Scatter Symbol in Online Slots: a Complete Guide

Scatter Symbol in Online Slots: a Complete Guide + Best Paying Slots

Scatter symbol is a very prominent feature of online slots. And in this article, I had tried to cover up everything regarding:

  • how it looks,

  • how it works and pays (including why it is so special),

  • types of Scatter symbols,

  • where to learn about Scatter symbol in a particular online slot.

In short, the Scatter symbol is one of the highest paying symbols (even the most in some slots) that triggers mostly Free spins mode and usually multiplies all winnings acquired during Free spins rounds. Also, it can appear in any order (not from the left to the right as basically all other symbols do) to form a winning combination. Let’s elaborate on it.

Best Paying (RTP) Online Slots with Scatter Symbol

(Players from United States are welcome)

Marching Legions Online Slot Logo
RTP: 98.12 %
Scatter: Yes
Bloodsuckers Online Slot Logo
RTP: 98.0 %
Scatter: Yes
Jokerizer Online Slot Logo
RTP: 98.0 %
Scatter: Yes
Polar Paws Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.84 %
Scatter: Yes
Fruit Box Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.78 %
Scatter: Yes
Crystal Cavern Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.72 %
Scatter: Yes
White Rabbit Megaways Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.72 %
Scatter: Yes
Miami Bonus Wheel Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.72 %
Scatter: Yes
Elite of Evil: Portal of Gold Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.5 %
Scatter: Yes
Blood Moon Express Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.48 %
Scatter: Yes
Blazing Bull Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.42 %
Scatter: Yes
Fortune Turtle Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.41 %
Scatter: Yes
Big Bad Wolf Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.35 %
Scatter: Yes
Big Bad Wolf Christmas Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.34 %
Scatter: Yes
Big Bounty Bill Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.33 %
Scatter: Yes
SchlagerMillions Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.26 %
Scatter: Yes
Olympus Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.25 %
Scatter: Yes
Sky Hunters Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.19 %
Scatter: Yes
Joker Supreme X-mas Edition Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.12 %
Scatter: Yes
Toki Time Online Slot Logo
RTP: 97.1 %
Scatter: Yes

More Online Slots with Scatter Symbol

What distinguishes Scatter among other symbols


  • Scatter symbol pays in any order most of the time. In other words, it can appear on any reel without any pattern (called payline) at all, unlike basically any other combinations that require some sequence and particular order (the majority of online slots pay from the left to the right). However, there are still some requirements on how many of such symbols you need to collect in order to form a paying combination. Usually, it takes three of them, but there are some slots that require only two.

  • The main role of the Scatter symbol is to trigger so desirable Free spins. During this round, a casino player does not have to invest his/her own money to spin the reels.

  • Scatter is one of the highest paying symbols on itself in addition to its role as a trigger of Free spins.

  • During Free spin rounds that were activated by Scatter symbols, all acquired winnings are getting multiplied. Usually x2-x3, but higher numbers are not uncommon.

  • The Wild Symbol cannot substitute for the Scatter symbol.

  • Usually, the Scatter symbol is advertised to casino players by vivid animation and other visual effects, even when it has not formed a winning combination.

Scatter symbol vs Free Spins symbol

Those two are absolutely identical except for their names, obviously. Some casino software providers prefer to call them “Scatter”, others - “Free spins”. Though, I would say, “Scatter” is more prevalent.

How the Scatter symbol usually looks like

Scatter symbol is usually implemented in a very straightforward way so that you probably won’t confuse it with other symbols you can come across in online slots. So to speak, there are basically three ways how Scatter symbol may be depicted in different online slots:

1. Simple writing that says “Scatter” or “Free Spins”.


2. A picture plus writing that says “Scatter” or “Free Spins”.


3. Only a picture that serves as a Scatter symbol.


As you can see, only in 3d scenario a casino player is supposed to make little effort to learn what Scatter symbol is. In the other two cases, the Scatter symbol speaks for itself.

The last thing to mention here, some slot producers for some bizarre reasons depict Scatter as a Bonus game confusing people a lot by doing that, so keep it in mind.

How much Scatter symbol pays

As I have mentioned before, the Scatter symbol is, at least, among the highest paying symbols of an online slot. Also, it often has the same principle that other symbols have “the more of them you collect the higher your reward becomes”.

The reward translates into cash winning or Free spins, but most of the time, both of them.

I will show where to learn about paytable at the end of the article since the Scatter symbol can be implemented in many different ways depending on a particular online slot.

Types of Scatter symbols

In terms of what prize is:

  • Free spins (results in free rounds only).

  • Cash winning (results in some money prize and does not activate free spins).

  • Free spins plus Cash winning (the most widespread type, I would say).

Does the amount of Scatter symbols you have managed to collect influence prize size or not:

  • Does not increase the winning. For example, 3 Scatter symbols are needed to trigger 10 Free spins, but, let’s say, 4 Scatter symbols won’t result in more Free spin rounds.

  • Increases the value of the winning. For example, 3 Scatter symbols trigger 10 Free spins, 4 Scatter symbols - 15 Free Spins, 5 Scatter symbols - 20 Free spins.

In terms of Multiplier:

  • All winnings acquired during Free spins will be multiplied by some number (usually x2-x3).

  • No multiplication will take place.

In terms of re-triggering:

  • Scatter symbols can be hit during Free spins so that you can expect free rounds within free rounds (some slots allow it only once, but other slots have no limits).

  • Scatter symbols do not work while Free spins round is active.

In terms of the order (pattern) required:

  • The order of Scatter Symbols across the reels does not matter (the majority of the slots have that approach)

  • Scatter symbols must be hit in some sequence (match payline pattern) and in some order (for example, from the left to the right)

Please notice, this is not final classification in any sense since software developers are rather creative combining different types of Scatter symbols with ease. However, I assume you have gotten some idea how diverse they are.

How often you can come across Scatter symbol in online slots

90% of the slots that you can find here go with the Scatter symbol feature. Based on that, I would say that the Scatter symbol can be found very often in video slot games. This is a rather predictable thing to happen since Scatter symbol, no question about that, makes any online slot much more thrilling to play in.

Where to find out about Scatter symbol in a particular slot

This information can be found very easily in the “Info” section of basically any online slot. Just click on the icon and scroll a few pages if it is not already on the first page.

Here you can find all the necessary information, including: how it looks, how much it pays, what multiplicator it has if any, how many free spins you will be granted.

Please keep in mind that in some slots the Scatter symbol is called “Free spins”.

Here is an example of how it might look like.



Summing up, Scatter symbol has become an inherent part of so many online slots, and there is a good reason for that. It brings to the table so much fun, making the gaming experience much more exciting since literally every online casino player loves Free spins mode, especially when it has a multiplier.

One thing to keep in mind, Scatter symbol may be implemented in some different ways, and it would be very reasonable of you to learn about it in a particular online slot you are planning to play in.

Online Slots with Scatter Symbol