How to File a Complaint to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)?

How to File a Complaint with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)?

Complaints procedure in the UK gambling jurisdiction

The UKGC have established the procedure which every casino player must follow. Otherwise a complaint won’t be eligible.

Jumping forward, the UKGC do not deal with players’ complaints directly. So to speak, there might be some third-parties involved. All these steps will be covered in this guide in detail.

Let’s take a look at how the procedure looks in general, and discuss all steps in more detail a bit further in the article.


Step 1: Contact the online casino first

There are two ways how you can contact the online casino:

  • Directly. All communication channels must be covered in the casino’s terms and conditions.

  • Via resolver service here: . This is a third-party website accredited by the UKGC which was created to allow players to file their complaints in a more convenient way, arguably.

The casino must describe the complaints procedure in its terms and conditions. Moreover, there must be different communication channels available such as email, phone or via post office.

The online casino must acknowledge your complaint and notify you about the acknowledgement in 3 days.

Then the casino has 8 weeks in total to issue the decision.

If you are satisfied with the decision, the process ends here obviously. If not, only then you can escalate your complaint to an Alternative Dispute Resolution service.

Step 2: Escalate your complaint to an Alternative Dispute Resolution service

There are few Alternative Dispute Resolution services for online casino complaints approved by the UKGC:

These third-party services are absolutely free.

Don’t confuse Resolver from the step 1 with ADRs listed above. The Resolver does not act as ADR.

Please keep in mind that before filling a complaint to an ADR, you must have contacted the casino first.

The decision of the ADR is final.

Common types of complaints

  • can’t withdraw winnings

  • account has been closed

  • was allowed to gamble after self-exclusion

  • terms and conditions were unclear

  • a casino game broke while you were playing

  • receive marketing materials after self-exclusion

  • false advertising

Is it worth time and effort?

Yes, even though the UKGC is not directly involved in dealing with players' complaints itself, it have set very high standards which alternative resolution services must meet.

Summing up, this procedure is quite effective, and, if the casino has done anything wrong you are going to get your justice.