Change an Online Casino After a Withdrawal (BigWin) or Not?

Change an Online Casino After a Withdrawal (BigWin) or Not?

I constantly come across online casino players who claim that you should change an online casino after a big win took place or even after any withdrawal a player made. And I can tell you that a quite large group of supporters has such point of view.

However, as we all know, it is a reasonable thing to take everything you learn from the internet with the grain of salt, especially when we are talking about the online gambling field. It is the case, because, as I have noticed many times, online casino players are more prone to believe in superstitions.

So to say, in this article we are going to talk about when “changing an online casino after withdrawal strategy” does not make any sense, and when it could be a smart thing to do.

Why some people claim you should change an online casino

As we all know, online casinos are here to make money. So, they should not be blamed for it for sure if they do business in a fair way. By fair business, in this context, I mean that winnings in online casinos must be distributed on a purely random basis, and gambling operators must not have any means to affect those winning probabilities.

But there is a group of online casino players that would assure you otherwise by basically accusing online casinos of scamming people. According to their point of view, some online casinos resort to dirty tricks in order to make profits higher. And the trick is that an online casino sets the probability of winning differently for different groups of players.

Hence, online casino players, who claim that you should not continue to play in an online casino if you withdrew something before, believe in these matters:

  • An online casino can affect winning probabilities on their wish

  • An online casino “punishes” winners and sets winning probabilities for them in such a way that they won’t win anything in the future.

  • As a result, online casino players should act accordingly and change an online casino after withdrawal or the relatively big win.

It would sound like a crazy conspiracy theory if we were not talking about the online gambling industry, which is known for so many crooked entrepreneurs around. Therefore, I would not dismiss this theory right away since it definitely has some legit reasoning behind, and online casinos deserve to be treated with a higher level of suspicion in general.

Let’s discuss when it could be the case and when such theory is just a myth.

When it is a myth

Let’s learn a little bit on how online casinos operate in order to get a better grasp. All games that are accessible to you in a particular online casino are made by third-party (it is called software provider or developer), and not by this online casino. An online casino just simply rents those games for some share of profit.

Online casino games (both slots and classic games) are managed by software provider produced them, and they are actually served to you from software provider’s web servers. You could wonder how it is true since you play in casino games on online casino’s website directly, and, you would assume, that an online casino is in full control of everything. But each time you play in your favorite game, online casino redirects you to the software provider’s web server.

Software providers, on their part, set all crucial parameters such as House Edge (RTP), Hit Frequency, Volatility, and control their fairness. Moreover, all licensed software providers are having their games tested on a regular basis to verify that winnings are distributed randomly (it is a requirement to obtain a gambling license).

Hence, an online casino with licensed gambling software on their platform does not have any access to casino games’ settings. Given that, licensed online casinos do not rig online casino games in any sense and you can withdraw as much as you want without any negative consequences.

If this reasoning is not convincing enough, let’s also look at this point from a common sense perspective. An online casino can have thousands of regular customers. Should it really worry about the fact that few of them end up with profit until the whole operation is making money?

Summing up, the theory that “you should change an online casino after withdrawal” does not withstand any critic, but it is true only when we are talking about online casinos with the licensed software.

But what about situations when it could be a smart thing to do?

When it could be a legit claim

As you may have guessed, changing an online casino after a withdrawal is a good strategy only in online casinos with scripted or fake software (How to detect fake online slots ?). Because only then an online casino has control over House Edge or RTP and, therefore, can screw you up easily.

Winning strategy in scripted online casinos.

Exclusively, in that case, an online casino can rig the game and make any further winnings literally impossible for you.


Given all that has been said above, there is no conspiracy against winning players, but the only thing you have to ensure is that you are paying at an online casino with the licensed software.

Casino players who claim otherwise are often just biased and do not know how probabilities work making their assumptions on not representative samples. For instance, I heard many times, that a player has lost all three deposits after just one withdrawal.

I bet if he/she approaches this question in a scientific way gathering more statistics (at least scrutinize 10,000 deposits of different casino players), then the whole picture would be much more different leaving no space for any doubts. And actually gambling license commissions do such researches from time to time in order to be sure that their licensees are not some frauds.