Best 20 Instant Play (No-Download) Casinos in 2021

Best 20 Instant Play (No-Download) Casinos

Instant play casinos, opposite to download casinos, means that in order to play you do not need to download it, that’s why they are also called No-download casinos. The only thing you need to do is to open your web browser and visit a casino’s website, and that’s it. Very straightforward and handy, I would say.

The only challenge you are going to face, and, jumping forward, it is a very big one, is to grab a reliable online casino which is going to pay fast. Why is it so important? Because as many of you guys already know (unfortunately some of you based on your own experience) that the online gambling industry is flooded with rogue casinos.

With that being said, let’s take a look at Best (and, what is even more important, trustworthy) Instant play online casino site in 2021, and elaborate on criteria why I chose them a bit further.

Instant play (No-download) casinos

(Players from United States are welcome)


Rating: 9.95

200% up to 100000$/€

Instant Play: Yes

mBit Casino

Rating: 9.85

175% up to 20000$/€

Instant Play: Yes

LTC Casino Honest Review (2021): Sign Up, Bonuses + Full Info

Rating: 9.72

Instant Play: Yes

Bspin Casino unbiased review: bonuses, accepted countries, games list, deposit methods, withdrawal time, license info + much more.

Rating: 9.71

100% up to 25000$/€

Instant Play: Yes

CasinoBit unbiased review: bonuses, accepted countries, games list, deposit methods, withdrawal time, license info + much more.

Rating: 9.71

110% up to 20000$/€

Instant Play: Yes


Rating: 9.67

280% up to 2800$/€

Instant Play: Yes


Rating: 9.67

400% up to 2500$/€

Instant Play: Yes


Rating: 9.67

500% up to 2500$/€

Instant Play: Yes


Rating: 9.31

Instant Play: Yes


Rating: 9.22

Cashback 25%

Instant Play: Yes

Casino Name Welcome Bonus What's Special Visit Casino
WildIO 200% up to 100000$/€ #Best Instant Play casino overall Visit!
mBit 175% up to 20000$/€ #Exclusive Bonus Instant Play casino Visit!
LTC Casino #Instant Payouts Instant Play casino Visit!
Bspin 100% up to 25000$/€ #Bitcoin (crypto) Instant Play casino Visit!
CasinoBit 110% up to 20000$/€ #Bitcoin (crypto) Instant Play casino Visit!
LasAtlantis 280% up to 2800$/€ #US friendly Instant Play casino Visit!
LasVegasUSA 400% up to 2500$/€ #International Instant Play casino Visit!
HighCountry 500% up to 2500$/€ #International Instant Play casino Visit!
WildCoins #Bitcoin (crypto) Instant Play casino Visit!
CryptoLeo Cashback 25% #Crypto (Bitcoin) Instant Play casino Visit!

Criteria how I choose the best 20 Instant play casino sites

  • Trustworthiness. As you may have already guessed this is going to be our main criterion with a good reason for that. Nothing really matters (generous bonuses, good game selection, etc.) if an online casino does not pay winnings, making an excuse after an excuse.

  • License verification. This is another very important step as so many online casinos nowadays do claim having a valid gambling license when in fact they do not. I guess it is needless to explain how it can be harmful to play at such venues. By the way, that’s what license verification looks like for Curacao, Malta and the UK.

  • Software validity. Games fairness is a big concern of casino players, and the good news is there is a reliable way to verify software validity with 100% confidence. That way you can enjoy your gaming experience without any back thoughts that RNG might be rigged.

  • Account security. There can be many security breaches on a casino’s side which may result in funds loss. Hence, it becomes very crucial that you deposit only at online casinos where accounts’ security is a high priority.

  • Responsiveness (customer service). There might be a very wide range of questions (especially if you are a beginner player) you may need to ask or some problems you may need to solve. Therefore, high quality customer service is definitely a must have when we are talking about online casinos. And the best way to get in touch with a casino’s representative is via live chat, I guess nobody will argue.

  • KYC procedure approach. KYC is an inevitable (though there are some casinos without KYC) part of online gambling at fair online casinos. Anyway, it may be done very differently. At some casinos it is really smooth and user-friendly, at others, not so much. At online casinos from my rating KYC is conducted in the least disturbing way it is possible.

  • Promotions' (bonuses, tournaments, races, Vip-programs, cashback) real value. Not every online casino player knows what really makes a casino promotion, let’s say welcome bonus, really valuable. Jumping forward, this is not what may seem at first glance. Here an example of how to make a research when it comes to casino bonuses.

  • Deposit/withdrawal methods variety. A modern online casino needs to have plenty of deposit/withdrawal options. Some of them might be unavailable in some countries, for sure, but in general there should be enough of them to comfortably (and preferably fast) deposit and withdraw money.

