The Ultimate Guide to VIP programs in Online Casinos

A Guide to VIP programs in Online Casinos + Rating

Almost every business nowadays, especially if we are talking about online, is offering some sort of reward system to its loyal customers. It is quite understandable practice since competition is only getting tougher and tougher, and entrepreneurs around the world have to incentivize people somehow to use their services.

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Full list of online casinos with VIP-program

Online casinos, being part of a super competitive niche, are no exception for sure. They even have to come up with more sophisticated stuff, when it comes to making loyal customers happy. As a result, promotions in online casinos could be very versatile, but often they can be divided into these groups:

In this article, I am going to take a closer look at VIP programs including their different types and much more.

How do VIP programs in online casinos work in general

There are many types of VIP programs (we will talk about them in the next chapter), but there is a thing that unites them all: “Customers are getting rewarded by something valuable for placing real money bets in online casinos”.

However, there are some other aspects that distinguish VIP programs from other online casino promotions:

  • Only real money bets are counted.

  • There could be many levels of VIP program which provide players with different benefits. The higher your VIP level the more generous rewards you can expect.

  • There are could be many different types of prizes which players are eligible to get.

The most common types of VIP programs

All VIP programs in online casinos could be divided into these groups depending on what they are offering as a reward to a casino player:

  • Cashback is the most widespread among others. It is pretty straightforward as players can either exchange their VIP points to cash in the account section or cash reward can be credited to the balance automatically so that no steps need to be taken.

  • Extra bonus (cash or free spins). They are usually granted as a player achieve a higher VIP level. However, sometimes bonuses are distributed for the mere fact of being a VIP player (for example, each week/month/year a player with some VIP status is getting some bonus)

  • Purchase in the casino’s shop with VIP points is another way to exchange your VIP points. There you can buy (for VIP points) mostly electronics, or branded useful stuff in some cases.

  • Faster accumulation of VIP points. Players are rewarded with VIP points for making real money bets, and it happens at some rate. As an example, a player is getting 1 point for each 100 euro bets. This feature allows to obtain more VIP points for the same amount of bets.

  • Electronics are another lucrative gift, and it is a quite common thing in online casinos. Here a player doesn’t have to exchange any points manually, but he/she gets a particular electronic device for achieving some VIP levels.

  • Commission-free withdrawals if a casino charges players when they withdraw.

  • Increase in withdrawal limits. Every online casino has got a withdrawal policy, which sets some limitations on how much money a player can withdraw per day/month/week. Those restrictions could be either mitigated by higher VIP levels or even abolished at all.

  • Personal VIP manager makes gambling experience more pleasant most of the time because with his help you can get any issues settled more faster.

  • Special parties for the players of particular VIP level. They are free to enter, and sometimes online casinos buy tickets to its players so that they don’t have to spend any money to visit it.

  • Gift on your Birthday. It could be whatever an online casino will decide to present. Electronics and cash bonuses are the most prevailing options.

  • Concierge service is a rather rare feature to find among online casinos as it could be a challenge in some countries. However, the biggest one could afford it.

About VIP levels

Almost every VIP program in online casino includes some VIP levels. So to speak, they are hierarchical. The higher level you climb on, the bigger your reward becomes. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and players have to make more real money bets in order to achieve higher VIP levels.

Here is an example, how VIP levels can look like.


Also worth to mention, that some VIP programs award players mere for unfolding higher VIP level. The reward depends on particular online casino and could be: free spins, bonus, extra cash, valuable gift (smartphone, tablet etc.) and some others.

When it is worth to increase your VIP level

As a rule of thumb, don’t let the VIP program make you gamble more than you normally would. However, sometimes it is true that artificial increasing of your VIP level could be a reasonable thing to do.

For instance:

  • only a few bets are left to achieve a higher VIP level

  • new level implies really valuable prize (bonus or other gifts)

How to join a VIP program

Unlike land-based casinos, where players have to register in order to participate in the VIP program, in online casinos, the whole process is done automatically. So to say, all new players are becoming a part of the casino’s VIP program providing it has one.

Where to get the info about a VIP program

The information about a VIP program in a particular online casino can usually be found on the top dashboard of the casino’s website.

Just click on the section that is often called “VIP”. Here is an example of how it could look like.


The information about your current VIP status is available in your account section.

How to choose the best VIP program

Don’t fall for generous, at first glance, gifts. The most important thing is how much you need to invest in order to obtain them.

For example, the reward of 100 euro (which requires 10,000 euro bets) is ten times more profitable than the reward of 1,000 euro (which requires 1,000,000 euro bets).


A VIP program is definitely a nice thing to have for online casino players, especially when it features cashback. Though don’t be overzealous while increasing your VIP levels, because it won’t make up for possible money losses in the long run.

A VIP program is not designed to make online gambling profitable for casino players. But no doubt about that, it makes online gambling more appealing by mitigating players’ losses at least to some extent.