What is The Real RTP of JustForTheWin Slots: 96, 94 or 92%?

What is The Real RTP of JustForTheWin Slots: 96, 94 or 92%?

RTP of any slot game determines how much money you are going to get in the long run. This is absolutely crucial parameter that affects the overall gambling experience the most. That’s why many casino players pick slots based on their RTP levels.

However, there is a trick (to me, more like a scam) that some software providers use to trick players into playing bad RTP slots. And JustForTheWin is one of such slot producers.

I am talking about adjustable RTP that some JustForTheWin slots have. This “feature” implies that a certain slot has three different RTP brackets: 96%, 94% and 92%.

Any online casino that offers JustForTheWin slots can set it to any of the abovementioned values. Casino players will have no clue that it is even possible since adjustable RTP slots are advertised to have the maximum RTP of 96%. There is no mention that it might be much lower depending on a particular casino you are playing at.

Usually, the most popular games are affected. In the beginning, a provider spends budgets on advertising. Once a certain slot becomes popular, they implement changeable RTP. Casinos are setting to the lowest RTP possible and everybody is happy and making money, except for players who get wrecked.

How to establish the real RTP of JustForTheWin slots?

Normally, even if a software provider uses such a trick, it is quite easy to find out what RTP level a slot has at each casino. This information can be accessed in the info section of a slot nine times out of ten. However, this is not the case with JustForTheWin slots.

There is no information regarding the RTP that a particular slot has at a particular casino when it comes to JustForTheWin slots.

However, the good news that I have made some research and now I can tell which slots include the changeable RTP “feature”. Simply never play them and you are going to be fine. Other JustForTheWin slots do not have such a problem.

List of JustForTheWin slots you’d better never play (allow casinos to change the RTP):

  • Wildfire Wins,

  • Adventures of Captain Blackjack,

  • the Bandit and the Baron,

  • Scarab Kingdom,

  • Plenty of Presents,

  • Kodiak Kingdom,

  • Serengeti Gold,

  • Elven Gold,

  • Big Boom Riches,

  • Western Gold II Double Barrel

Software providers that do not allow casinos to change RTP (RTP is always constant)