Sic Bo: How to Play + Best Casinos (2024)

Sic Bo is a casino game which has got an ancient Chinese origin, and it has gained a lot of popularity in Asia throughout centuries as a result.

Best Sic Bo online casinos in United States (2024)

(players from United States are welcome)


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How I chose best Sic Bo Online Casinos

The process might seem easy at first glance. However, it is not true at all. The challenge is that there are hundreds of online casinos with Sic Bo and many of them simply can not be trusted, meaning that your winnings might not be paid.

Here are the criteria I use to pick the best Sic Bo online casino. And, as you may have figured out, the most important one is trustworthiness:

  • Trustworthiness is the first thing I assess, which I believe is a very reasonable approach to it. Nothing really matters if an online casino has a bad reputation and does not pay winnings.

  • All online casinos from the rating above have a valid license. This is another very important step since I manually check the license of each casino.

  • Then I make sure that a casino uses SSL protocol. It ensures that all your sensitive data is protected (bank card details, etc.) and can not be stolen by hackers.

  • I also verify that online sic bo games are provided by licensed vendors. That way you can be sure that a casino can not rig the game.

  • Promotions (including first deposit bonuses) is a big deal since it can bring much more fun to the table. All casinos from the rating offer sign up bonuses for Sic bo players. Moreover, some of them provide cashback, races, tournaments and VIP-program.

  • Variety of banking options at Sic bo casinos matters a lot. All gambling operators from my rating offer at least few popular methods ( such as Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Neosurf, Paypal, Muchbetter, Ecopayz, Bitcoin, Etehreum).

  • KYC procedure must not be over complicated.

  • Last but not least, in order to get in the rating a casino needs to have a decent withdrawal policy. It includes both withdrawal limits and withdrawal speed.

How to play Sic Bo at online casinos

At first glance, Sic Bo can be perceived as an over complicated casino game due to its sophisticated table, but I can assure you that Sic Bo is pretty easy to play, and it resembles Roulette in that sense.


Sic Bo has got only two equipment details. They are:

  • A kit of dice which consist of 3 dices.

  • A table with a special layout on it. This layout reflects which options a player has in terms of betting.


Thus, Sic Bo is a table game, and like any other table casino game, it also requires a dealer to be involved in the gaming process. A dealer just basically rolls dices and appropriates winnings, since Sic Bo has got only one round of the game.

Gaming process of Sic Bo

The gaming process is pretty straightforward, and a player needs to guess correctly on the outcome of the dice. It is implemented that way in Sic Bo.

Step 1. A player decides on which outcome to bet. He/she has many options on what to bet about which we are going to talk further in an article in details. Jumping forward, there can be multiple bets during single round of the game so that betting options are not limited to one a single outcome.

Step 2. A dealer rolls the dice. In the majority of land-based casinos, it is done automatically with the help of a rolling machine. In online casinos, it is done by RNG (random number generator) so that players only can see the result.

Step 3. A winning is paid out according to types of bets a player has made and their payout rates. Let’s discuss them in more details.

Bet Types and their Payouts

Here they are, all possible bet types in Sic Bo, with payouts, RTP or House Edge, and probability to hit. I will explain what each of them means further, but for now, I would like to comment on “Payouts no House Edge” column. It tells how payouts would look like if there was not House Edge in place.


As you can see, the betting types have different payout rates depending on how hard to hit it.

Big/Small is very similar to Roulette’s Hi/Low bets. The total score of all three dices is counted, and those which have the value of 11-17 is “Big”, and 4-10 is “Small”. Please notice that total score of 3 or 18 will result in the loss for a player. That is basically how the house gets its edge.

Odd/Even. Another bet type that resembles Roulette. However, in Sic Bo, any triple (when all three dices have the same value) cause the loss for a casino player.

Specific Triple is the hardest to predict combination, and, as a result, it pays the most. A player has to guess which specific triple (for example, 2-2-2) is going to come out in order to win such type of bet.

Specific Doubles is a softer version of Specific Triple, and in this case, a player only guesses on two dices, instead of three. It is much easier to hit, and it pays less as a result.

Any Triple bet wins when all three dices show the same value. For example, 3-3-3 or any other.

Specific Total Score. A player bets on the total score of all three dices. Different values have different probabilities to show up, and payouts vary as well:

  • 4 or 17 pays 60:1 (probability to hit 1.4%, RTP 87.5%, House Edge 12.5%)

  • 5 or 16 pays 30:1 (probability to hit 2.8% , RTP 86.1%, House Edge 13.9%)

  • 6 or 15 pays 18:1 (probability to hit 4.6% , RTP 88%, House Edge 12%)

  • 7 or 14 pays 12:1 (probability to hit 6.9% , RTP 90.3%, House Edge 9.7%)

  • 8 or 13 pays 8:1 (probability to hit 9.7% , RTP 87.5%, House Edge 12.5%)

  • 9 or 12 pays 7:1 (probability to hit 11.6%, RTP 92.6%, House Edge 7.4%)

  • 10 or 11 pays 6:1 (probability to hit 12.5%, RTP 87.5%, House Edge 12.5%)

Dice Combo. A player bets that two of three dices will show a specific combination. For example, 2-4. The middle row of the table is devoted to such kind of bets.

Single Dice Bet. A player bets that a specific number will appear on dices. And the game pays differently depending on how many times it will appear. 1 time 1:1. 2 times 2:1. 3 times 3:1.

Four-Number Combo. Any three numbers of a specific sequence of four numbers (for example, any three number of 6-5-4-3) will appear.

Three-Number Combo. The dices will show any three specific numbers. It is very similar to “Any Triple” except for that here a player has more leeway.

Specific Double and Single is a rather exotic type of bet, and not many casinos implement this betting option. Here a player is supposed to guess double and one specific number on top of that.

About RTP and House Edge

RTP or House Edge in Sic Bo is fixed, in a sense that it does not fluctuate depending on player’s strategy (as it does in Blackjack, for example). But, as you have learnt from above, different types of bets have different RTP rates. And they vary in a huge way actually.

House Edge of Sic Bo can be as low as 2.78% (the equivalent of RTP is 97.22%), which can be estimated is a pretty decent rate, and as high as 29.2% (the equivalent of RTP is 70.8%), which I would consider as a flat out robbery, to be honest.

I am sure, you have already figured out which bets are good for a casino player, and from which you’d better stay away at any cost.


Mobile Sic Bo casinos

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New Sic Bo casinos

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