What is the Real RTP of NoLimitCity Slots 96% or 94%?

What is the Real RTP of NoLimitCity Slots: 96% or 94%?

Have you heard that NolimitCity slots can have 2 completely different RTP levels: 96%+ and 94%?

You may be asking yourself how it is even possible since so many slots review websites claim that RTP of Nolimitcity slots is 96%+. Well, those websites are correct in a sense that 96% RTP is possible, but they are missing the fact that this is the maximum available number. So to speak, it does not necessarily mean that all online casinos offer 96% + RTP on Nolimitcity slots.

At these online casinos Nolimitcity slots are offered with the highest RTP possible (96%+) as of September 12, 2021 (I have personally checked it):

Disclaimer: you need to verify each slot as some of them may have RTP 96%+ while others only 94%+ at the same online casino.

In fact, as I have mentioned earlier, at the vast majority of online casinos the RTP of Nolimitcity slots is around 94%, which makes it pretty much terrible for online casino players.

To prove my point, here is a screenshot of the Nolimitcity official website, where it clearly says that RTP can be set by casinos at 2 levels.


How to find out true RTP of NoLimitCity slots

Each online casino that offers Nolimitcity slots can request from the producer (Nolimitcity) either 96% or 94% RTP for these slots.

As a result, you need to check the RTP level of any Nolimitcity slot at each online casino individually.

Exactly the same game can have a RTP of 96%+ at Casino A, and a RTP of 94%+ at a Casino B.

To verify the RTP level of a Nolimitcity slot you need to visit the info section of this game.

Here is how it looks.

Simply click on this icon and you are going to end up in the info section where the actual RTP is disclosed.


Then you need to scroll down a bit to find the info regarding the RTP.

As you can see, at Online Casino A the San Quentin xWays slot comes with a RTP of 96,03% (for base game).


Exactly the same game (San Quentin xWay) has a RTP of 94,11% at Online Casino B.


List of Nolimitcity slots with changeable RTP as of September 12, 2021

Not all Nolimitcity slots allow online casinos to change RTP, only the newest one.

Here is a complete list of slots on which the RTP can range:

  • Mental (RTP 96.06% or 94.08% )

  • xWays Hoarder Split (RTP 96.14% or 94.10%)

  • Infectious 5 xWays (RTP 96.02% or 94.27%)

  • El Paso Gunfight xNudge (RTP 96.06% or 94.24%)

  • Bushido Ways (RTP 96.01% or 94.00%)

  • Fire in the Hole (RTP 96.06% or 94.11% )

  • East Coast vs West Coast (RTP 96.04% or: 94.00%)

  • San Quentin xWays (RTP 96.03% or 94.11%)

  • Tomb of Akhenaten (RTP 96.09% or 94.12%)

  • Warrior Graveyard (RTP 96.16% or 94.24%)

  • Monkey’s Gold xPays (RTP 96.02% or 94.22%)

  • Buffalo Hunter (RTP 96.01% or 94.24%)

  • Book of Shadows (RTP 96,01% or 94,09%)

  • Immortal Fruits (RTP 96.06% or 94.08%)

  • Golden Genie (RTP 96.03% or 94.11%)

  • Milky Ways (RTP 96.14% or 94.24%)

  • Bonus Bunnies (RTP 96.14% or 94.22%)

  • Deadwood (RTP 96.02% or 94.14%)

  • Harlequin Carnival (RTP 96.14% or 94.29%)

  • Gaelic Gold xNudge (RTP 96.15% or 94.42%)

  • Barbarian Fury xNudge (RTP 96.06% or 94.19%)

  • Punk Rocker xWays (RTP 96.11% or 94.18%)

  • Poison Eve (RTP 96.08% or 94.35%)

  • Dragon Tribe (RTP 96.07% or 94.41%)

Therefore, if you are about to play any game from the list above, you’d better verify the RTP at each online casino separately.

Other Nolimitcity slots (except from the list above) do have constant RTP so you can trust those numbers.

List of slot studios with constant RTP

If you don’t want to check the RTP level of a Nolimitcity slot each time, then play video slots of the following providers. Their RTP is constant and can not be changed by casinos:

Does it really matter much, 96% or 94% RTP?

Yes, even though it seems like a slight difference at the first glance, in fact, 94% is 1.5 times worse than 96%.

No wonder if you constantly lose playing 94% RTP slots.