edge) on the fly, depending on how good a particular casino game paid in the previous rounds. Whereas fair casino games have got exactly the same probability to win or lose no matter what has happened before.

When somebody says that a casino game is rigged, this individual actually means that the game is scripted. In other words, the game distributes the winnings according to its script, or you can think of it as some sort of narrative.

Fake casino games, on the other hand, are just counterfeits of licensed casino games. The majority of fake games are actually scripted at the same time, because the whole point to fake a game is primarily to rig it (introduce some script that will fuck you up).

However, it is not dogma. Some bad actors fake licensed casino games only to benefit from its brand, and they are not interested in rigging it (my guess is that it is less likely to get caught with such a less greedy “approach”). Though it is fair to say that it is quite a challenge to find fake software which is not rigged somehow.

Anyway, the image above better describes their interactions.

Can licensed casino games be scripted or fake?

Scripted software is the exact opposite to licensed casino software. There is no chance to get licensed (by some gambling commission), if the winnings in the game are not paid randomly. Moreover, licensed games are constantly tested by third-party laboratories exactly to prevent it from happening. So to say, there are no casino games on the market that are licensed and scripted at the same time.

On the other hand, there are definitely some cases how licensed casino software (with pure random chances to win or lose) have been faked in order to manipulate RTP. In this scenario you can expect a very similar looking game, but with pretty much different RTP settings, which, as you may have guessed, are very bad for casino players in comparison to its licensed counterpart.

Amatic casino games (mostly online slots) are actually the main target of counterfeiting, because the graphics of the games are relatively simple (outdated I would say), so it is less of a challenge to impersonate. On the other side, Amatic slots are quite popular among casino players (both online and land-based).

Why both are so harmful for casino players

Due to the very high competition among casino game developers, casino players can enjoy relatively high payouts (96.5% on average for video slots and can reach even 99.5% for some other casino games). Scripted games, as I have mentioned earlier, are devastating because of their poor RTP (House Edge). Here you can get even 0% RTP so that you are going to lose every single bet, but you would assume that you are just having a bad run.

Also scripted games can set RTP at higher than 100% level for new players to hook you up. Once you are there, guess what RTP is going to become? You are correct, zero.

The same can be said about basically every fake casino game, since it is also rigged.

I guess it is needless to further elaborate on how bad it is to fall for either fake or scripted casino software.

How to fight back?

The best way to avoid scripted casino games is to stick to top-notch software developers. These guys are big and well-established international companies, often publicly traded on some exchange with a market capitalization worth of hundreds of millions EUR.

They have got a few reliable gambling licenses (for example, UK is the best), and their games are regularly tested by independent bodies to make sure that winnings are paid randomly.

A rating of the most reliable casino software providers

This way you can be 100% sure the game is not rigged, and the RTP is at proper levels.

The only problem with them, even licensed casino games from world-class producers can be counterfeited. So you have to make sure you are enjoying the original product.

Here is an article on how to detect fake online slots (the same principle can be applied to any other online casino game), so feel free to use it.

Also here is a rating of online casinos with licensed casino games (already checked).


Hopefully you have become more knowledgeable about what is going on in the gambling industry regarding fake and scripted games. One more time, both are evil, so make sure you do not get cheated.