A New Account in Online Casinos is Better: Myth or Not?

A New Account in Online Casinos is Better: Myth or Not?

I have already published a post on whether casino players should or should not change the casino after a big win has happened (here). However, it turned out that there are also some conspiracy theories circling around regarding if a new account in an online casino is any better than the one with some history.

I usually hate to say “it depends”, but the answer to this question truly depends on what you mean by “Better”, so, let’s dive a little bit deeper:

  • What do casino players usually mean by “Better” when they are talking about a new account as a good thing

  • When such a claim is legit and when it is not

When players claim a new account is better they usually mean one of two things


The First meaning (the most prevailing)

First and foremost, the majority of online casino players refer to “better” having this meaning. They believe that a casino sets for new accounts much higher payouts in casino games than it does for already existing accounts.

The logic behind this theory is that an online casino wants to bait new customers (basically trick them in) making an impression that it is very easy to win so that they become loyal players. Once the players have become loyal (according to this theory), the casino reverses payouts to their normal levels. Hence, the people who believe in all that staff, encourage others to play in an online casino only for a limited amount of time while the payouts are still high.

The certain time frames vary depending on whom you would ask. Some of them would say that the account is considered to be new while welcome packages are active, others would claim that there is a fixed period of time (for example, one week, one month. etc.) . So to speak, there is no unity on these matters within the group as well.

The Second meaning (less popular, but more reasonable)

Another group of people, jumping forward the more reasonable one, say that new accounts in online casinos are better, because the majority of online casinos introduce welcome bonus packages for new players. Playing with bonuses is better than without them. Hence, once you are done with playing through your welcome bonus package, it is a smart thing to change a casino, get a new bonus package and have such an advantage again and again.

To their credit, it already sounds much less than some crazy conspiracy theory. However, bonuses can be very different in terms of their real value for players. So it is not as easy as that (I will elaborate on it further in the article).

The first meaning of “better”: when it is a myth and when it is not

A new account has got higher chances to win than the older one

When it is a myth

It is always a myth when it comes to online casinos with licensed games. Why? Because in that case online casinos simply do not have any access to the crucial settings of the licensed casino games, such as RTP or House Edge. Also, each time you play in, let’s say, Netent slots, a particular online casino is just an intermediary which processes deposits/withdrawals, verifies accounts, organizes support team and provides you access to your favorite games via the casino's website.

The games themselves are being served to you directly from a provider’s web servers, even though you are playing from the casino’s website (the casino simply redirects you to the provider's websites, for example, Netent’s). In other words, online casinos with licensed software have control only upon which particular games they let you play in, whereas only the software provider can change RTP or House Edge.

As you have probably concluded, it becomes super important to establish that a particular online casino has got exactly licensed software. Once I made an article on how to detect fake video slots, though the same principles can be applied to any other online casino game. I highly recommend getting yourself familiar with this technique, which is 100% effective (no false positives).

So, once you have verified that the software is not fake, the chances of “new” and “old” accounts to win are precisely the same. People who claim otherwise are either crooks or just incompetent.

When it could be true

As you may have guessed, it could work only in online casinos with either fake or scripted software. Such casinos definitely have full control over the settings of the game, including RTP and House Edge, obviously, and can change these parameters basically on whim.

Being rather scammers in their nature, such casinos bait new players implementing much higher payouts percentages for new accounts. Once the player is on the hook, they simply turn the switch off making RTP terrible, much lower than on average in the market. I actually have an article on how it works (in more details) and how you can theoretically benefit from such knowledge.

The second meaning of “better”: when it is a legit claim and when it is not

A new account is always better because of welcome bonuses

When it is a myth

Many casino players pay their attention only to the nominal of the bonus (for example, 100% up to 200EUR), and this is a very wrong approach. Because in fact, there are other parameters which make a casino bonus valuable or worthless for players, such as, wager, eligible games to play in while the bonus is active and wagering weight for specific casino games.

More on crucial Bonus parameters

More on Wagering weight for different casino games

So my point is that if you dig a little bit deeper it can easily turn out that a bonus does not make any good for players. Moreover, many scam and semi-scam online casinos use such tactics to lure players in. Hence, jumping from one casino to another in an attempt to get overly generous bonuses is going to cause that one day you will end up in the scammers’ hands. Trust me (though many of you have already experienced it), it sucks.

When it is a legit strategy

There are definitely reliable online casinos on the market with fairly valuable bonuses, and this is the only case when a new account has an advantage over an existing one. You are simply going to get more for the same price.

The only problem is that it is quite a challenge to find a trustworthy online casino with good bonuses at the same time. Though I didn’t mean to discourage you, it can definitely be done even on your own as such casinos exist, no question about that. You just have to take your time and do some research before making a deposit.

Anyway, here is some rating of my own (I guarantee you assistance with any online casino listed on my website) so that you can jump from one to another once the welcome package has been played through:

Reliable online casinos with decent bonuses

A rating of bonuses (do not expect them to be super generous, trustworthy online casinos simply can not afford charity)


The last thing I would like to say that there are so many garbage articles which mislead casino players inspiring a false hope. The ones, who fall for it, expect to become rich by beating “the house”. Instead, they only get broken dreams and the money lost, which they often could not afford to lose.

Hopefully you have learned something throughout the article, and, from now on, it is going to be impossible to make you believe in any bullshit.