What is The Real RTP of Synot Slots: 96 or 88%?

What is The Real RTP of Synot Slots: 96 or 88%?

As many of you know RTP is the main parameter of any slot game which determines how well a slot pays in the long run. Most casino players assess whether they should try a new slot game mainly based on its RTP, and they are completely right.

However, recently a new “feature” has appeared in the online casino industry. It allows changing the RTP of some slots by casinos on a whim.

It is usually done this way. There are few RTP levels, for example, when it comes to some Synot slots they are: 98%, 96%, 94% and 88%. And any online casino can set any of these levels.

To mislead players, software providers advertise only the maximum possible RTP value. In fact, it might be much lower.

Synot is one of those providers that allow casinos to change the RTP of their slots (some slots, not all of them). Here are some examples of changeable RTP Synot slots: Easter Fortune, Respin Joker, Fruits Go Multiply, 88 Pearls and some others.

As a result, each time you would like to play a Synot slot (you’d better check them all) you need to check its actual RTP at a particular casino first.

I have checked quite a few casinos and have found that at these venues Synot slots are being offered with the maximum possible RTP:

However, it is quite easy to verify Synot RTP by yourself, which you should definitely do at each casino separately.

How to establish the real RTP of Synot slots?

As I said, it is quite easy to do. The only thing you need to do is to open the info section that each Synot slot has. Simply click on the question mark icon.


After that, scroll down to the bottom of the info section.


As you can see, at this particular casino a Synot slot has quite a decent 96,04% RTP. Exactly the same game can be offered with much lower RTP at other casinos (for example, 88%).

That’s why it is absolutely important to verify the RTP of any Synot slot before each session.

The difference between 96% and 88% RTP on Synot slots

The difference between these RTP values is much bigger than some of you may think.

96% RTP equals 4% house edge and 88% RTP equals 12% house edge.

12% is 300% (or 3 times) more than 4%. So you will lose money 3 times faster having 3 times less chances to win.