What is The Real RTP of GreenTube Slots: 96, 95 or 94%?

What is The Real RTP of GreenTube Slots: 96, 95 or 94%?

GreenTube is a quite popular provider of online casino slots. It has been around for quite a while and has acquired a lot of fans. However, since recently GreenTube has joined a very popular trend in the online casino industry. And this trend brings nothing good to online casino players (to put it mildly).

I am talking about the ability to change the RTP of some slots.

It means that some providers (including GreenTube) have made it possible to change the RTP of some of their slots by casinos. I don’t mean that they allow rigging the games, no. Let me explain what I mean by “change RTP”.

Changeable RTP means that a particular slot game might have different predetermined RTP levels. When it comes to GreeTube slots there are three RTP levels: 96%, 95% and 94%. An online casino can set any of these values.

At the same time, GreenTube (and other providers that allow to do it) do not disclose this important information, and most casino players have no clue that it takes place.

I have discovered that at least these GreenTube slots have got the changeable RTP “feature”: Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm.

Not all online casinos necessarily set the RTP of these slots to the lowest level but you have to verify it each time you are about to spin the reels of such a slot. By the way, these casinos have 95%+ RTP on GreenTube slots:

It is quite easy to establish the real RTP of any GreenTube slots since this information is provided in the info section.

How to find out the real RTP of some GreenTube slots

The first thing I would like to say is that you have to verify the RTP at each casino individually. Secondly, you have to do it before each gambling session because if some casino had the RTP at the maximum level yesterday, it does not mean that it will have it the same tomorrow.

Ok, it is very easy to find out the RTP. Simply click on the help button.


Then scroll down a bit.


As you can see, at this particular casino the RTP is 95,1%. At other casinos, it might be either 96,06% or 94,26%.

94% RTP slots are absolute garbage. They will crash your balance much faster. That’s why you’d better verify the RTP of any GreenTube slot at each online casino before you play for real money.

Some software providers that do not allow casinos to change the RTP