What is the Real RTP of RedTiger Slots: 96%, 95%, 93% or 91%?

What is the Real RTP of RedTiger Slots: 96%, 95%, 93% or 91%?

Do you know that the RTP of some slots can be changed by online casinos? It may sound shocking, but some software providers, including RedTiger, allow gambling operators to do so.

In case with RedTiger there are 4 different RTP levels, each of which can be requested by any RedTiger casino: 96%, 95%, 93% and 91%.

What does it mean exactly? It means that the same slot game can have different RTP depending on an online casino at which you play it.

For example, the War of Gods slot can have these RTP numbers: 95,66%, 94,73%, 92,68% and 90,7%.

At these online casinos RedTiger slots are offered with the highest RTP possible as of September 13, 2021 (I have personally checked it):

How to find out the true RTP of RedTiger slots?

The information regarding a RedTiger slot’s RTP level is provided in the info section.

Just click on the “help” link.


Then you need to scroll down to the bottom.

Here you can see that the Ancient Script slot at this particular online casino offers 96,09% RTP.


Exactly the same slot (Ancient Script in this case) comes with a terrible RTP of 91,16% at another online casino.


As a result, you need to verify the RTP of any RedTiger slot at each online casino separately. You can not rely on reviews of RedTiger slots on the Internet as their RTP numbers are always wrong.

Why you should avoid 91% RedTiger slots

Let me explain the difference between 96% and 91% RTP slots as not all online casino players get it.

Some players think that the difference is insubstantial, just 5%. It is completely wrong.

96% RTP equals 4% house edge, and 91% RTP equals 9% house edge.

9% is 2.25 times (or 225%) greater than 4%. It means that playing 91% RedTiger slots you have 225% less chances to win. I guess I don’t need to further explain how it is devastating for players.

Is it legal?

Unfortunately, yes. RedTiger is only obliged to reveal the RTP of their slots, which they do in the info section. Not too many players visit it as they think that the RTP is the same across all RedTiger casinos.

Basically it is false advertisement, but formally it is not.

List of slot studios with constant RTP

If you don’t want to check the RTP level of a RedTiger slot each time, then play video slots of the following providers. Their RTP is constant and can not be changed by casinos: