New Video Slots Pay Better Than Old: Myth or Not?

New Video Slots Pay Better Than Old: Myth or Not?

Many and many casino players are obsessed with an idea to make their living by playing in online casinos. In such an endeavor they cling to any opportunity, no matter how crazy it may sound.

So in this article we are going to discuss whether you would have higher chances to win in new slots (relatively recently released on the market) than in slots that have already been around for some time.

Jumping forward:

  • 99% of the time, licensed online slots have the same chances to win no matter whether they are old or new.

  • Whereas scripted or fake video slots pay differently depending on many factors, including their age.

Though it is rather a very short answer, so I feel like I have to elaborate more on the topic. With that being said, let’s also discuss:

  • The idea behind why new slots would pay more.

  • When it can be the case even in licensed slots and why it happens so rarely.

  • Why fake online slots almost always resort to such tricks.

The reasoning behind the theory that new slots pay better

According to the theory, new slots pay better than older ones for marketing purposes.

Software producers (the guys who are in charge of creating online casino games, including slots) are financially incentivized that people would play more in their products. This is the case because software providers rent out their games to online casinos for some share of profit. The more players lose money in their particular games, the higher profits are.

Hence, according to the theory, to attract more players software providers set up RTP percentages for newer slots at much higher levels (even positive for players). Once all the hype around a promoted slot has faded away, they bring RTP to its normal value. But players are already hooked up, since there was a massive media campaign how great this new slot pays.

To the credit of theory, it sounds quite reasonable since we have got a huge financial incentive and “ an opportunity to commit crime” from the software providers’ side. Though let me explain why it is easier said than done in reality.

Why it is a very rare thing to happen in licensed slots

There are thousands of online casinos on the market currently. The absolute majority of them are relatively small operations, and can not be trusted without proper background check. On the other hand, software providers tend to be much bigger companies, and there are only one hundred of relatively big providers around. Moreover, only 10-20 of them can be deemed as leaders of the market.

For example, well known Netent is a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of 2 billions of USD (at the moment the article was written).


What does it mean? The company is a subject to much higher standards and regulations than a random online casino “from a garage” is. Moreover, its games are regularly tested by world class fairness testing companies. Plus on top of that, it has got many reliable gambling licenses (for example, UK, Alderney, Malta). If such a company decides to cheat its players to make a few extra pennies, when they get caught (the question is not “if” but “when”), they are going to be destroyed by huge penalties.

Hence, top-notch software providers do not set different RTP levels for new and old slots, because gains would not make up for enormous fines and penalties. Also if they decided to do so, they would be legally obliged to explicitly inform their players.

Speaking about smaller software providers, the risk is real, but relatively low anyway. They are only smaller in comparison to, let’s say, Microgaming. In fact, the top 100 software providers are often well-established international companies, and some of them are also publicly traded. Though I can see how some of them may become desperate and resort to dirty methods.

Why new slots almost always pay better than old in scripted casinos

When it comes to scripted or counterfeited online slots, where outcomes are not distributed randomly, new slots pay better as a rule of thumb. Though it does not make them profitable for casino players, don’t get me wrong. I would say, they pay relatively well in comparison to their terrible default payouts.

Hence, I would suggest to stay away from them at any cost.

How to be sure your favorite slots are not rigged


You have to ensure these two things:

  • Play in the games of world-known and reliable software providers. Here you can get an idea what they are.

  • Verify that those games are not fake. Here is an article on how to detect fake video slots, though the same technique can be (and should be) applied to any online casino game.


Hopefully I have managed to convince you that new slots do not have any advantages (in terms of RTP) over already existing games as a rule of thumb. Though some precautions must be taken, no question about that, otherwise your gambling experience can be ruined.