What is the Real RTP of IGT Slots: 96%, 94% or 92%?

What is the Real RTP of IGT Slots: 96%, 94% or 92%?

Not so many online casino players know that playing IGT slots they can get much lower RTP than it has been declared. How is it possible?

Any IGT online casino can request 3 different RTP levels for any IGT slot: 96%, 94% or 92%.

For example, let’s say, the Elephant King slot can have 96% RTP at online casino A, 94% RTP at online casino B and 92% RTP at online casino C. Exactly the same slot!

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How to find out true RTP of IGT slots

In order to establish the real RTP of a IGT slot, you need to verify it at each online casino separately.

The info regarding the RTP is provided in the info section of a slot.

Simply click on the paytable button.


Then scroll down to the bottom.

Here you will find the RTP info. As you can see at this particular online casino this slot (Griffin’s Throne in this case) comes with 95,11%, whereas the maximum possible (and the one which is advertised) is 96,05%.


At each IGT online casino the number will be different, somewhere in the range of 96% and 92%.

List of slot studios with constant RTP

If you don’t want to check the RTP level of a IGT slot each time, then play video slots of the following providers. Their RTP is constant and can not be changed by casinos:

Does it matter much, 96% or 92% RTP?

Even though the difference between 96% and 92% RTP may seem insignificant as it is only 4%, it impacts the gaming experience in a very big way. Why?

Because 96% RTP means 4% house edge, whereas 92% RTP implies 8% house edge. 8% is 2 times (or 200%) greater than 4%.

It means that playing 92% IGT slots you will lose money 200% faster, having 200% less chances to end up with some profit.