Max Bet while Online Casino Bonus is Active

Max Bet while Online Casino Bonus is Active: What if I Violate?

A few words about max bet limitations while casino bonus is active

Nowadays, it is a rule of thumb for an online casino to provide at least their new players with bonuses. However, bonuses could be devastating for online casino if they are used with no limitations.

I guess you have already come across at least some of them such as:

  • an only limited number of video slots are available while the bonus is active

  • each bet can not exceed some size (usually 3-5 USD/EUR)

  • bonus is active only limited period of time

In this article, I would like to take a closer look at max bet requirement while online casino bonus is active. Looking ahead, max bet requirement always comes down to the fact, that online casino player is allowed to make bets of the limited size.

If you play in an online slot, every spin costs you some money taken from your balance. Hence, if online casino rules say that max bet during the active bonus is set to be, for example, 5 USD/EUR, then by that they mean the whole bet cost per one round of the game (also could be called as a total bet, cash bet etc.), not cost per pay-line.

Usually, the spin cost could be discovered easily at the bottom of the online slot.


Why do online casinos introduce such a rule?

Let’s say you made a deposit of 100 EUR and got awarded an additional 100 EUR into your account. Now your balance is 200 EUR, where 100 is your own money and 100 is online casinos (until you play through the wager requirements).

If there was no rule regarding max bet, what stops you from making a single 100 EUR bet, since you got this money “for free” anyway. And then you would continue playing with your normal bet size if you didn’t get lucky.

Such situation causes serious risks for an online casino, because if you hit a big win during this 100 EUR spin, then it is going to be easy for you to meet wager requirements and profit significantly in the end.

So to say, I find it reasonable to implement such sort of rules. For the majority of online casino players, it won’t cause any inconveniences, because they usually bet no more than 3-5 USD/EUR per spin anyway. But for those who do, better not to take the bonus, since it is not a big deal for your bankroll anyway.

What happens if I violate max bet rule

I would divide possible consequences into two groups:

  • The online casino reserves the right to cancel the bonus and any winnings derived from it in case of max bet size violations.

  • Some online casinos go even further. They could ban you from using their services and your balance could be confiscated. Sounds harsh, right? Well, some of them do it in order to scare off “bonus abusers” at any cost. But some of them are simply just scammers, who would love to use any excuse to avoid paying their players.

Speaking about the first group, please keep in mind that not only this particular bet (which exceeded max bet) and all winnings from it could be cancelled, but the entire bonus and all winnings derived from it as well.

It does not happen all the time though. Such consequences usually catch up only “bonus abusers”, who try to take advantage of online casino promotions and do not have in plans to become a customer.

The bottom line is if you play at a trustworthy online casino and by mistake make bet higher than you are supposed to, then they probably won’t penalize you. Because it is not in online casino's interests to make their legit customers unhappy.

Do some online casinos abuse this rule?

It happens on the regular basis. As I have said before, some scam casinos use every chance they are given to basically steal your money.

They can not do it openly, because they have to make their operation at least look legal. Instead, they put a clause that the whole balance could be confiscated even in case a tiny misstep.

Nobody reads “Terms and Conditions” before making a deposit and after that little or nothing can be done. Therefore, I would suggest playing only at online casinos with a reliable reputation . It is the best possible guarantee of not getting scammed.

Where to find out about max bet requirements for online casino bonus

Such information can be found easily in “Terms and Conditions” (or “Terms of Use” etc.) or in “Bonus Terms and Conditions” as some online casino devotes separate rules section for bonuses.


If you are not a big fan of reading these boring documents then feel free to visit the “Bonuses” section on my website. Here all information about each bonus is available, including max bet requirements.

The best way not to exceed max bet

Nowadays, as internet services are getting better and better, some online casinos make this process automatic. In this case, the casino’s software won’t let you make bets bigger than you are allowed to, which is a quite handy option for sure.

Just stick with online casinos with this feature and you won’t have to worry about such sort of stuff.

Does max bet restriction matter a lot?

I would say, it depends on what your regular bet size is. You won’t make out any difference if, for example, you usually prefer to bet 1 euro per spin in online slot and now you are told not make bets higher than 5 euro. In this case, such a rule does not affect your gaming experience in a bad way at all.

However, some casino players, who choose rather play expensive, will find it as a huge obstacle.

Hence, if you are a high roller and enjoy to play high stakes, then it is crucial for you to make little research about max bet size. And if it is less than you are willing to bet, I would suggest you not to claim such a bonus.