How to File a Complaint to Alderney: 4 Phases Explained

How to File a Complaint with Alderney: 4 Phases Explained

If you believe online casino licensed by Alderney Gambling Commission has done anything wrong, you have an option to file a complaint against it.

The whole procedure comes down to these 4 stages, and I will go through each of them thoroughly in the article. All information is based on “The Alderney eGambling Regulations, 2009” (hereinafter the “Regulations”), which is a 370 pages document.


Worth to mention, that Alderney is a tiny island in the English Channel, and it is a self-governing dependency under the UK. Alderney has had very close relations with the UK for the centuries. Thus, it has high standards of law enforcement and all online casinos licensed here are supervised very meticulously.

Phase 1: Trying to resolve an issue with an online casino first

The Regulations does not order this step to be taken, unlike some other gambling jurisdictions. This means that if you don’t want to contact online casino first, then it is not mandatory for you to do so. It can’t be the reason why the Gambling Commission refuses to investigate your case.

However, I would highly recommend to bring up the issue to attention of the online casino at first anyway. Because:

  • It is going to be less time and much fewer efforts if the online casino decides to resolve your issue in satisfying you way. Given that Alderney is well-known for its strict regulations, the probability that online casino prefers not to push the issue is high, I would say.

  • Any correspondence with an online casino may be considered as evidence at an official hearing of your case, and, hence, should be kept carefully. To put it simply, an online casino could make some missteps (maybe acknowledge some sensitive facts during email communication etc.) that could significantly help you in the future.

Phase 2: Filing a complaint to Alderney gambling commission

If you are not happy how your problem got resolved by the online casino or, maybe, it has been going on an unreasonable amount of time, in that case, we are going to file a complaint to Alderney Gambling Commission itself.

Alderney provides you with 3 possible methods of how to file a complaint:

  • Fill up the form on Alderney website

  • Email Alderney

  • Send your complaint by post

Please keep in mind, they explicitly say that complaints can not be dealt with over the phone.

Let’s go through each method.

Fill up the form on Alderney website is the most convenient method, as for me.

Step 1. Go to “Players” section on the Alderney Gambling Control Commission website.

Step 2. Click on “Submit a Complaint” section


Step 3. Fill up all the fields. They are very straightforward and speak for themselves.


Step 4. Press the button “Submit Query” once you have finished.

Directly email Alderney Gambling Commission. Email address: [email protected]

This method has one advantage in comparison with filling up the form on the website. Here you are going to have physical evidence (report from your email service) that your complaint has been sent successfully with a timestamp on it.

However, it is a little bit less convenient as you have to provide a complete list of information by yourself. If you don’t do it in a proper way, then you will be asked to resubmit the corrected version of your complaint again.

The required info:

  • Name and email (better provide with both if they differ: contact email for Alderney and email the account at an online casino was registered with)

  • Address (including postcode)

  • Online casino you are disputing with

  • Your ID/Username at an online casino

  • Your Query/Complaint. Here you are supposed to describe what has happened. Please try to be as thorough as possible, don’t spare any details regarding your issue.

If due to some reasons previous two methods are not an option for you, then you should file a complaint to Alderney by post (The Alderney Gambling Control Commission, St Anne’s House, Queen Elizabeth II Street, Alderney, Channel Islands, GY9 3TB).

Needless to say, that depending on your country of residence, it could big-time increase the time of processing of your complaint. The required information would be the same: name and email, address with postcode, online casino name, your ID/username at an online casino, your complaint text itself.

Phase 3: Preliminary determination as a result of the investigation

At this stage, an officer is going to be appointed to your case. Both you and online casino are going to be contacted by him/her in order to get some additional information (if it needed) and clarify points of view of both parties . Therefore, please check your email box regularly at this stage.

I would like to notice, that before opening an investigation, the officer will try to find out if an agreement between online casino and player could be reached. And if not, then Executive Director of the Commission is going to cause a full preliminary investigation.

As a result of the preliminary investigation “Preliminary determination” will be made. In this document, an officer establishes the facts of the case, based on which this decision is issued. Both parties are going to be provided with copies of “Preliminary determination”.

From this point your case has 2 scenarios of developing:

  • If both parties agree with the decision that has been made, then “Preliminary determination” is deemed to be final and the case is considered to be closed.

  • If not, then the complaint is going to be referred to the Alderney Gambling Commission, and hearing will take place.

Phase 4: Hearing if any party is not satisfied with the preliminary determination

At this phase, date and time of the hearing are going to be determined. You must be notified at least prior to 14 days the hearing will take place.

You are not obliged to attend the hearing, however, you can:

  • attend the hearing through any representative

  • make written representations and send them out to the Commission. Those representations are going to be readout.

As a result of the hearing, “Determination of Complaint” will be issued. It is basically the final decision on your case since there are no options to appeal it. You are supposed to get a copy of this document.

The last important moment that if your complaint was found legit and got approved, then you can claim the compensation of expenses (for example: if the representative was hired etc.). The “guilty” party is supposed to cover them.

What about the time-limit for processing the complaint

Unfortunately, the only one timeframe I have found so far researching the Regulations is that you must be notified 14 days prior to the hearing.

There are no other time limits to be found. It is rather sad, but the good news that Alderney Gambling Commission has got a solid reputation among gambling license jurisdictions and you can definitely rely on it.


Summing up, though filing a complaint to Alderney could be perceived by some of you rather intimidating, it is worth the time spent, even if it requires some efforts and patience.

Online casinos definitely take Alderney Gambling Commission seriously, and the whole procedure is not unnecessarily complicated or vague.