How to File a Complaint to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)?

How to File a Complaint with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)?

Do I have to contact the online casino first?

As it explicitly says on the official website “It is strongly recommended that you actively seek to resolve your dispute directly with the operator’s support and management prior to lodging your complaint with the Malta Gaming Authority”, this is only a recommendation.

Therefore, this is only a recommendation, and you can file your complaint directly to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) right away.

This is a very cool thing for casino players, no questions about that, as some gambling commissions (such as the UKGC) oblige players to try to resolve the issue with a casino first.

However, I would highly recommend to follow the MGA guidance and try to contact a casino first to see what they have to say. Why? Simply because it usually takes much less time in case some misunderstanding took place. In this scenario, your problem will be resolved in a matter of hours, not days/weeks if you decide to go straight to the gambling commission.

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How to file a complaint to the MGA

The MGA have done a great job making players’ life easier.

First, it allows players to file their complaints directly to the commission, not via some third-party services which might be confusing.

Moreover, the MGA have introduced a very handy form on its official website. You just need to fill it out, and that’s it.

So to say, open the complaint form here:


Then you just need to fill out the following required fields:

  • First name

  • Surname

  • Your email address (the MGA is going to respond to this address)

  • Your phone number

  • Your country (of residence)

  • The gaming operator on whom you wish to lodge a complaint (the casino’s name)

  • Your username/alias on your login account (at the casino against which you are filing a complaint)

  • The game which you were playing

  • Disputed Amount (sum of money)

  • Date of Incident

  • Time of Incident

  • A short description of your claims (don't’ be too short though, describe everything as clear and thoroughly as possible, because otherwise you might be asked to do so which is going to cost you some extra time)

Also please notice that you can attach media files to your complaint which would be a smart thing to do if you have collected any evidence.

Then I would recommend checking the “Send a copy to my email” box. This way you can be sure that your complaint has been received by the commission.

Finally, just click the “submit” button.

Is it worth time and effort making a complaint to the MGA?

Yes, the MGA is the most reliable gambling commission among popular international regulators.

So to say, your complaint will be thoroughly investigated, very opposite to some other international jurisdiction. For example, Curacao gambling operators are notorious for having such troubles.