How to Deposit at an Online casino with Zimpler

How to Deposit at an Online casino with Zimpler + Best Casinos list

At the very beginning, I would like to notice that Zimpler offers its services only in Sweden, Finland and Germany. Hence, if you are a resident of the country other than these three, Zimpler is not an option for you.

Top online casino sites accepting Zimpler

Everum Casino

Rating: 9.56

100% up to 100$/€

Zimpler: Yes

Bethard Casino

Rating: 9.41

100% up to 100$/€

Zimpler: Yes

Casoo Casino

Rating: 9.4

100% up to 300$/€

Zimpler: Yes

In order to be able to use Zimpler as a deposit method at an online casino, you need to:

  • be a resident of Finland, Sweden or Germany

  • have a bank card (credit or debit) issued by a bank in Sweden, Finland or Germany

  • have a mobile phone number registered in Finland, Sweden or Germany (system won’t allow process mobile numbers from other countries even if you are a resident of Sweden, Finland, or Germany)

The last thing worth to mention in the introduction that you don’t need to open an account with Zimpler (I have come across many sources claiming otherwise). Ok, let’s dive into the process deeper.

What is Zimpler and how it works?

Zimpler is a payment method which was designed to process payments on the internet. To be more precise, Zimpler targets mostly online gaming and gambling payments.

Zimpler acts as an intermediary between an online casino and a casino player if the casino player wishes to deposit with a bank card, bank transfer or bill.

What actually happens, you are just entering bank card details or bank account details once and Zimpler does all the legwork for you in the future. Therefore, you don’t have to enter your bank card details every time manually.


Why Zimpler is beneficial for online casino players:

  • Zimpler does not require to open an account. Instead, it verifies your credentials via your mobile phone number. Zimpler sends an SMS code, which you are supposed to enter each time you want to pay for something online.

  • Zimpler hides your financial personal data (bank card details, bank account number etc.) from an online casino.

  • Zimpler lets your transfer to be processed instantly

  • Zimpler allows you to set limits for deposits

  • Zimpler could also be used as a withdrawal method

How to deposit at an online casino with Zimpler?

Step 1. Once you have opened an account at an online casino, go to the “Deposit” section of the website and choose Zimpler as a deposit method. Then enter the sum you would like to deposit.


Step 2. Choose deposit option within Zimpler. Normally, Zimpler allows you to do so by bank card, bank transfer, bank bill. However, depending on a particular online casino, some of these methods could be not available.

As a rule of thumb, bank card deposit is always available at online casinos as the most prevailing option among players.


Both bank card and bank transfer will be processed instantly, but bill bank payment is going to take several days to be processed. Hence just don’t use it.

Step 3. Here you will have to verify your credentials. Enter your mobile phone number and press the button “Send SMS code”. Enter the code in the field.


Step 4. After your credentials were established successfully, there are two possible scenarios:

  • If you are using Zimpler the first time, then you will have to enter either your bank card details or your bank account details. Worth to notice that online casino is not getting this information. It remains only within Zimpler payment service.

  • If you have already paid with Zimpler, then bank card or bank account number, from which you paid previously, will be displayed. You are supposed to choose one of them.

That’s it. Your deposit sum will go into your balance instantly.

What about commissions and fees?

For Sweden:

  • 0-299 SEK (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 9 SEK

  • 300-499 SEK (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 19 SEK

  • 500-799 SEK (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 29 SEK

  • 800+ SEK (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 49 SEK

For Germany and Finland:

  • 0-29 EUR (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 1.5 EUR

  • 30-59 EUR (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 3.9 EUR

  • 60-89 EUR (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 4.9 EUR

  • 90+ EUR (purchase or deposit sum) Fee: 5.9 EUR

I would find commission for payments under 300 EUR to be rather high, but it is a common thing among similar payment services.

But if your deposit sum exceeds 300 EUR than Zimpler becomes more appealing for you in terms of fees, because 5,9 EUR was set as a cap (you won’t be charged more no matter how much your deposit is).

What about deposit and withdrawal limits for Zimpler?

Zimpler doesn’t set any limits on how much you can pay on the internet. Although such restrictions could be applied:

  • either by yourself. It comes very handy since you can limit how much you spend on online gambling each month.

  • or by an online casino. Usually, it sets limits for one transaction to be somewhere between 1,000-5,000 EUR.

Speaking about the lowest possible payment, it is as low as 0.3 EUR. Though many online casinos don’t allow to make deposits less than 10-20 EUR, therefore you can’t do so anyway.

Who I would suggest Zimpler as a deposit method for?

  • You gamble from time to time and don’t really want to disclose your bank card or account details at each online casino you are playing at.

  • The size of your average deposit is rather high so that fees are not a big deal for you (they are capped at the level of 5.9 EUR).


I am not a resident of Germany, Finland or Sweden, so I haven’t had a chance to use Zimpler by myself. However, I have spoken to a few players from those countries, and they confirmed my thoughts.

Zimpler really sucks when your deposit sum nears the lowest possible amount. For example: if you deposit 20 EUR, Zimpler is going to charge you 1.5 EUR, which is 1.5 / 20 * 100 = 7.5% as a fee. Needless to emphasize how huge it is.

But from the levels of 500 EUR, the fee is becoming more and more reasonable. And I would say, it is worth to pay 0.5-1% to prevent bank card details from being stolen by some malicious actors on the internet, especially when you are a high roller.

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