What is the Real RTP of PragmaticPlay Slots: 96%, 95% or 94%?

What is the Real RTP of PragmaticPlay Slots: 96%, 95% or 94%?

Even if you are a beginner online casino player, you have probably heard about Pragmatic slots. These games are advertised on the Internet to have a quite decent RTP of around 96,5%.

In reality, Pragmatic slots can have their RTP set at 3 different levels: 96%+, 95%+ and 94%+.

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How exactly does it happen?

Any online casino that offers Pragmatic slots can request Pragmatic to change RTP and set it lower than declared 96%+ (namely, either 95% or 94%).

For example, such a popular video slot as Honey Honey Honey can have at Online Casino A RTP of 96,5%, at Online Casino B RTP of 95,5% and at Online Casino C RTP of 94,5%. Exactly the same slot!

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Is 94% RTP so bad?

Some online casino players mistakenly deem that, let’s say, 2% is a very small difference and can be neglected. This is completely incorrect. Let me explain why.

96,5% RTP means that the house edge of such a game is 3,5%, whereas 94,5% RTP means that the house edge is 5,5%.

What is the difference between 3,5% and 5,5%? The difference is approx. 1,63 times or 63% (you need to divide 3,5 by 5,5). It means that playing 94,5% Pragmatic slots you are going to lose money 63% faster, having 63% less chances to make some money, which will definitely result in 63% less fun.

How to find out true RTP of Pragmatic slots

Unfortunately, there is no way to do it reliably.

Don’t fall for the info section of Pragmatic play slots, where it always says 96,5%. This is the maximum available number, as I have said earlier.

The real RTP number is hidden, and only an online casino can know it for sure. There is no workaround as it takes place with the RTP of Playngo slots or the RTP of Nolimitcity slots.

As a result, I would simply avoid playing Pragmatic slots as you can never be sure that a slot does not rob you offering a terrible 94,5% RTP.

List of slot studios with constant RTP

If you don’t want to fall for low RTP PragmaticPlay slots, then play video slots of the following providers. Their RTP is constant and can not be changed by casinos no matter what:

Is it legal to change RTP?

It is very sad, but such behavior from the Pragmatic side is legal.

Even such strict gambling jurisdictions like Malta or the UK do not prohibit it. They do provide some protection as online slots must have the RTP of 94% and higher, but as you can see, even the lowest RTP Pragmatic slots meet this condition.