Only One Account Per One IP

Only One Account Per One IP in an Online Casino: Rule Explained

Why do online casinos have a rule about one account per one IP?

It is happening mostly due to two main reasons:

  • online casino is following KYC (know your customer) compliance procedure. Often implementing this rule is a prerequisite in order to obtain a gambling license. It would not be possible to online casino to process any legit payment if it didn't have a strict KYC policy established.

  • online casino tries to make sure that only players eligible for bonuses can get them. Bonuses cost money for gambling entrepreneurs and they were designed as a feature which meant to reward mainly new players ( welcome bonus package). Casino operators can't afford to give away bonuses to one individual an unlimited number of times.

Two main kinds of rules: One bonus per IP or one account per IP

As the title suggests online casinos could be divided into two main groups in terms the policy they regarding IP usage:

  • strict IP usage policy. In this case, online casino explicitly prohibits to open a new account with the same IP address. And if you did open an account with the same IP address (for example the person with whom you share living space and internet provider already have got an account with particular casino), the online casino would consider this as a violation of their rules.

  • relatively mild IP usage policy. Here online casino restricts only your right to claim bonus if there is already an account in this online casino which was opened with the same IP as you currently have. In this case, you can open an account just don't get a bonus. Otherwise, the casino would confiscate all related to this bonus winnings.

Consequences of violating one account (bonus) per one IP rule

The majority of online casinos explicitly tell you that they would consider it a violation of their rules. Here could be 2 main consequences:

  • some of them could confiscate all your balance and close your account

  • or (especially if we are speaking about bonus with the same IP) they would confiscate only winnings derived from the bonus. The account in this case usually keeps open.

Where can I find out which IP policy an online casino stick to?

This topic almost always is covered thoroughly in online casino “Terms and conditions”:

  • follow to the bottom of online casinos website main page

  • click a link which usually called “Terms and conditions” or “T&C” or “conditions of usage”


In general, they put the clause about the use of IP address at the beginning of the “Terms and conditions”, somewhere within a paragraph which is usually called “Account” or “Who can play” etc.


How to avoid possible problems with the online casino if I have two accounts per one IP?

As a rule of thumb whenever you have any confusion about online casino rules interpretation, the best way to resolve any uncertainty is to contact them directly and ask.

The most convenient and fast way to do it is to contact the online casino through live chat on its website.

If this option for some reason (some casinos don't have live chat or their live support works only in certain hours) is not available, just contact them via the email address, which could be easily found on the main page of the online casino website.

This could save you from many troubles in the future.

Does it common practice to have one account per one IP restriction in an online casino?

The answer is yes. It is quite a challenge to find an online casino which does not have any problems if their players register multiple accounts per one IP.

For sure it is not convenient for legit players (for example, spouses want to open two separate accounts from one IP address), but the online casino doesn't target them when it implements this rule. This rule is against bonus abusers who can easily ruin all business, and hence online casinos are trying their best to not let them take advantage of bonus policy.

Do online casinos really confiscate all balance if I violate one account per one IP rule?

Although it sounds like a harsh punishment (confiscating all balance), reputable online casinos usually don't use it against players, who were genuinely confused about the rules and in their action, there is no intent to fraud a casino.

Confiscating the balance is meant to scare off bonus abusers and make them less eager to take a chance.

Does online casinos abuse rule about one account per one IP to confiscate players funds?

Sad enough but the answer is yes. Some of them do it even it is perfectly clear that a player had no ill intents. Hence it is very important before making a deposit into an online casino account to investigate the question and figure out if the online casino had any similar issues with players in the past.

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