  • Deposit/ withdrawal policy. This is what is even more important than the payment options variety itself, because many of you know that withdrawal limits at online casinos might be very different. At online casinos from my rating you can withdraw 30,000-50,000 EUR a month, which is more than enough. By the way, these limits are not applied to progressive jackpots wins, which are unlimited.

  • Variety of the games. The majority of casino players like to play a few casino games during one gaming session so the game variety becomes a big deal. At online casinos from the rating you can choose from at least 1,500 slots and many classic casino games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Video poker, Scratch cards, Keno, Bingo, Pai Go, Sic Bo) on top of that. I guess everybody will be satisfied with such a game choice.

  • Website’s design and user-friendliness. Some online casino websites are still stuck in the 2000s, clumsy looking and not very convenient to use. This can not be said about online casinos from my rating. They are all looking good (not annoying is already enough), the navigation is well thought through so you won’t end up lost.

  • Cross platform. All casinos from the rating above are available on all modern devices, including Mobile (both IOS ans Android), Tablet, PC Windows and PC MacOS.

Here you can read more on how exactly I perform my research to add a new casino in the rating

What makes Instant play casinos special


  • No software download required. This is the main advantage of playing at instant play casinos which makes user experience very smooth and seamless. Now you don’t need to worry about if a casino’s desktop version will be compatible with your PC’s operating system.

  • Instant play casinos are accessed via web browsers. This makes instant play casinos even better. How so? Because you are surfing the internet via web browsers anyway so there are no additional steps that must be taken. Just visit a casino’s website via a web browser as you do with any other websites on the internet.

  • Once you have visited a casino’s website, you can literally play instantly. Thus when people call instant play casinos instant they really mean it. As you can instantly use any website you visit, the same way it works with instant play casinos websites. Once it is opened, you can enjoy the functionality in full capacity right away.

  • It is a relatively new technology. Instant play casinos have basically replaced download casinos nowadays, because they are much much better. Though it is fair to mention that instant play casinos may come with different underlying technologies. The first two were Javascript and Flashplayer (both of them have significant drawbacks), and the last one is HTML5 which is truly awesome.

  • It is much more convenient than outdated download casinos. Instant play casinos have truly pushed overall user experience to a whole new level. It is not just a bit better, it is like if we were comparing cars from the 1920s and from the 2020s.

  • Instant play casinos are not worse in terms of quality in comparison to download casinos. This is another cool thing about them. Instant gaming does not come at the expense of quality.

Types of Instant play casinos

All these types have one thing in common which is you don’t need to download a casino’s software anymore. However, they were not created equal at all so let’s dive a bit deeper and learn which is the best.

Javascript and Flash player were the first ones that have been invented to solve the problem. Nowadays they are basically replaced by HTML5 technology with a good reason for that. Let’s consider each of them separately, and drawbacks and advantages are going to become crystal clear:

  • Javascript web browser technology runs on your web browser’s side. It is used to play, for example, media files which online casino games certainly use. Without enabling Javascript on your web browser it would be impossible to have some functionality, and online casinos are known to have many fancy features. Here is an awesome article on how to enable Javascript on all popular web browsers. However, you need to keep in mind that Javascript is a programming language, which means that if a hacker makes you run a malicious script, it may make a lot of harm to you (stolen personal data, stolen money, etc.). Here is an article on Internet security basics for online casino players (including how to avoid malicious scripts).

  • Flash player by Adobe is a web browser extension which is used to work around the download process, which, I believe, nobody is a big fan of. However, if Javascript must be used with precautions, Flash player is a one big security breach, I would say (here you can read more on how so). Just don’t install Flash player on your PC as it is a very outdated technology full of drawbacks.

  • Html5 is a new markup language, and it was created exactly to address all the drawbacks that Flash player has. And, it is fair to say, it gets the job done perfectly well. It is fast, and, opposite to Flash player, HTML5 is super safe on its core level. All modern web browsers are HTML5 compatible as well as all modern online casinos. So there is really no reason not to use HTML5.

Summing up, Javascript and Flash player casinos are not secure. The bottom line is that you really should only play at HTML5 online casinos. They do have all advantages of No-download casinos, but neither of disadvantages. All casinos from the rating at the beginning of the article do only use HTML5, none of them rely on Flash player.

How to play at No-download casinos?

The gaming process is pretty much straightforward. You just need to visit a casino’s website from the beginning of the article, and that’s it. It gives you full access to the casino's functionality so that no additional steps need to be taken.

A No-download casino with HTML5 underlying technology (all casinos from my rating are) has exactly the same functionality as its desktop counterpart.

Can I get bonuses at No-download online casinos?

