Free Password Manager for Online Casino Players

Free Password Manager for Online Casino Players

You have been told so many times that you have to make a unique password for each of your accounts. However, the majority of online casino players do not follow this advice since it is a nightmare to keep track of dozens of different passwords.

Password managers are here to solve exactly this problem. With the help of a password manager, you have to memorize the only one seed password phrase which is going to unlock all other passwords.

That way you can create as many unique passwords as you want and store all of them in one place protected by a strong password which is very convenient.

I personally prefer to use KeepassXC (a cross-platform version of super famous Keepass). It is a community run project, absolutely free and without registration or bank cards required.

Download and un-ZIP

There are two versions of KeepassXC: online and offline (called portable). I do prefer the portable version as, in my opinion, it is more straightforward.

Visit the official website and download a version compatible to your OS (Linux, Windows, macOS):


Simply un-ZIP the folder. There is no installation process required. All KeepassXC files are going to stay here.

To run KeepassXC, you need to open the folder and run a file called KeepassXC.


Create your database and lock it with a password

Here you need to create a new database. Click on the button “Create new database”.


Then you have to name the database as something ("keepass passwords" would be a good candidate). After that you can change some other settings. Simply skip this part by clicking on "ok/continue" (default settings are already fine).

Once it has been done, you need to create your seed password. Everything is circling around this main password, so memorize and write it down carefully.

If you lose main password, all your passwords are gone. There is no way to restore it by any means.


Moreover, exactly this password you will have to enter each time you log in. Use at least 16 symbols (both digits and letters).

After that, you need to choose a place where your KeepassXC database will be saved and stored. It can be anywhere on your device, though to save it in KeepassXC directory makes a lot sense.


The database file is crucial, since this is the place where all your passwords are living now. We are going to use this file for back-up purposes, so place it somewhere you can find it later.

Create your first entry (account record)

Now our KeepassXC app is ready to go. Give the “Root” folder a right-mouse click and navigate to “New group”. That way you can create subfolders which are going to organize your passwords even better.

You can have separate subfolders for your casino accounts, social media accounts, emails and so on.

To create a new entry, you need to navigate on your newly created subfolder, and then click on “+” on the dashboard.


Here you can store your login and password (as any other info can be stored in the notes section which is very cool) for this particular online casino. Once you have finished, click on “ok” button, and this record is going to be saved.


That’s it. You can add as many new entries as you want. That way you have to memorize the only one, main, long, strong password, and access other passwords anytime you need.

How to back-up

Remember we saved the database file, which has got a .kdbx file extension? This is the only piece we need to restore all our passwords. Thus you need to save a database file carefully, better in multiple places.

I personally do it this way:

  • One copy on my PC

  • One copy on a cloud storage service (google drive or whichever you prefer)

  • One copy on a physical flash-card

When you need to restore, just simply specify the path to your database file (instead of “create new database” click on “open existing database”). As simple as that.

Can somebody hack the database file as it is stored online?

It is impossible until your seed password is strong enough.

According to, 16-symbols password (digits and letters must be used) will take 6 millions years to successfully brute force attack.

Hence, feel free to store it wherever is convenient for you.

What else can be done with KeepassXC?

KeepassXC allows us to do a lot of cool stuff, including auto-completion of web passwords.

My goal was not to cover it all in one guide, but to show you a great opportunity that KeepassXC provides.

Anyway, the KeepassXC team has done a great job explaining everything in detail. So you can learn more about KeepassXC functionality in the help section (on top of the app).


KeepassXC definitely makes life easier, and, what is more important, much safer. It is a very cool tool, especially for online casino players, since we tend to open many accounts in many online casinos.