What is The Real RTP of Quickspin Slots: 96, 94 or 90%

What is The Real RTP of Quickspin Slots: 96, 94 or 90%

Not many casino players are aware of a new “feature” of a decent chunk of modern slots. I am talking about changeable or fluctuating RTP. In a nutshell, it means that a particular slot may have different RTP levels, for example, 96%, 94% and 90%. What is more important is that online casinos can set any of these RTP levels.

To me, it is not a “feature” but more like a scam.

Unfortunately, once reputable software provider Quickspin has started introducing this “feature” along with other slot studios (such as Netent). For now, on its most popular games, such as Sakura Fortune, Big Bad Wolf and some other new games.

At these casinos Quickspin slots have the best RTP for players:

I have personally verified it. Let me show you how you can do it by yourself.

How to establish the real RTP of Quickspin slots at a particular casino?

Since each casino can change RTP of some Quickspin slots, you have to verify the RTP at each casino separately. Moreover, you should do it before each slot session since it takes seconds to change the RTP.

Simply click on the question mark button.


Then you can see what RTP a Quickspin slot has at this particular casino.


The last thing to warn you about is that casinos can set RTP levels for each slot individually. So to speak, if slot game A has the maximum possible RTP, it does not necessarily mean that slots of this provider have maximum RTP as well.

Is there a big difference between 96% and 90% RTP?

The difference is huge. Let me explain why.

96% RTP means house edge 4%, and 90% RTP means 10% house edge.

10% is 2.5 times bigger than 4%, or 150% bigger.

It means that you are going to lose money 2.5 times faster, having 2.5 times less chances to win big.

So yeah, this difference in RTP is really a big deal in the long run.

Software providers that do not allow casinos to change RTP