How to Find Out True RTP of Playngo Slots: 96% or 84%?

How to Find Out True RTP of Playngo Slots: 96% or 84%?

Playngo claims on their official website that their online slots have got quite high RTP levels (96% +). Moreover, so many reviews of Playngo products repeat this misleading information again and again. In fact, when you see a Playngo slot having 96.58% of RTP, it means this is the maximum possible RTP level, not necessarily its default value.

In reality RTP of Playngo slots can be set at 5 different levels: 96%, 94%, 91%, 87% and 84%. I guess I don’t have to elaborate further on how it makes a huge difference.

At these online casinos Playngo slots are offered with the highest RTP possible (96%+) as of September 13, 2021 (I have personally checked it):

(All casinos from the rating require KYC. Here you can find casinos without KYC)

So to say, an online casino can request any of the above mentioned 5 levels. As you may have guessed, the maximum possible RTP level (96+%) can be found in online casinos not too often (to put it very mildly).

On top of that, RTP of Playngo slots can be changed by an online casino at any moment in time (not just at the very beginning). As for me, it smells.

On the other hand, some Playngo slots have become truly best-sellers (Book of Dead), and there are still online casinos that allow players to enjoy the highest RTP. So if you would like to play Playngo slots, you have to establish which RTP they have in this particular online casino.

There is a quite reliable way to establish the true RTP of a Playngo slot. It is not too geeky, quite straightforward actually. I will explain everything in detail and with screenshots.

How to find out true RTP of any Playngo slot

You would not be able to find the info regarding RTP of a particular Playngo slot in an online casino directly (as you can with so many other software providers). I guess, this way Playngo tries to avoid possible legal issues as they do not claim any RTP officially (though they do it on their website, which does not count from the legal perspective).

Though it can be done anyway. We need to scrutinize http responses we get from Playngo servers.

Step 1: Launch a Playngo slot at an online casino you would like to check.

I will do it using Google Chrome web browser, though the verification would work the same way with any other modern web browser.

Step 2: Once an inspected Playngo slot has been launched, give it a right-button mouse click. Then click on “inspect” (called “inspect element” in Mozilla). Alternatively you can simply press simultaneously the following combination of buttons: CTRL+Shift+I


Step 3: First, click on the “Network” section, then navigate to the “XHR” sub-section and click on it as well.


Cool, this way we can examine some part of the underlying program code that runs this particular online slot.

Step 4: Reload the web browser without closing the network sidebar. To do so, either press CTRL+R, or F5, or a rounded arrow icon on the top-left of your web browser.

Step 5: Now we need to access file. It may have different prefixes like: comflyp. cmtflyp. accflyp. fmtflyp., and the file will be displayed at the end of the spreadsheet. You need to click on it to open.


In this particular case the file is called, and it reveals that RTP of this particular slot at this particular casino is in the 96% bracket (<RTP Value \``96\``>). Although certain numbers of RTP depend on a particular slot, now we can be sure that it is at least 96%+.

<RTP Value> may also have 94, 91, 87, 84 values. I guess now you completely understand what it would mean for casino players. Definitely stay away from online casinos where it says 91, 87, 84. As for me personally, I would not play 94 slots as well, since it is still ridiculously low RTP (there are literally thousands of 96%+ RTP online slots on the market).

Online casinos where you can play Playngo slots with maximum possible RTP (96%+)

Everum casino. Official website:

Proof that Playngo slots have 96%+ RTP in Everum


Casoo casino. Official website:

Proof that Playngo slots have 96%+ RTP in Casoo


N1 casino. Official website:

Proof that Playngo slots have 96%+ RTP in N1 casino



Provided information is relevant at the time of publishing of the article (October 30, 2020). Online casinos may change RTP settings for Playngo slots from time to time. Although I will try my best to keep this article up to date, you should verify RTP each time on your own.

If it says 96, does it mean 96.58% is a hoax?

No, it only means that the RTP belongs to the “96 bracket”. In real life it is going to be something higher than 96% (96.58%, 96.89%, etc.). You have to establish certain numbers for each slot individually (for example, here are Playngo slots and their maximum RTP). The same principle is applied to the 4 other brackets (94, 91, 87, 84).

Why adjustable RTP in Playngo slots makes a lot of harm to players

Each software provider rents out its games to online casinos for some share of profits. Hence, a software provider is also financially motivated that players would lose more, not only an online casino.

When Playngo releases a new online slot, it obliges all casinos to set maximum RTP (96%) for some period of time. Once players are accustomed to decent payouts, online casinos can do whatever they want. The majority of online casinos decrease RTP right away, and some of them even make it 84%!

Players are expecting to get a constant and decent 96% of RTP, whereas in reality they are having it super rarely.

An interesting fact

In online casinos with a UK or a Malta gambling license, RTP of Playngo slots must be at least 94% +. This is the case, because these regulators have got quite high standards in general. As a result, they also require casino games to have decent RTP for players.

Though I would not call 94% a proper RTP, lower values are a clear misconduct in the eyes of these regulators.

A list of software providers with adjustable RTP slots

Final thoughts

Now you can see how Playngo slots must be carefully checked before you play them (in each online casino separately). Otherwise all fun might be ruined by redicilous 84% RTP, which is a scam in my opinion.

A rating of Playngo casinos with 94%+ RTP (96%+ in Everum, Casoo and N1)