Keno: How to Play + Best Casinos (2023)

Keno in online casinos is very easy to play in terms of rules. However, in comparison with its offline counterpart, online Keno is far faster and, arguably, much more fun to play.

Best Keno online casinos in United States (2023)

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Being a lottery-like game, Keno requires these equipment pieces in order to play in:

  • A Ball machine in land-based casinos or an equivalent of a ball machine in online casinos (ordinary Random Number Generator makes the job perfectly well). There are 80 balls in it, and each ball has a unique number on it, from 1 to 80.

  • A card with 80 numbers on it, from which a player is supposed to pick some numbers (the amount of numbers depends on particular Keno type).

Gaming process and payouts

The gaming process of Keno is very straightforward, and everything comes down to that a player needs to guess which numbers a ball machine will draw, which is very similar to lotteries.

Keno can be different in terms of how many numbers a player is supposed to guess, but, I would say, 10 numbers are the most prevailing option among online casinos. Therefore, let’s consider this particular type of Keno.

Gambling in Keno consists of two simple steps:

Step 1. A player decides how much and on which numbers to bet. Usually, Keno allows to grab any 10 from 80 numbers.

That’s how it may look like.


Step 2. Once ten numbers have been chosen, a player needs to click on “Draw” or “Play”. The game is going to draw 20 random numbers. The more numbers from the player’s choice (ten numbers) are in 20 numbers that were drawn by the machine, the higher payouts will be.

Different online casinos may have various payout structure, but it is rather common to come across something like that in terms of paytables.

5 Hits: Pays 5 to 1

6 Hits: Pays 24 to 1

7 Hits: Pays 142 to 1

8 Hits: Pays 1,000 to 1

9 Hits: Pays 4,500 to 1

10 Hits: Pays 10,000 to 1

As you can see, Keno is a rather highly volatile game that can produce a big winning, but it comes at a cost: long losing streaks are not a rare thing to happen in Keno (at least with above-mentioned payout structure).

Keno Bet Types

In Keno in land-based casinos, there are different types of tickets, and each of them allows different types of bets. Online casinos have implemented some of those tickets in online Keno and have left many of them unused. Here I will list the most popular online Keno tickets.

Straight ticket is the most popular in online casinos, and all discussed above rules are applied to this type.

Odd/Even ticket is another option to bet on, where a player is supposed to guess which numbers will be more, Odd or Even.

Low/High ticket. Here a player needs to guess which numbers will come out more, 40 and lower or 41 and higher.

About RTP and House Edge

Online Keno does not have fixed RTP or House Edge percentage, because of diversity how the game can be implemented by a particular software provider (payouts structure and other parameters affect RTP in a big way). And, in that sense, Keno is similar to online slots, where each slot has its own RTP level.

As for my experience, it is hard to find online Keno with RTP higher than 95% (or House Edge of 5%), and it is very common to see these numbers somewhere around 90-95% (or House Edge of 5-10%). Also, watch out for some online Keno games that may have RTP at a ridiculous 65% (House Edge of 35%).

Given that, there are thousands of casino games on the market that provide online casino players with far more lucrative RTP %, than Keno does. However, if you are a fan of online Keno, you’d better pick up the game carefully since they are very different in terms of RTP.


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