Bet Size and Progressive Jackpot Odds in Online Slots

Bet Size and Progressive Jackpot Odds in Online Slots

Progressive jackpot is a quite popular feature of online slots, about which so many online casino players are very excited. The reason behind is enormous possible winnings that could change your life’s course in a matter of second.

However, the progressive jackpot is very hard to hit, and in this article, we are going to discuss following questions:

  • what is a progressive jackpot

  • how the bet size affect odds of winning the progressive jackpot (we will discuss all possible scenarios in details)

A few words about progressive jackpot

Some part of every bet in a particular online slot goes to the progressive jackpot prize pool. Wherein does not matter in which online casino those bets were made, they are becoming a part of progressive jackpot anyway. Thus, every online casino player, who gambles in the particular progressive slot, contributes to the jackpot. That is how it gets accumulated.

It follows that every progressive online slot has its own prize pool, and those prize pools are separated from each other.

Also, as you may have guessed, the size of the prize pool is increasing constantly as players bet more.

There are some chances to trigger progressive jackpot:

  • They were set by slot producer beforehand. And usually, odds are disclosed so that every casino player knows what to expect.

  • Odds to trigger progressive jackpot is super low (for example, in Mega Moolah, 1 in 49,836,032).

And the most appealing part of progressive slots is that prizes are really enormous and worth millions of euros.

How the bet size can influence progressive jackpot odds (possible ways)

  • The bigger your bet size, the higher chances to trigger the jackpot.

  • The bigger your bet size, the bigger the jackpot size becomes. Though, the chances to hit jackpot remain the same.

  • Only bets of a certain amount are eligible to trigger the progressive jackpot.

Let’s discuss each way in more details.

The bigger your bet size, the higher chances to trigger the jackpot

This is the most prevailing way how the bet size scales with hitting jackpot chances. And it is a predictable thing to happen since online slots producers are motivated financially to have such a rule. The higher stakes online casino players gamble at, the more profit for gambling entrepreneurs in the long run.

However, there are some nuances on how exactly it can be implemented. So to speak, there could be two different approaches:

  • A progressive slot has a jackpot bonus round, exclusively during which a progressive jackpot can be hit. Increasing bet size does not affect chances to trigger a bonus round. However, when the bonus round is active, then chances to win the jackpot depend on the bet size. Mega Moolah (Microgaming) and Mega Fortune (Netent) are the most popular progressive slots that have such structure.

  • There is no jackpot bonus round, each spin in a progressive slot can trigger the jackpot, and odds are directly influenced by your bet size.

Let’s talk about how it could look like in practice. For example, a progressive online slot has odds to hit a jackpot at the level of 1 in 50,000,000 providing the bet size equals to 1 euro. If you decide to increase stakes and to wager 100 euro each spin, then your chances become 100 times better than before, and now the odds are 1 in 500,000.

As you can see, bet size scales with odds to trigger a progressive jackpot linearly.

The bigger your bet size, the bigger the jackpot size becomes

In this case, the bet size does not affect chances to trigger the jackpot. Instead, the bet size has an effect only on how big jackpot is.

Here is an example. A player makes a wager of 1 euro per spin, and the jackpot is 100,000 euro in this scenario. If an online casino player chooses to increase wager, let’s say, to 100 euro per spin, then jackpot becomes 100 times more, or 10,000,000 euro. I hope you got an idea.

Only bets of a certain amount are eligible to trigger the progressive jackpot

Another way to implement a progressive jackpot feature in online slots is to set some threshold (minimum bet size), only after crossing which an online casino player becomes eligible to compete for the huge winning.

The minimum bet size can vary significantly from one video slot to another. And in some of them, the minimum bet size could be as small as 1 euro, but in others only maximum possible bets are counted in jackpot chase.

Where to learn about certain parameters of a particular progressive slot

I would say, the best place to start such research is the official website of a company that created this particular progressive slot. Most of the times they are obliged by gambling commission to disclose such information to its customers.

Also, you can find reviews of some progressive online slots in this directory.


As we can see progressive jackpots could be very different in terms of how the bet size scales with odds to hit a progressive jackpot. Also, it is not a secret that the majority of progressive slots players are often here just to compete for huge prizes. Therefore, it is a smart thing to learn about their interaction before making any real money bets in the progressive slot.

In that case, you can ensure a pleasant gambling experience because you will have full knowledge about what odds you have to trigger a jackpot in a particular slot.