Roulette: How to Play + Best Casinos (2022)

Roulette arguably is the most popular casino game, and it has taken such place since the 18th century.

Best Roulette online casinos in United States (2022)

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The rules of the game are not too complicated, and the whole gambling process comes down to these three phases:

  • Players place their bets on a roulette table.

  • A dealer spins a wheel and throws a ball into a roulette wheel.

  • Depending on where a ball lands, winners are determined.

Let’s talk in details about roulette’s equipment (wheel and table), possible types of bets and their payouts. Also, you will be able to find answers to some frequently asked questions.

Roulette equipment

There are three equipment components without which playing roulette would not be possible.Those are:

  • a roulette table

  • a roulette wheel

  • a roulette ball

Also, you need a dealer (in land-based casinos or in live online roulette) who spins a wheel and throws a ball at it.

Roulette Table


Here casino players are supposed to place their bets. A roulette table consists of 37 numbers (1-36 and zero) in European and French roulette and 38 numbers (1-36, zero and double zero) in American roulette.

Moreover, you can see how 1-36 numbers are divided into some groups:

  • Numbers are divided into “black” and “red”. Half of them is “black” and another half is “red”.

  • Numbers are divided into dozens (1st 1-12, 2nd 13-24, 3rd 25-36).

  • Numbers are divided into “low” and “high” (low 1-18, high 19-36).

  • Numbers are divided into “even” and “odd”.

  • Numbers are divided into columns (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

The important thing that zero (or double zero) does not belong to any of the groups, and it has got a crucial effect on game’s payouts and mechanics, about which we are going to talk a little bit later.

Roulette Wheel


Here you can see how all 36 numbers and zero (or zeroes) are reflected on the wheel’s layout. A dealer spins the wheel and throws a ball on it while it is spinning. Once the wheel stops spinning, a ball will land on some cell.

The number in front of the sell, on which a ball landed, is deemed to be the winning number.

Types of bets and their payouts

Numbers in roulette, except for being a particular number, have some other properties. For example, “18” number is not only “18”, but also is “red”, “low”, “even”, belongs to 2d third, belongs to 1st row.

As you may have guessed, these features of roulette enable a lot of variety in terms of which outcomes players can make their bets on.

However, the probabilities of hitting different outcomes vary significantly in roulette. As a result, casino players are rewarded according to how risky or not their bets were.


Also, all above-mentioned bets can be divided into two big categories: Outside bets and Inside bets. This distinction is made on a basis where the betting field is situated within a roulette table.


Outside bets are less risky, and they consist of:

  • Black/Red bets must be placed on the “red” or “black” section in the outside box.

  • High/Low bets must be placed on the “high” or “low” section in the outside box.

  • Odd/Even bets must be placed on the “odd” or “even” section in the outside box

  • Dozens bets must be placed on one of three parts in the outside box.

  • Columns bets must be placed on one of three columns on the right side of roulette table.

Inside bets are riskier, and they consist of:

  • Line bets must be placed on any line. The line is 3 numbers long, and it has 3 numbers on each side. Hence, 6 numbers are considered to be winning. There are 11 lines available for such kind of bets overall.

  • Basket bet must be placed on the first line, which consists of zero and 3 numbers (1-2-3) in European roulette. In that case, 4 numbers are deemed to be winning.

  • Corners bets must be placed on any corner within the inside box. The corner must have 4 adjacent numbers.

  • Street bets must be placed on any row within the inside box. They are very similar to line bets, except for street bets only include a row of 3 numbers itself (without adjacent rows being involved in the drawing).

  • Split bets must be placed within the inside box, and they include any two adjacent numbers.

  • Straight up bets are the riskiest and high-paying. All numbers are eligible for straight-up bets including zero (or zeroes in the case with American roulette)

Kinds of roulettes and their features in terms of rules

European roulette

RTP is 97,3%. House edge is 2,7%

What's RTP or House Edge?

All rules above are applied to European roulette as the most popular type of roulette.

French roulette

RTP is up to 98,65%. House edge is 1,35%

French roulette has the same table layout (with little color differences) and payouts structure as European roulette. The only difference is that French roulette introduces "En Prison" and "La Partage" rules, which make French roulette the best in terms of RTP.

Both "En Prison" and "La Partage" rules are only eligible for outside box bets (Black/Red, Odd/Even, High/Low, Dozens, Columns).

"La Partage". If the ball lands on zero, the player loses only half of the money.

"En Prison". If the ball lands on zero, then a dealer spins the wheel one more time with the same bet in place (for example, if the player bet on “red”, than it stays the same in the next round). This next round determines the outcome of the previous round. If the player wins in the next round then he/she gets the money back. If the player loses then he/she loses the money from the previous round.

American roulette

RTP is 94,74%. House edge is 5,26%

As you can see, American roulette is the worst in terms of RTP. It happens because, there is an additional zero sector in this game (called double zero), which makes a player's chances to win less appealing for casino players.

Other than that, American roulette has the same rules as European roulette.

Multi ball roulette

RTP and House Edge depend on particular roulette type

There are additional balls which make chances to hit winning better (could be 2-10 balls). However, payouts in Multi ball roulette are less lucrative.

How to calculate chances? Very easy, just divide payouts of roulette with one ball on a number of balls you are playing with.

Multi wheel roulette

RTP and House Edge depend on particular roulette type

Here we have not only one but many wheels (with one roulette table). Initially, winnings are counted on each wheel, and in the end, those results are added together.

For example, a player made a bet on “red”. There are 4 wheels in this particular case. On 2 wheels the outcome was “red”, on other 2 wheels the outcome was “black”. Hence, here we have a situation where a player has not won or lost anything.

Mini roulette

Mini roulette is a version with the smaller table, and it has only 13 numbers on it instead of 37. In this game the player has higher chances to hit winning, though it comes at a cost: the payouts are less lucrative (just divide classic roulette payouts on 3, since Mini roulette has three times fewer numbers on its table).