Bug Abuse in Online Casinos: Does It Actually Work?

Bug Abuse in Online Casinos: Does It Actually Work?

Before moving forward, by bug abuse in this article we are going to mean a situation when a casino player uses some glitch in casino’s software (both casino’s itself or some third-party software) in order to benefit financially, acting in violation of the rules . Please bear in mind that bonus abuse won’t be covered in the article since it is quite a different beast.

Let’s get straight to the point, opposite to what so many shady websites on the internet claim, bug abuse in online casinos is a bad idea in general, even if we omit the moral aspect. This is the case due to these two reasons:

  • All your balance might be confiscated (not only the part of it, which was obtained illegally),

  • Depending on a particular case, you might be facing severe legal consequences, including criminal charges.

With that being said, let’s elaborate on these statements and also discuss what bug abuse in online casinos includes, why it is not likely to work out, where to learn about these rules.

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Software Bug abuse in online casinos: what is it?


As you can see, Bug abuse in online casinos is all about software glitches ,which may occur on these 3 ends: on the casino's website itself, on the slot producer’s end, and on the payment system’s level. Each of them is a bit different so let’s elaborate on.

Casino website bugs include breaches on a casino’s web servers or in the code that runs a casino’s website. Some of them are quite innocent though another part may cause serious damage to online casinos. Speaking about real life examples, let’s say you have deposited 100 EUR, but 1,000 EUR has been credited to your account for no reason. This is not some crazy promotion, but simply a glitch as a rule of thumb.

Software provider bugs are the most common and usually the most well-covered ones, I would say. As you may have concluded, it happens because there are thousands of online slots on the market (10,000+), and chances are high that at least some of them have not been thought through properly. As a result, a malfunctioning slot game might produce wins much more frequently than it is supposed to, making it profitable for casino players in the long run.

Payment system bugs are the most rare ones. I guess this is the case, because payment systems are usually much bigger companies in comparison to online casinos or even software providers. Bigger companies have more resources to prevent glitches in their software. On top of that, it is crucial for payment systems to have their code flawless since it would be a disaster otherwise as they process transactions worth billions of euros on a daily basis.

The last thing to mention here is that some bugs can be discovered only after some scrutiny of the code. So to say, they won’t reveal themselves until somebody actively forces the issue.

Why it probably won’t end well

Does not matter on which side the bug has occurred (casino, software provider or payment system), each of these parties are motivated financially to not let it happen. And they actually have a lot of tools to fight bug abusers back. How exactly?:

  • Online casinos and payment systems can simply void such winnings if it is still on the balance,

  • Even if you have managed to withdraw, an online casino can file it as a fraud/ erroneous transaction to a payment system and request the return of the transaction,

  • Even if you have managed to get the money into your bank account, the story does not end here. Both online casinos and payment systems can report it as a fraud/erroneous transaction to your bank.

  • Even if you have managed to withdraw money, online casinos or payment systems can still sue you. At best it is going to be a civil case, or you might be charged with a crime.

The bottom line here is that the law is always on the side of online casinos or payment systems when it comes to bug abuse, and rightfully so.

Possible consequences of abusing bugs in online casinos

I would divide them into these two main groups:

  • An online casino (or a payment system), nine times out of ten, confiscates all balance if it has turned that a player has taken an advantage of glitches. Online casinos do not draw a line between legitimate won money and the money derived from bugs. They just simply confiscate the balance, and that’s it. And yes, they have a right to do so as it is always covered in terms of use, which you have agreed on.

  • An online casino (or a payment system) can initiate a legal process against you. Depending on a particular case, it may be either a civil action or a criminal one. As I have mentioned earlier, the law is on their side so it won’t end well for a casino player.

What to do if I unintentionally benefited from a bug

You need to report it to either an online casino or to a payment system, the moment you have discovered it (not after some time since it may raise questions). In this case you won’t be facing any negative consequences, at least at fair online casinos.

Don’t try to withdraw since it is going to look really shady.

Bug winnings are going to be annulled, though your legit funds will stay intact.

Where to learn about bug abuse rules in a particular online casino

This clause is always covered in the rules of an online casino. It usually explicitly says that bug abuse is strictly prohibited and may result in the confiscation of the player’s funds.

Hence, it is going to be pointless to file a complaint to the gambling commission if a casino caught you red handed.

Watch out misleading articles and guides claiming you can get rich abusing bugs

There is a lot of bullshit circulating on the internet regarding bug abuse and glitches in online casinos. You have probably come across something like this: “ Shock! A serious bug in the casino! Everybody gets rich!”.

Just know it is not going to deliver what they are promising at best. Worst case you will be scammed either by a rogue casino promoted in such an “article”, or some malicious software may get installed on your PC.

Final thoughts

Summing up, even if we leave moral issues out, bug abuse in online casinos has got a very bad risk\reward ratio, in my opinion. The probability you will get caught is 99%+, on the other hand, possible consequences, as we have learnt, are quite harsh.

If you play at online casinos, you have to become comfortable with the thought that “the house always wins”, and there is no work around here (except for this one). Some shady stuff like bug abuse can not overcome this eternal limitation. Quite the opposite actually, it is going to do more harm than good.