How to File a Complaint to the Swedish Gambling Authority?

How to File a Complaint with the Swedish Gambling Authority?

Do I have to try to resolve the issue with the casino first?

No, I have not found such a requirement neither on the SGA website nor on the Swedish Consumer Agency website.

So to say, you can file your complaint to the authority without contacting the casino before. Anyway, I would highly recommend contacting the casino first as most of the time it will be resolved much faster than via official channels.

Filing a complaint to the SGA (Spelinspektionen)

The SGA do not resolve players’ complaints directly. It have delegated this duty to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Therefore, your complaint must be filed only to the Swedish Consumer Agency.

There are two ways how you can file your complaint:

  • via post office service: Konsumentverket, Box 48, 651 02, Karlstad

  • or via email: [email protected]

There are some items that your complaint must include:

  • The company’s name against which you are filing a complaint

  • Detailed description of what the company has done wrong

  • Your contact information (phone, email, address) in case the Agency need to reach you for additional information

  • Even though it says you can stay anonymous, I am sure you will be contacted by the Agency as it would not be possible to investigate your complaint without knowing who you are. So it will be reasonable to provide your name and surname.

Common types of complaints

  • misleading advertising

  • unsolicited marketing

  • withdrawal issues

  • unclear terms and conditions

  • others

Is it worth time and effort?

Yes, It is. The Swedish Consumer Agency being a part of the Swedish government stick to very high standards in terms of how it protect its residents.

So to speak, if the casino has done anything wrong, it is going to face consequences, and the chances are high that you are going to get proper compensation.