You 100% can get all bonuses (welcome and reload) at Instant play casinos. The only one restriction you may face is by your government so players from such countries can not claim bonuses at any casinos (including No-download). For example, Sweden is known to have such a strict approach towards bonuses for its residents.

Summary of other questions you may ask

How to access Instant play casinos? This is not rocket science at all. Just open your web browser as you usually do with any other website on the internet, and that’s it. Instant play online casino is basically up and running right from this moment. You do not have to press any special button or visit any dedicated sections of the website.

Is it safe to play at No-download casinos? It depends on what exact No-download casino you are planning to play at. HTML5 is super safe in general, whereas Flash player casinos are opposite of that. However, playing at Instant play casinos using only HTML5 does not make you invulnerable to common internet security threats. They are still pretty much there so keep it in mind.

What’s Flash casinos? Flash player casinos are the ones that provide No-download functionality with the help of Flash player (Adobe company’s product). At flash casinos you need to install on top of your web browser a special program, Flash player. Nowadays Flash player is deemed an outdated technology due to its bad architecture, and it is considered a bad practice to have it installed on your PC (web browser to be more precise).

What’s Java casinos? Java and Javascript are completely two different programming languages. People from none-programming community often call Javascript Java to make it shorter I guess. So to speak, Java casinos are actually Javascript casinos which means that they use Javascript to run graphics and other complicated web page elements.

What’s HTML5 casinos? HTML5 is a uniform markup language which all modern browsers understand. It makes it possible to run graphics and other complicated web elements without relying on an additional layer (such as Flash player, for instance) making online gambling much safer.

Which online casinos are the most popular, Flash, Java or HTML5? 99% of Instant play casinos nowadays use HTML5 technology. So if you can play at a casino from your web browser you can basically be sure that it is a HTML5 online casino.

What games are available at instant play casinos? The only one limitation you may face is that some old slots (which were not updated) can be accessed only with Flash player installed. Other than that, the whole variety of online casino games (including basically all slots) are going to be available to you.

Can I play live casino games at Instant play casinos? Yes, you absolutely can. HTML5 technology allows web browsers to translate videos with live dealers to you so you can play any live game you would like.

On what devices are instant play casinos available? All Instant play casinos (including even outdated Flash player casinos not speaking about HTML5) are cross platform. It means that they are available on any device: PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart-TVs.

What's an instant mobile casino? There are basically two ways how you can access the web (including casinos) from your smartphone, either via an additional installed App or via a web browser (exactly as you do on PC). Instant mobile casinos means that you can play at it via web browser, and you don’t have to install App, which is very convenient. All casinos from my rating can be called instant mobile casinos in that sense.

Are Instant play casinos available in all countries? Modern Instant play casinos use HTML5 which is a free technology available in all countries in the world. So to speak, you can play at No-download casinos from any country. However, some country restrictions may still be applied to you, and HTML5 can not change it. Though by itself it does not have any country limitations.

Is there any difference between Instant and No-download online casinos?

Those two are exactly the same in terms of their meaning. Both means that you can start playing your favorite casino games right away, and you don’t need to download any additional software. So to speak, different players may call such casinos differently, and that’s it.

Casino games at No-download casinos

At instant play casinos there is no lack of games available:

  • First of all, there are thousands of online slots produced by dozens of leading casino software developers (such as Netent, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Blueprint, Bigtimegaming and many others),

  • Online versions of different classic casino games (Online Blackjack, Online Baccarat, Online Roulette, Online Craps and more),

  • Live dealer games (many Evolution titles),

  • Casino poker games (Casino Holdem, Caribbean Stud poker, Three card poker),

  • New live games (Crazy Time, Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live).

Are there mobile instant play casinos?

All no-download casinos from the rating above are available on mobile and tablet devices.

Moreover, even though you can play at these casinos via mobile app, it is not necessary. If you don’t want to download anything on your mobile phone, just simply play via mobile browser.

All casinos support HTML5 technology so that you can access these casinos via web browser even on mobile devices (IOS, Android and Windows).

Final thoughts

Pros of instant play casinos:

  • Instant so you don’t need to download an addition piece of software

  • Safer in comparison to download casinos (if you download anything from the internet there is a risk that it is a malicious program)

  • Most of them are HTML5 based, which is awesome technology

  • Full functionality in comparison to download casinos

Cons of instant play casinos:

  • Modern web browser is required (HTML5 supported), which is not a big deal honestly since nobody really use unpopular browsers

  • Might be a bit slower than download casinos if your internet connection is slow

Summing up Instant play online casinos are truly awesome. The only precaution must be taken is that you’d better stay away from Flash player online casinos. Flash player is not safe, thus, flash player casinos are not safe as well.