What is the Best Time to Play At Online Casinos (incl. Slots)

What is the Best Time to Play At Online Casinos (incl. Slots)

To better answer the question let’s find out what casino players usually mean talking about “best time to play online slots or at online casinos”:

  • Online gambling becomes profitable if you play at “the right time” so that you would be able to play at online casinos for a living

  • Online gambling becomes less unprofitable or, in other words, the house still wins but much less

Speaking about the first definition, there is no way to make online gambling profitable long term. Period. So to say, there is no such a thing as “best time” in that sense.

When it comes to the second definition there are definitely some strategies (I would say, smart moves) that can be applied by players to cause less losses playing at online casinos.

With that being said, let’s elaborate on both definitions to better understand the underlying concept.

RNG does not care about time on the clock (why there is no best time)


RNG is a mystic entity which determines whether you win or lose. However, RNG is nothing but a soulless machine. It does not care at all whether a particular person wins or loses, and hopefully now it is obvious that it does not care about time on the clock as well. Why? Hmm… why would it care really?

The only thing that bothers RNG, the only purpose of RNG is to make sure that “the house always wins” long term, and that it happens randomly.

As I said, RNG is supposed to ensure that outcomes of casino games are distributed randomly. If it had different probabilities to win at different hours, it would basically mean that RNG is rigged.

RNG is not rigged 100% (only when we are talking about licensed casino games obv), and it does its job fine. How can I be so sure? Because there two types of controlling bodies which constantly verify the fairness of RNG:

Summing up, there is no best time to play at online casinos, because otherwise it would mean that RNG is rigged. RNG is not rigged as it is properly regulated by gambling commissions and constantly controlled by testing labs (billions of spins made to make sure that theoretical results coincide with factual).

Why so many articles claim that there is some best time

It happens because the online gambling industry is flooded with all sorts of crooks. They want to grab your attention making you believe in absolute bullshit. They do not care that such false knowledge may make you gamble more than you can afford. Moreover, this is their second goal other than casual clickbaiting.

Some really useful (not false) tips regarding best time

Size of a progressive jackpot matters so the best time exist when it comes to it

The thing is that progressive jackpots become bigger gradually. On the other hand, the probability to hit it stays the same. As a result, there is such a thing as “the best time” to play progressive slots, and, under some circumstances they may be even long term profitable (this situation is the only one when you can beat the house by the way). Read more about the strategy.

Good promos make your lose rate better

I get that the majority of bonuses at online casinos are worthless at best (due to ridiculously high wagers). However, there are definitely some worth taking bonuses (mostly first deposit). Hence, while a decent first deposit bonus is active, your odds to end up with some profit are significantly higher. As a result, it is fair to say that it is better to play at online casinos during this period of time.

How to choose the best first deposit bonus

Some good promos may be offered near/during holidays

As the competition in the online gambling industry is extremely tough nowadays, online casinos, for marketing purposes, constantly offer new bonuses for existing players. It is quite predictable that casinos prefer bonuses to be held back to back with some holidays or anniversaries. Hence, playing at online casinos during holidays might be a smart thing to do due to these reasons.

Some tournaments and races have better timings to participate

Some tournaments and races at online casinos goes with a guaranteed (by a casino) prize pool. For example, a casino guarantees a 10,000 EUR prize pool no matter what, and buyin to participate in a tournament equals 10 EUR. If there are only 500 players registered and a tournament is about to start, it means that a casino is going to contribute 5,000 EUR to the prize pool from its own pocket. Sounds cool? And actually it is. That way players basically get twice more prize pool money for the same price.

Popular questions regarding best time to play at online casinos

What is the best time to play online slots?

In general, there is no such a thing as the best time to play video slots, because the Random number generator does not have neither “memory” nor the sense of time. However, the best time to play progressive slots is when the prize pool reaches particular numbers so that it may even become long term profitable.

What is the best time to play classic casino games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc)?

There is no such a thing as the best time to play traditional casino games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc), because as with video slots, the Random number generator distributes outcomes here as well. RNG does not care when people win or lose at all. It actually has pretty much the opposite purpose, namely, to distribute winnings randomly.

What are the best hours of the day to play at online casinos?

There is no such a thing as the best hours of the day to play at online casinos (including slots). All online casino games determine whether you win or lose absolutely randomly, with the Random number generator doing all the leg work in the background. So to say, feel free to play at online casinos at any time it is convenient for you, it won’t impact your chances to win at all.

What is the best day of the week to play at online casinos?

In general, “the house always wins” exactly the same and exactly at the same pace on any day of the week. Anyway, some online casinos may offer decent bonuses on what day of the week basis (for example, Weekend reload bonus). Hence, the answer is that it depends on a particular online casino’s bonus policy.

What is the best day of the month to play at online casinos?

Online casinos (only fair ones of course) being powered by the Random number generator pay exactly the same at any period of the month (does not matter the beginning, the middle or the end it is). Therefore, feel free to play at any time you would like.

What is the best month (or season) of the year to play at online casinos?

There is no such a thing as seasonality when it comes to playing at online casinos. The Random number generator does not care about the people’s artificially created sense of time (including days, weeks, seasons or whatever).

Why don't weekends make online gambling more profitable most of the time?

It happens because the Random number generator (being soulless machine) distributes outcomes of all fair casino games. The RNG does not rely on time during this process at all. However, if you have managed to get some worthy weekend bonus it may change the situation in your favor.

Final thoughts

Summing up, if the game isn’t rigged then the time does not play any role at all (in any form, whether it is a certain hour, a certain day or any other period of time). Well, it follows that the only thing you have to do is to verify the fairness of the game you would like to play. Once you have done it as it is described here, you can spare your mental energy from any crazy conspiracy theories.