What is The Real RTP of Leander Slots: 96, 95 or 93%?

What is The Real RTP of Leander Slots: 96, 95 or 93%?

Many casino review websites and Leander themselves claim that most Leander slots have quite a decent RTP level of 96%. And in most cases it is true. However, this is not the whole story!

Do you know that in the recent two years a very interesting “feature” is getting more and more popular among slot producers? To me, it is not a feature but more like a scam. I am talking about the “changeable RTP feature”.

Adjustable RTP means that some slots of some providers allow casinos to change the RTP. It is usually done this way.

A slot with the changeable RTP normally has three (or more) different RTP levels. For example, some Leander slots have these RTP levels: 96%, 95% and 93%. Any casino can set any of these RTP values. It means that exactly the same slot may have 96% RTP at casino A and 93% RTP at casino B.

Here are some examples of Leander slots that allow casinos to change the RTP: Africa Goes Wild, Stack-A-Cat, Ave Caesar, Wild West Zone, Ways of the Labyrinth, Bandida.

As a result, before playing any Leander slot you have to do these things:

  • Verify the RTP at each casino

  • Verify the RTP before each gaming session since casinos can switch RTP levels basically at any moment

By the way, here are Leander casinos with RTP at least 95% (I have carefully checked it recently):

Anyway, let’s learn how to do it by yourself!

How to establish the real RTP of Leander slots

I have to give Leander a credit as they make it really easy to find out what RTP level their slots have at any online casino.

To do so you have to click on the question mark button.


Then scroll down to the bottom where the information about the RTP is provided.


As you can see at this particular online casino the Bandida slot comes with 96,01% RTP, which is very decent.

Ok, let’s check out another online casino with exactly the same Bandida slot.


Here you can see that at this casino this slot has a significantly lower RTP of 94,98%.

At some casinos, it will have really meager 93% RTP.

That’s why it is very important to verify the real RTP of any Leander slot before you play it for real money!

Why you’d better avoid 93% Leander slots

It might seem not a big difference between 96% and 93% RTP, but it is a completely wrong statement.

Let me explain why.

96% means 4% house and 93% means 7% house edge. 7% house edge is nearly twice worse than 4% house edge. As a result, you are going to lose money twice faster.