The Best RTP Casino Games for High Paying Bets

The Best RTP Casino Games for High Paying Bets

There are so many ratings on the internet that grade casino games based on how good they are in terms of RTP (House Edge). What those ratings often overlook is the fact that RTP (House Edge) of some casino games is not constant, and it can fluctuate depending on what types of bets a casino player makes.

In this article, I would like to rank casino games in terms of RTP (House Edge), but only taking into account High paying bets. In other words, I am going to grab only the riskiest possible bet a particular casino game allows to make and see how good it is in comparison with others. This is the opposite to what some other guides do; they prefer to rank casino games on the basis of maximum possible RTP, which, I believe, is not correct approach.

What’s high paying bets (different types of bets concept)

Online casino players take part in casino games by making bets, obviously. To make the gambling experience more exciting, casino games allow players to wager on different outcomes, and not the only one. For example, in Roulette, you can bet on Red/Black, Odd/Even, Zero and many other outcomes.

The outcomes of a particular casino game may have different probabilities to happen. For instance, bet on Red/Black in Roulette has the probability to win of 48.65%, but bet on Zero (or on any other Straight Up number) has the probability to win only of 2.7%. As a result, those bets reward players very differently in case a casino player was lucky.

As you have probably concluded, more risky bets pay more. Exactly that’s why a bet on Red/Black in Roulette pays very moderate 1 to 1, though a bet on Straight Up (any particular number) pays more thrilling 35 to 1.

The bets that may result in the highest possible winnings in a particular casino game will be called “High Paying Bets” in this article, and, as I said, I am going to rank casino games only based on how much of RTP High paying bets can provide.

RTP (House Edge) can be so different for high paying bets

Some of you may wonder why we should have a separate rating of casino games precisely for High paying bets. Well, the answer is rather simple. High paying bets in some casino games can have a very different RTP (House Edge) percentage in comparison to Normal paying bets within exactly the same game.

For example, in Baccarat you are provided with basically two betting options: on Player/Banker or on Tie. These bets have different probability to win so that their payouts vary as a result. Bet on Player/Banker pays 1 to 1 and has the probability to win of 44.62-45.85%, whereas a bet on Tie pays 8 to 1 and has the probability to win of 9.53%.

At first glance, such a payout system might seem fair enough as players get rewarded more for riskier bets. However, the interesting part starts when we take a closer look at what RTP (House Edge) of above-mentioned bets is.

Bet on Banker/Player has RTP of 98.76-98.94% (House Edge 1.06-1.24%), whereas a bet on Tie has RTP of 85.6% (House Edge 14.4%). As you can see, one bet is 14 times worse for casino players than another. I assume it is needless to emphasize how tremendous the difference is and how enormously it impacts gaming experience. That’s why I have a feeling that we should have an independent rating for High paying bets only.

Here you can find the whole article on Fluctuating and Constant RTP (House Edge) casino games if you would like to learn more about this topic.

Rating of casino games for high paying bets

Before moving forward, I would like to stress out that some casino games have not been included in the rating because they do not even allow to make High paying bets. Blackjack would be a good example since the maximum paying bet in this game equals 2 to 1 (Insurance bet). Therefore, I believe there is no reason to have them.

With all that being said, let me introduce the rating:


1) Video Poker. RTP 98-99% for all types of bets (there is only one betting option) which pay up to 1,000 to 1.

2) European/French Roulette. RTP 97.3% for Straight Up bets (on any particular number) which pay 35 to 1.

3) Online Slots. RTP 96-97% for all types of bets which can pay up to 100,000 to 1. Please keep in mind that those are average numbers on the market, and some online slots can boast even with 99% RTP, but they are rather exceptions to the rule.

4) Scratch Cards. RTP around 95% for all types of bets (there is only one betting option) which can pay up to 10,000 to 1.

5) American Roulette. RTP 94.74% for Straight Up bets which pay 35 to 1.

6) Online Keno. RTP 93-95% for all types of bets which can pay up to 10,000 to 1.

7) Online Bingo. RTP 90-95% for all types of bets which can pay up to 1,000 to 1.

8) Baccarat. RTP 85.6% for Tie bets which pay 8 to 1.

9) Craps. RTP 83.33% for Any Seven bets which pay 30 to 1.

10) Sic Bo. RTP 70.8% for Specific Double and Single bets which pay 50 to 1.

11) Government Lotteries. RTP around 50% which makes them the worst game for casino players by a huge margin (Why government lotteries are the biggest scam ever?).

I guess some positions in the rating may have surprised you. And I hope that now it is clear how poor in terms of RTP (House Edge) the majority of classic casino games are if a player decides to make riskier bets in an endeavor to win more.

On the other hand, Online Slots start to shine when we are talking specifically about High paying bets, and there is basically no other alternative to them if you are interested in only big potential winnings.


As you can see, the rating of casino games for High paying bets is very different in comparison to the rating of casino games in terms of maximum possible RTP (House Edge).

Some online casino guides, deliberately or not, mislead their readers making ratings that take into consideration only the maximum possible RTP of a particular casino game. However, the truth is that exactly the same game may have different RTP levels for different bets. And the pattern is super consistent among all of them; the more a casino player is willing to risk, the more a casino game is going to charge him/her making RTP (House Edge) for such kind of bets very miserable.