Pending vs Manual Flushing Withdrawals: A Complete Guide

Pending vs Manual Flushing Withdrawals: A Complete Guide

I guess nobody will argue that cashouts are the most exciting part of online casino gambling. However, the withdrawal process can be very different depending on which type of withdrawals a particular online casino offers.

So to say, withdrawals at online casinos can be either Pending (Reverse) or Manual Flushing. Let’s learn what both mean in short and consider each in more detail further (including pros/cons and best casinos list).

Before moving to the point, it is important to understand how withdrawals at online casinos work. Each time you press the “withdraw” button there is going to be some waiting period (can be as short as 15 min or as long as a few days). During this time a casino decides whether you are eligible to receive the money or not. Called pending (or processing) period.

More on how withdrawals at online casinos are getting processed

What are pending (reverse) withdrawals (in short)? Pending (reverse) withdrawals mean that a casino player can cancel (reverse) a withdrawal request at any moment before the transaction has been processed by a casino. The money goes back into a player’s account in that case.

What are manual flushing withdrawals (in short)? Manual flushing withdrawals mean that a casino player can not cancel (reverse) a withdrawal request even though it has not been processed by a casino yet (has not been sent to your bank account/e-wallet etc.).

Pros and Cons of Pending (Reverse) and Manual Flushing Withdrawals


Pending (reverse) withdrawals pros:

  • You can cancel a withdrawal if it has been requested mistakenly. Thus you won’t need to wait before you get money into your payment account (as banks/e-wallets have their own processing periods) first, and only then deposit it into a casino account back. It will also save you from paying unnecessary deposit/withdrawal fees if a casino applies such.

  • You can cancel a withdrawal if you have changed your mind and would like to continue playing.

  • An online casino won’t be paying ridiculously high fees to banks/e-wallets in case you withdraw money and then deposit it back a few days later. As a result, you can expect significantly more generous bonuses and other promos at such casinos.

Pending (reverse) withdrawals cons:

  • In case you have managed to win something, there is a significant risk that you might lose all the money back during the pending period.

  • Pending withdrawals add extra waiting time before you get your money and can spend it.

Manual flushing withdrawals pros:

  • You won’t lose your winning back as there is no way to reverse a withdrawal.

  • The withdrawal time might be a bit faster at some casinos in comparison with pending withdrawals.

Manual flushing withdrawals cons:

  • No flexibility in case you have requested a withdrawal by mistake or changed your mind.

  • Bonuses and other promos are less generous at such casinos since players deposit/withdraw/deposit/withdraw basically the same money more frequently, which results in higher fees paid by casinos to payment methods.

Pending (Reverse) withdrawals in more detail

There are two main reasons why pending withdrawals do even exist:

  • A casino needs some time to verify that you are eligible to get the money you are asking to withdraw, make sure that you have provided all necessary documents (source of funds in some cases).

  • I am sure it is needless to explain that a casino benefits in a big way if a casino player has decided to cancel a withdrawal and continue playing.

Does it mean that a casino with pending withdrawal is rogue? No, not at all. There are hundreds of legit online casinos with reverse withdrawals, some of which I am going to list a bit further in the article.

Can I make the waiting time shorter? Unfortunately, there is no way to expedite a pending transaction. You can try to contact a support, though in practice it does not help. A casino has implemented some withdrawal rules and a support team can not change it on their own.

How long does the pending period usually last? It can take from a few minutes up to a few days. Each online casino has got different rules regarding this matter.

Best 10 online casinos with fastest pending withdrawals

Even though these online casinos apply some pending period during which you can cancel your withdrawal, I have picked the ones where it won’t take long:

Manual flushing withdrawals in more detail

There are three different ways when it comes to how you can “flush” your withdrawal so that it can’t be canceled (reversed) anymore:

  • At some casinos all withdrawals are getting locked by default meaning that you don’t need to do anything.

  • At some casinos you need to contact the support team (either via live-chat or email) and directly ask them to make your withdrawal flushing.

  • At some casinos you can lock your withdrawal via your account (for example, at Rizk casino) by yourself.

What is a locking withdrawal? It is basically the same as the manual flushing feature. The only difference is that some online casinos prefer to refer to this feature using this terminology.

Does it mean that flushing withdrawals are instantly processed? No, an online casino still needs some time to verify that your withdrawal is eligible (the same way as it happens at online casinos with pending withdrawals). The only difference is that you can’t cancel it during this time.

Which casinos usually offer flushing withdrawals? All UK licensed online casinos are obliged by the gambling commission to make withdrawals flushing. Moreover, some international licensed online casinos (Malta, Curacao etc.) do also allow their players to lock withdrawals.

Best 10 online casinos with manual flushing withdrawals option

As I have mentioned earlier, all these gambling operators have got a UK license.

Where to learn which withdrawal type an online casino has

The best place to find such information is the Terms and Conditions, which can be usually found at the bottom (footer) of a casino’s website.

Moreover, some online casinos provide the info regarding how fast they process withdrawals in the payment methods section.

It usually looks like this.


Final thoughts

As so many online casino players have lost their winnings back while waiting for their withdrawals to be processed, I would say, it is definitely a good idea to play at online casinos which allow manual flushing. Or at the very least, at online casinos which have a short processing period.

If you are not an impulsive person and have never experienced such sort of problems, then it does not matter if a casino allows or not withdrawals locking.