What is The Real RTP of SG Digital Slots: 96, 94 or 90%?

What is The Real RTP of SG Digital Slots: 96, 94 or 90%?

I bet not many of you are aware of the fact that online casinos can change the RTP of some providers. Unfortunately, SG Digital is one of them.

What do I mean by changing the RTP? Well, it means that a particular SG Digital slot can have different RTP levels and online casinos are allowed to change it. It does not mean that a casino can set any RTP, no. When it comes to some SG Digital slots the RTP can be set at three different levels: 96%, 94% or 90%.

This is a “feature” of some SG Digital slots that is misleading players. Why? Because slots with changeable RTP are advertised to have a decent RTP of 96% (which they have indeed at some casinos but not at all gambling operators) and there is no mention that the RTP might be much lower at some casinos.

By the way, here are some of SG Digital slots with changeable RTP: Into the Storm, Stargate Megaways, Tiki Magic.

There are definitely casinos on the market that do not take advantage of this “feature”. Here are casinos that set SG Digital slots at the best RTP levels (I have carefully checked it):

Anyway, let me show you how to verify the RTP of any SG slot by yourself.

How to establish the real RTP of SG Digital slots?

The first thing I would like to point out is that you have to do it at each online casino separately since any casino can request any of these RTP values for SG slots: 96%, 94% or even 90%. Secondly, you have to verify each SG slot individually. And finally, you have to verify the RTP before each casino session since the RTP can be changed in seconds.

Ok, let’s see how it should be done.

Click on the info button first.


Then scroll to the end of the info section.


Here you can see the RTP of this particular slot at a particular online casino. In this example, the RTP is the maximum you can get. However, at some casinos, it might be either 94% or even 90% as well.

Verify the RTP before each session and you are going to be fine.

Why you should never play slots with an RTP of 94-90%

It might seem not a big deal at first glance. However, in reality, the difference between, let’s say, 96% RTP and 94% RTP is huge.

96% RTP is equal to 4% house edge, and 94% RTP is equal to 6% house edge.

6 is 1.5 times bigger than 4, or 50% bigger.

For us, as players, it makes a really big difference. It means that a slot with 94% RTP is going to destroy our balance 50% faster.