Winning Strategy at Scripted Online Casinos

Winning Strategy at Scripted Online Casinos

Probably, you have already come across many crappy articles claiming they found the Holy Grail how to win in online slots. 99,9% of them are absolute garbage, which will not make you any good.

However, It is true that winning strategy in online slots could be legit stuff, with some caveats for sure, and some people are definitely interested in learning about it.

From the very beginning, I would like to stress out that the information from this article won’t make you rich due to some limitations. But it could help you to earn some extra money if you are ready to make some efforts (preparatory work must be done before).

Anyway, I guarantee you will get a lot of fun, as we are literally going to “scam scammers”.

Before moving forward, I would like to let you know that there is some legit strategy how to win long term in licensed slots (disclaimer: it is not easy).

What is scripted online casino?

Each legit online casino provides you with casino games, which were created by reputable software providers. These games were tested thoroughly by some third-party company (eCOGRA, Itech labs etc.) so that we can be sure that winnings are distributed on a random basis (using RNG).

However, some bad actors among gambling entrepreneurs are too greedy, and they make their own software which allows them to adjust winning probability at any moment they wish.

So to speak, scripted software (or casino with scripted software) allows its owners to rig the game. They usually do it that way. Whenever you win something, scripted slot (or any other casino game) will make sure that your lucky streak won’t continue (in licensed slots your chances to continue to win would stay the same). And if you have already lost something (or maybe just started to play), the scripted slot would produce some winning in order to lure you to continue gaming (or even make more deposits).

What is the strategy?

The strategy is deriving from the fact that scripted online casinos are trying to abuse your greed as much as possible. What do they usually do? Their favorite trick is that they set up scripted casino game for new depositors in a special way.

As you may have guessed, scripted casinos make new players mostly win at the beginning, so that they would get an illusion of success (or at least they could realize that winning is possible).

Let’s imagine a situation when you made a deposit of 100 euro at such online casino. The chances are high that at least at some point your balance is going to reach 200 euro. Of course, you will lose everything later as you are dealing with scammers, but we can take advantage of this fact.

With this knowledge, we can adjust our actions accordingly and profit from them in the long run. What is the best way to do so?

  • Deposit must not exceed 100-200 euro. Otherwise, they could scam you from the very beginning.

  • Your bets must not be too low or too high. As a rule of thumb, place bets equals 2% of your initial deposit sum. You need to look like a casual recreational player.

  • Once your balance has doubled, request a withdrawal and find a new scripted casino to play at. Never come back as you are not a new depositor anymore.

  • Always prefer newer casino brands, because they tend to scam people less at the beginning. Also, such scripted casinos have not spent their budget yet, so they have money to pay.

Those were the main things to watch out for. However, try to make the impression that you are playing for fun. In that way, the scripted casino will pay your winning in the hope that you will come back and lose much more.

Also, keep in mind this while playing with fire

  • First of all, make sure that an online casino is paying, at least to some players. Otherwise, the whole campaign would not make any sense.

  • Some scripted casinos could be owned by one individual. Hence, they share a database of players, and you won’t be marked as a new depositor. Especially, if you withdrew money from one of their satellites before.

  • If your balance becomes more than two times, don’t try to withdraw it right away, because scripted casinos won’t pay you anyway. Maybe three times winning could be withdrawn, but definitely no more than that. Instead, just take your time and play further (until the balance once again reaches desirable 2x, be sure it will). That’s how your image of a recreational player will get even stronger.


If you were careful, mainly regarding choosing an appropriate casino, you could make a few extra bucks. But this strategy has a bottleneck that there are not enough scripted casinos to do it for living, I would say.