My Internet Failed While I Was Playing in an Online Casino

My Internet Failed While I Was Playing in an Online Casino

I have noticed that some casino players with rather unstable internet connection are concerned about what is going to happen if it fails while they are playing in an online casino. The short answer is this: nothing bad for you will happen. Though if it is not enough as an answer, let’s dive a little bit deeper into how the system works so that you can:

  • Become 100% confident while playing with weak or unstable internet access

  • Learn more about gambling industry in general which can also be helpful regarding other important matters (For example, fighting back fake casino games)

Who actually serves online casino games to you?

I would say, it is a key to better understanding that you are 100% safe even if your internet connection is not as reliable as you would like it to be.

Whenever you are playing your favorite casino games, you do it on a particular online casino’s website. However, the truth is that any game is actually served to you not by a casino itself (think of a casino as an intermediary), but from a website (a web server to be more precise) of a particular game developer, which has produced this particular game.

What is a casino software provider?

And this is a very good thing to have for casino players, because with such approach an online casino can not affect outcomes of the game and can not change such crucial parameters as RTP or House Edge percentage on its own.

Also it means that a particular game producer is in charge of tracking all bets that each player around the world has ever made. Hence, an online casino can easily request the whole wager history from the software provider’s database. This way the data is safe.

But what is going to happen if you, let’s say, has pressed the “spin” button in some online slot, causing the reels to spin, and you have lost your internet connection at exactly this moment, before the reels have landed (so that you can not know whether you have won something or not)?

In this case you have already been charged for this particular round, and even the reels are still spinning the game already “knows” what outcome of the game is going to be. Hence, once you restore your internet access (does not matter when, since this particular outcome is already in the database and will be there for a long time), you can log in and see how your balance has been affected. Some casino players may be astounded with a significant increase in their balance.

But what does it mean “the game already knows the outcome”? Does it mean it rigged? Not at all. Let me explain why.

How exactly does RNG determine outcomes of casino games?

Think of the spinning of the reels as some sort of animation, no more than that. Meanwhile in the background, RNG (Random Number Generator) constantly produces random number sequences. Each time you press the “spin” button, the game instantly grabs some number sequence so that it already “knows” the outcome (it lands the reels based on random numbers).

The outcome is still purely random and fair, but it would be much less fun if the game stopped the reels instantly. Instead it introduces some anticipation moments, which is cool, I would say. That’s why if your internet connection fails, it does not change anything. The outcome is already there and it is already in the database so that you will be paid for this particular round no matter what.

This knowledge also helps to debunk a popular gambling fallacy whether you should or should not stop the reels manually.

Also here is an article devoted to RNG specifically if you would like to learn more about it.

But what if the software is fake?

As you may have concluded, the above principle does not work with fake casino games. Why? Because we don’t have a software provider’s web server involved. Instead, a casino with fake software does it directly from its own web servers and can affect outcomes of the games.

What policy does it have regarding such situations? We can only guess. This is another reason to stay away from fake software, though not the main one.

I have an article on how to detect fake video slots and why they are so harmful (the same technique can be used with any other online casino game, not only slots).

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Hopefully you have learned something new and useful from the article. Not only about this particular situation, but about adjacent possible issues as well.