What is the Real RTP of Habanero Slots: 98%, 96%, 94% or 92%?

What is the Real RTP of Habanero Slots: 98%, 96%, 94% or 92%?

Many online casino players get super excited when they see the RTP of Habanero slots, which is pretty much understandable as some games claim to have an amazing RTP of 98%+.

If you are one of those players, I have to disappoint you. This RTP means the maximum available, whereas in reality it can be set at 4 different levels: 98%, 96%, 94% or even 92% depending on an online casino at which you play a Habanero slot.

How does it work?

An online casino that offers Habanero slots can request Habanero to set the RTP of any Habanero game at any of those levels. So to say, exactly the same slot, let’s say the Loony Blox slot, may have a RTP of 98,02%, 96,71%, 94,24% or 92,06%.

For example.

At Online Casino A the RTP of the Loony Blox slot can be 98,02%.

Whereas at Online Casino B the Loony Blox slot may offer 92,06% RTP.

More on how online casinos can change RTP

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On how it is devastating to play 92%-94% RTP slots

For beginner online casino players the difference between 98% and 92% may not seem so obvious. Let me explain how it is wrong.

98% RTP means that the house edge is 2%, whereas 92% means that the house edge equals 8%.

What is the difference between 2% and 8%. Correct, the difference is 4 times or 400%.

It means that in case you are playing 92% Habanero slots, you are going to lose money 400% faster, having 400% less fun and 400% less chances to end up with some profit.

So to say, it is really a big deal which Habanero slots you play, 98% or 92%. No wonder that some casino players are constantly complaining that they can’t win anything. In some cases it is not just bad luck, but egregious false advertising.

How to find out true RTP of Habanero slots

Unfortunately, Habanero does not provide the info regarding the RTP level of their games in the info section (like Pariplay slots or Nolimitcity slots do). Moreover, I have not figured out a way to crack their code and access the RTP from a web browser (as I have done for Playngo slots).

Therefore, I would highly recommend to stay away from Habanero slots as there is no reliable way to tell which exact RTP level you will get.

If you for some reason still would like to play Habanero slots, then I would recommend sticking to UK licensed online casinos or MGA licensed online casinos. In these gambling jurisdictions it is prohibited to offer online slots with lower than 94% RTP.

List of slot studios with constant RTP

If you don’t want to fall for low RTP Habanero slots, then play video slots of the following providers. Their RTP is constant and can not be changed by casinos no matter what: