What is the Real RTP of Push Gaming Slots: 96,8%, 95% or 90%?

What is the Real RTP of Push Gaming Slots: 96,8%, 95% or 90%?

Not all online casino players (to put it mildly) know that online casinos can change RTP of some slots.

What does it mean? It means that exactly the same game can be offered with different RTP levels at different online casinos.

For example, a very popular slot, Jamming Jars, can have 96,8% RTP at online casino A, 95,25% RTP at online casino B and 90,45% RTP at online casino C.

It is possible, because since July 1, 2021 Push Gaming allows online casinos to request different RTP levels for these three games (as for now): Jamming Jars, Jamming Jars 2 and Razor Shark.

This idea, to lower the RTP of the most popular games, is not new as Netent has basically done the same since April 2020.

At these online casinos Push Gaming slots are offered with the highest RTP possible (96%+) as of September 13, 2021 (I have personally checked it):

How to find out true RTP of Push Gaming slots

If you are about to play any of three aforementioned Push Gaming slots, you need to verify the RTP at each online casino individually.

Simply click on the info section of a slot.


Then you need to click on the question mark.


Scroll down to the bottom, where you will find the real RTP at this particular online casino.


At this online casino, the Jamming Jars slot offers the maximum possible RTP of 96,8%, whereas at some casinos, as I have said earlier, it can be either 95,25% or even literally terrible 90,45%.

The complete list of Push Gaming slots with adjustable RTP (as of September 13, 2021)

  • Jamming Jars (RTP 96,83%, 95,25% or 90,45%)

  • Jamming Jars 2 (RTP 96,4%, 95,35% or 90,8%)

  • Razor Shark (RTP 96,7%, 95,05% or 90,52%)

The difference between 96% and 90% RTP?

The difference between 96% and 90% RTP is huge, even though it may not seem too obvious at first glance.

96% RTP equals 4% house edge, and 90% RTP equals 10% house edge. 10% house edge is 2.5 times (or 250%) greater than 4% house edge.

For a player it means that a 90% RTP slot will devastate your balance 250% faster than a 96% RTP slot. I guess this example is very self explanatory.

List of slot studios with constant RTP

If you don’t want to check the RTP level of a Push Gaming slot each time, then play video slots of the following providers. Their RTP is constant and can not be changed by casinos: