Uncovering the Real RTP of Netent Slots

Netent Slots Real RTP: 99, 96, 94 or 90%?

The vast majority of online casino players are not aware of the fact that online casinos can change the RTP of some slots (called adjustable RTP).

Unfortunately, arguably the most popular slot studio, Netent, has started to offer changeable RTP since december 2019 in pilot mode (only two slots were affected initially: Butterfly Staxx and Reel Rush).

And from April 2020, the RTP of the following slots can be changed by online casinos: Starburst, Fruit Shop, Guns n’ Roses, Twin Spin, and, above mentioned, Butterfly Staxx and Reel Rush.

What does it mean exactly? It means that each of these games has 8 different RTP settings available to online casinos: 99%, 98%, 96%, 95%, 94%, 93%, 92% or 90%. As a result, exactly the same game can have very different RTP depending on an online casino you are playing at.

So to say, when you see that, let’s say, the Starburst slot has a RTP of 96,1%, it means the default RTP. In reality, it can be as high as 99% (theoretically, I have never seen it personally) or as low as 90%.

At these online casino Netent slots are offered with the default RTP (96%+) as of September 13, 2021 (I have verified it myself):

How to find out true RTP of Netent slots

With all that said, you need to verify the RTP of each Netent slot at each online casino separately.

Simply click on the question mark button.


Then scroll down a bit.

As you can see, at this online casino the Starburst slot is offered with default RTP of 96,09%.


Exactly the same slot (Starburst) comes with a terrible RTP of 90,05% at another online casino.


Please keep in mind that an online casino can request different RTP levels for each slot individually. Therefore, if, let’s say, Starburst has default RTP at some online casino, it does not guarantee that other Netent slots at this casino are 96%+ RTP. You need to check each slot individually.

The last tip here. At UK licensed and Malta licensed online casinos it is prohibited to offer slots with less than 94% RTP. So to say, all Netent slots have 94%+ RTP at such casinos.

Does it really matter much, 96 or 90% RTP?

Some players deem that the difference between 96% RTP and 90% RTP is just 6%. It is completely wrong. Let me explain why.

96% RTP equals 4% house edge and 90% RTP equals 10% house edge. 10% is 2,5 times (or 250%) greater than 4%.

As you can see, the difference between 96% RTP and 90% RTP is 250%, not insignificant 6%, as some players mistakenly think.

You will inevitably get wrecked if you decide to play 90% RTP slots. You will have 250% less chances to win, to put it simply.

Is it a good or a bad thing for players?

It is definitely a bad thing from a player’s perspective, in my opinion. Even though the RTP of above mentioned can be set at higher than the default RTP level, let me tell you what happens in reality.

In reality, those 6 are one of the most popular Netent games, and online casinos are taking advantage of this fact, setting the RTP at lower than the default level.

Obviously, Netent claims that it is done in a good faith (to adjust to new reality ….. blah blah blah, to provide better service ….. blah blah blah), but as for me, it is a very questionable decision.

List of slot studios with constant RTP

If you don’t want to check the RTP level of a Netent slot each time, then play video slots of the following providers. Their RTP is constant and can not be changed by casinos: