Best 8 RNG Online Casinos in 2021 (Available in Your Country)

Best 8 RNG Online Casinos in 2023 (Available in Your Country)

Casino players are very concerned about whether online casino games are based on RNG or not, and they definitely should be as the online gambling industry is the place where people are getting scammed on an industrial scale.

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Before moving to the point, let’s figure out what players mean by RNG casinos:

  • The games at such online casinos are based on the Random number generator. It means that winnings are distributed purely on a random basis, and online casinos can not affect the outcomes of the games in any way.

  • The games are constantly (not only at the launch) tested by third-party testing laboratories to ensure that RNG stays fair throughout the whole lifecycle of the games.

Summing up, everything comes down to that online casinos employees do not have any access to the games served to customers at RNG online casinos. This is the only way you can be sure that theoretical RTP (House edge) is actually there.

Best RNG (Fair Games) Online Casinos


Rating: 9.98

Cashback 25%


Rating: 9.95

200% up to 100000$/€


Rating: 9.93

100% up to 1000$/€


Rating: 9.92

100% up to 1000$/€

mBit Casino

Rating: 9.85

175% up to 20000$/€


Rating: 9.79

100% up to 10000$/€

CrazyFox Casino

Rating: 9.78

Cashback 20%


Rating: 9.73

100% up to 10000$/€

EUSlot Casino

Rating: 9.72

100% up to 300$/€

Bspin Casino unbiased review: bonuses, accepted countries, games list, deposit methods, withdrawal time, license info + much more.

Rating: 9.71

100% up to 25000$/€

FastPay Casino

Rating: 9.71

100% up to 100$/€

CasinoBit unbiased review: bonuses, accepted countries, games list, deposit methods, withdrawal time, license info + much more.

Rating: 9.71

110% up to 20000$/€

InstantPay Casino

Rating: 9.69

100% up to 100$/€


Rating: 9.69

100% up to 200$/€

WildBlaster Casino

Rating: 9.69

100% up to 500$/€


Rating: 9.67

400% up to 2500$/€


Rating: 9.67

280% up to 2800$/€


Rating: 9.67

100% up to 100$/€


Rating: 9.67

500% up to 2500$/€

Criteria how I chose the best 8 RNG (fair games) online casinos

  • Trustworthiness. When I decide whether I should deposit at a new online casino or not, this clause is the one that bothers me most. Nothing really matters if an online casino does not pay winnings properly. So to speak, I try to find all information available on the internet and make my judgement based on it (I do not read fake reviews and forum treads, don’t worry).

  • License validity. This clause is not as important as trustworthiness in general since who really cares if the license is valid until a casino pays. However, better be safe than sorry so I validate licenses anyway. Here are methodics that I use for Curacao, the UK license, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Alderney.

  • Software validity. This is a very crucial bar for an online casino to pass in order to be considered fair (RNG based). Only if casino games are licensed, we can be sure that games outcomes are determined fairly. Scripted games do not provide such luxury for sure. I have a methodic how to detect fake casino software with 100% confidence.

  • Account security. The internet is flooded with malicious individuals who want to steal your money one way or another. Therefore, how strictly an online casino ensures your account safety becomes a major concern. The bare minimum is to have SSL protocol on the website. 2FA makes the security of the account much tighter. So all casinos from the rating are safe in that sense (I can ensure as an enthusiast software developer).

  • Responsiveness (customer service). Online gambling is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. As a result, casino players do constantly have this or that question. Some of them are actually very important and may have serious consequences. The best way to get answers to your questions is via live chat, no doubts about that.

  • KYC procedure is not over complicated. KYC is the least appealing part of playing at online casinos (do you know that there are casinos without KYC). But the truth is that any legit online casino must introduce Know your customer policy in one form or another. Without KYC an online casino would not keep its gambling license. The thing is that at some casinos the KYC process is not as smooth as we would like it to see. At casinos from my rating it is done easy and straightforward as you can download docs via a website.

  • Good promotions (bonuses, cashback, VIP-program, tournaments, races). All this stuff brings much more fun to the table, but only if promotions have real value, not fake one. What makes bonuses worth taking? Correct, wager requirements. It doesn't really matter how much money a casino gives away as a bonus (even 100% up to 2,000 EUR) if the wager is too big, and a casino player has no chances to play it through.

  • Deposit/withdrawal methods choice. This impacts overall gambling experience in a big way. Everybody likes to have a wide selection of available deposit and withdrawal methods, at the very least: bank cards, popular E-wallets, prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies. Be sure that at the casinos from the rating all these methods are there.

  • Deposit/withdrawal policy. An online casino must have a reasonable withdrawal policy. Of course there are basically always some limits on how much you can withdraw each month, but it should be at least 30,000-50,000 EUR per month. I would like to point out that at casinos above such limits are not applied to the progressive jackpot winnings.

  • Variety of the games. The more games the better. On top of that, both classic games (such as Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack etc.) and online slots (at least 1,000+ games) have to be represented. Moreover, classic games must be served with live dealers which is much more fun to play. When it comes to online slots, there must be products from the leaders of the market (Netent, Yggdrasil, Microgaming) in the portfolio.

  • Website’s design and user friendliness. Nobody likes playing at online casinos with websites from the 2000s (yes, there are still such venues on the market). So the website has to be easy to navigate so that you won’t get lost searching for your favorite game. The palette of colors used must not annoy your eyes. All these at first glance little things do really matter.

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What distinguishes RNG online casinos


  • All winnings are distributed based on pure randomness (with RNG being involved in the process). This is what differs RNG casinos from rogue casinos in the first place.

  • RNG itself is constantly tested by third-party accredited companies. As we can not take any online casino’s word for it, RNG is tested at such venues to make sure it is fair.

  • Only licensed online casinos games are served to customers. This is always the case at RNG online casinos, and this is the best guarantee that all winnings are random and not at the mercy of online casinos.

  • An online casino’s staff can not change any settings of the offered games. If they could, the RNG of such games would be compromised as any online casino is financially incentivized that you would lose more money than you theoretically should.

  • Theoretical RTP matches factual RTP in the long distance (after tens of millions of spins made). Some online casinos disclose such information, and when we compare those two values it always coincides in the long run.

  • You have exactly the same chances to win or lose all the time. Does not matter whether somebody has lost money before you or not, each bet you make at RNG online casinos has always the same probability to win. This is how it must be when only pure chance decides the outcome.

Types of RNG online casinos

In terms of underlying technology used:

  • Download RNG casinos. This type of casino used to be prevailing a decade ago. However, as such an approach has proven to cause a lot of inconvenience for casino players (you have to download each casino’s software separately), now it is more and more deemed as a legacy technology.

  • No-download (instant play) RNG casinos. This is what is dominating the online gambling industry nowadays. You just need to open a casino’s website in your web browser, and that’s it. Now pesky downloads anymore. The best instant play casinos are the ones that use HTML5 technology (all casinos from my rating do).

In terms of operating markets:

  • Local RNG online casinos. These casinos have only some local gambling license and can only operate on this particular market. This is not what normally happens as the majority of RNG casinos belong to the second group.

  • International RNG online casinos. It does not necessarily mean that an online casino with an international gambling license accepts all players around the world, there are some legal limits to it. However, if such a casino is even licensed by a foreign for you country (for example, by the UK gambling commission), you can still often play at it.

How to play at RNG online casinos

The process is the same as usual:

  • First thing first, you need to visit a casino’s register page. This is the place where everything starts.

  • Then you're supposed to enter your personal data to open an account.

  • The last thing to do before making a deposit is to send your docs for verification (to make sure that underage gambling does not take place).

  • Finally, deposit using the most convenient method and enjoy your favorite games.

Can I get bonuses at RNG online casinos?

All RNG online casinos from the rating above do provide players with at least welcome bonuses (though many of them also have various reload bonuses).

However, do not expect bonuses to be overly generous as a legit online casino can not afford a charity business model. So to say, 100% up to 100 EUR (with wager x30-x40) is what you can normally expect at RNG casinos.

Moreover, basically all casinos from the rating do also introduce other promotions, such as: cashback, VIP-programs, tournaments and races (not all at once).

Some other questions you may ask

Is it safe to play at RNG casinos? Yes, RNG casinos are the safest place to play at that you can possibly find. However, please keep in mind that even if the games are RNG based it is not a 100% guarantee against rogue business models.

What games are available at RNG casinos? The whole spectrum of online casino games is available at such venues. So to speak, you can play video slots and classic games (Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, Video poker, Scratch cards, Bingo, Keno, Sic bo, Pai gow)

Can I play live games at RNG casinos? Yes, you absolutely can. RNG in such games is ensured with the help of traditional gambling tools, such as: dice, deck of cards, ball and wheel. Dealers simply do it live time, and all these equipment have been tested the same way it happens at land-based casinos.

On what devices are RNG casinos available? RNG casinos most of the time resort to HTML5 technology. That way their products are fully compatible with all devices: PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile and smartphones.

Are RNG casinos available in all countries? No, they are not. Some countries are prohibited either due to casino’s policy or international restrictions. However, in my rating all RNG casinos are filtered based on your current location (IP address used) so that if it is displayed on your screen, it means you can play at it.


Summing up, RNG casinos are the only place where you should be trying your luck so you have definitely made the right choice when you decided to type on Google “best RNG online casinos” before making a deposit elsewhere.

That way you can be 100% sure that games you are playing are not rigged. As a result, you can expect a fair distribution of winnings, and, what is much more important, be sure that the declared RTP of the games has been verified by independent entities.