No-Deposit vs Deposit Casino Bonuses

No-Deposit vs Deposit Casino Bonuses: Withdrawal Limits, Some Tips, How to Get

It is a common practice among online casinos to have some withdrawal limits for winnings from no-deposit bonuses. However, the same can not be said about deposit bonuses which is reasonable approach, I would say.

Let’s dive into it a little bit deeper.

No-deposit vs Deposit casino bonuses

The main difference between them, that in the case of No-deposit bonus you don’t have to make deposit at online casino in order to get the bonus, whereas Deposit bonus requires a real money deposit to be made. Nevertheless, the following differences also deserve to be mentioned:

  • No-deposit bonus is designed only for new players (granted after sign up of new casino player), whereas Deposit bonus could be claimed by existing players as well (second deposit bonus, third deposit bonus, reload bonuses and so on).

  • No-deposit bonus usually has withdrawal limits for winnings from it. Let’s imagine you got No-deposit bonus (€10) and won €1000, but online casino has got withdrawal limit €100 for winnings from this bonus. Therefore, you will be able to withdraw only €100, the remaining €900 will be void. There are no such limitations on Deposit casino bonus.

  • Deposit bonuses are more valuable than No-deposit ones. There is no a challenge to find Deposit casino bonus in the size of €100 and higher, while No-deposit bonuses are only €10-20 on average.

  • I have noticed that not reliable, somewhat semi-scammy, online casinos are more prone to have No-deposit bonuses in their portfolio of promotions. So to speak, whenever you see No-deposit bonus, it is a good reason to make further research about this online casino.

  • No-deposit bonuses could require some additional personal information. The most common is telephone number, so that casino representatives will spam you on the phone in addition to the email.

How to get No-deposit and Deposit casino bonuses

It is not rocket science at all to get a bonus at online casino, although some casino bonuses require a code to be entered when you claim it. It is true for both No-deposit and Deposit casino bonuses.

If the code is required then you are going to be asked to enter it:

  • either when you are making deposit (for Deposit bonuses)

  • or when you are signing up as a new customer (for No-deposit bonuses)

Online casino bonuses with no code required are going into your balance automatically. However, you need to check the box which says something like “get welcome bonus”. Otherwise, it is not going to be granted (please, keep it in mind).

Why do withdrawal limits for No-deposit bonuses exist?

In the case with No-deposit casino bonuses player risks nothing. He/she gets No-deposit bonus as a reward for mere spending time to try online casino out.

Withdrawals from No-deposit bonus winnings should be limited due to these reasons :

  • There are literally thousands online casinos on the market. Nothing stops a player from jumping from one casino to another in hope to get a big win for free without becoming a regular customer of an online casino.

  • As we all know, online slots, even when we are playing at relatively low stakes, could trigger truly huge winnings. Thus, it could cause crucial financial losses for an online casino. Even if some players become regular customer, it won’t make up for the enormous possible winnings in online slots.

Where to find out about withdrawal limits for no-deposit and deposit bonuses?

All matters concerning online casino bonuses are usually covered either in “Terms and Conditions” or in “Bonus Terms and Conditions”. These sections can be found on the website of an online casino.


Don’t fall for overly generous no-deposit bonuses

Here is the thing, nothing is free in the world. So don’t get overexcited about any no-deposit offers, because in many cases they do more harm than good. I believe so because trustworthy online casinos can not afford to give away “free money” in form of No-deposit bonuses.

As I have said before, if you are getting offered by No-deposit bonus, then likelihood that this casino doesn’t operate fairly increases drastically. Hence, you probably get offered no-deposit bonuses primarily at online casinos with some withdrawal issues, to put it simply, they won’t pay your winnings if you decide to make deposit and win something in the future.

Another thing to watch out is that No-deposit bonuses usually ask more personal information then Deposit bonuses. So here we have a situation where an online casino basically paying you few bucks (No-deposit bonuses value is low) for, let’s say, your telephone number, which they would not have obtained otherwise.

Are you happy with being bothered on the phone by some annoying touts? I guess the majority of you guys is not.

Tips if you decide to get No-deposit bonus:

  • having No-deposit bonuses is a kind of “red flag” by itself. “Google” this casino for more information if you decide to deposit real money in the future.

  • create a separate email address which you will use for registration at such online casinos. Providing them with your main email is a bad idea because you are going to be spammed day and night.

  • never ever let the casino know your real telephone number. Usually, such casinos would have the whole department whose job is to give calls on regular basis to such clients. Nobody would argue it is annoying as hell.